‘Austerity linked to poor mental health’ UN Special Rapporteur on Health tells RT UK

‘Austerity linked to poor mental health’ UN Special Rapporteur on Health tells RT UK

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  1. And yet there has never been a better opportunity to make a business without needing an office or storefront. This is the result of baby boomer morons sucking on the state teet to educate their children. You got your degree though!

  2. It's just gravity some people cannot push against, their suffering isn't a mystery it's natural, it either rains in life or you don't get water, you literally don't need to help everyone just because they are suffering, your always self righteously standing in the way of necessary desolation, even though it will kill off the dead weight and help you, you protect people who cannot change and further add to the drag…..

  3. Multicultural is the cause for depression in indigenous Europeans! Mass immigration ethnic replacement genocide is depressing.

  4. The ever useless millennial has had more money wasted on it than any previous generations yet is completely inadequate and lacking in all spheres. A worry, not for me incidentally, is that these inadequates are going to breed even more useless offspring.

  5. "Mental health" is 𝙣𝙚𝙬𝙨𝙥𝙚𝙖𝙠 for the 𝙤𝙡𝙙𝙨𝙥𝙚𝙖𝙠 term VOODOO!

    Psychology = psychomancy – just more deathly.

    Listen to this dumb fucker for more than a second!

  6. What's with the cover pic
    Staring at screens I have no time for preborgs.
    Who else has heard that big tech and the social media technocrats have
    Contracts out on them…
    Courts take to long…

  7. Not to mention the major mental disease spewing over the whole country from the worst crimes possible going unpunished.
    I can feel my sanity slipping all the time

  8. The best way to happiness is to not watch "news" or read the papers, trouble is it's highly addictive as we like to hear oppions the same as our own.

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