Bangladeshi Fitness Couple Workout! – Fitness Vlog #4

Bangladeshi Fitness Couple Workout! - Fitness Vlog #4

tomorrow is a day first from a couple workout video journalist a script called when above what's up everyone i'm lily and this is the life Fitness YouTube channel so guys I've got a new tumblr Corbeau asked a blog a I mean workout Corbeau I wanna shop them are actually special monastic be – a time for each agree the world cup of Shui I put a block a big bin along gerrae okay imagine Luton Judeo subscribe now second Abu she generally subscribe button right opinion as a substrate for sin doesn't go on a conic do Nova so guys a me Ammar a special no no shikata bull Salam so should out share my wife meme hi so guys ask a I'm your wife ishizuka mother Butchie very real am and I'm religion ask a workout cool Pope Lakes it so I lik said workout Tommy asked a follower go over routine I me o Courbet I mean that this is the curve oh hey work on top nobody's Eggman what about Jimmy attack out of it so let's go and start work out woke up so myself to pushing never stop I've been stressed out watching both these hands around the clock my eyes why trying to get the painter in the show oh well getting ready to me answers getting lost so I watch my back and keep it moving to the front and remember that the world shards do you want you been waiting here for too long think it's time for you to move on realize it is real time and it was right before my eyes watching all this time by now you know my whole looking for my time to shine it's like a diamond like this roughing night in with that funny stuff I use it all this motivation but it's hard to have the patience pace watchin time fly by might be the hardest thing I have to do in life frustrated that I knew where I want to be yet but I know that I'm gonna make it if I chase that check yes for too many years now when the Stars love a lot cuz I've seen a time it was right before my watching all this time now formal [Applause] so guys a shamrock you work of course he likes it makes a lambda ask a lake press leg extension front squat touch a stiff leg deadlift sumo squat big Lucena sorry water blocker scene so Abscam de first Havana shade a first for Mac Apple and workout video I'm gonna high economy like a common with tahini so after all what she like different common image shared event among I'm on the shark attack been bench I'm not another video near spoke only to show channel I mean who's cool is so mean fitness so we're gonna pour video Chavez as a bomb a shame made out a bamboo love a fake put the beret keep popping and Boomhauer tag I didn't buy a script called when above about the shoe shop to my audition is anything thank you


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  2. বালের বডি শালা বউকে মানুষের সামনে উপস্থাপন করা কি ঠিক

  3. ভাই লম্বা হওয়ার জন্য কোন শারীরিক ব্যায়াম কি আছে?
    থাকলে দয়া করে ইক্তু জানাবেন প্লিজ

  4. It’s better to train different sections of your legs on different days for example glutes and quad exercises one day then hamstrings and calves on another day. Legs will develop quickly and better.

  5. কিরে বিটিশ এর পোলা,,এতো ইংরেজি বলছ কেন,,,আর তুই কি মুসলিম রে ভাই,,???? কি এগুলি,,মরার পর তর এই শরীর তো কুওা ও দেখব না,,ভালো হইয়া যা ভাই

  6. বৌকে আমাদের দিয়ো না বুকা মানুষ নিজের ভিতরে কি ইসলাম আছে নাকি আগে সেটা খেয়ে নিয়েছো শুধু জিম নয় মরনের চিন্তা ও কিছু করো যেহেতু নিজে একজন মুসলিম

  7. Dont lash out on them if you dont like the video. Yeah its their fault if they cant make it good but that doesnt mean you get to load up the comment section with hate. People are trying to do something different and effective. Stop complaining.

  8. ছিঃঃ একজন মুসলিম হয়ে কি করে তার স্ত্রীকে এভাবে সকলের সামনে আনে,,, ধিক্কার জানাই,,,, জাহান্নামে যাওয়ার জন্য হয়তো আপনার আর কোন পাপ ই করতে হবে না কারন আপনার বউ যথেষ্ট আপনাকে জাহান্নামে নিয়ে যাওয়ার জন্য

  9. গফ থাকলে আবার জিমে ওয়ার্ক আউটের দরকার হয় নাকি 😂😂😂

  10. আপু অনেক কিওট❤❤❤শুভকামনা রইলো উভয়ের জন্য

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