Basic First Aid : How to Correctly Treat a Sprained Ankle

Basic First Aid : How to Correctly Treat a Sprained Ankle

You know, at some point in time many of us
are going to sustain an ankle injury of some type. Hi, I’m Captain Joe Bruni, and what
I’m going to talk about is how to properly treat a sprained ankle. A sprained ankle can
be a pretty painful experience. The first step is to remove the foot covering including
the shoe, and sock if the person is wearing one to evaluate the injury; taking care to
try and loosen it up as much as possible to avoid causing the victim further pain. It
may also be necessary to lay the victim down and try to get the ankle as higher in the
chest region to help reduce blood flow to the area temporarily. Once the shoe and the
sock have been removed we can begin to assess the foot region and the ankle to see if there
is discoloration, deformity, and swelling. Normally, with an ankle sprain, swelling will
happen very quickly. So, it’s important to apply some type of cold compress or some type
of ice pack to that area, temporarily, for approximately ten to fifteen minutes, removing
it to avoid a cold injury from the ice or the ice pack. After ten or fifteen minutes
of the skin rewarming itself, this can also be applied again. Also, while the skin is
rewarming itself, some type of elastic bandage or pressure bandage can be applied to help
stabilize that ankle and foot region. Once the pressure bandage is applied, again reapply
the ice or the cold pack for ten minute intervals to fifteen minute intervals. In this way,
you’ll help to reduce pain and swelling. It also may be necessary to take the person to
the emergency department for an x-ray to evaluate whether they have indeed caused a fracture.
Ankle sprains can be a pretty painful experience, but with proper treatment, pain and swelling
can be reduced. I’m Captain Joe Bruni. Stay safe and we’ll see you next time.


  1. Lol that happened to me the second time i sprained my ankle just wear a splint u can get at a pharmacy or use the the hot cold things

    Hope that helped

  2. I sprained my ankle too 3 days ago.

    I went to the doctor.

    It needs AT LEAST 10 days of Immobility/Ice Therapy and if possible, Sea therapy .

    Every hour placing ice packs for 10 minutes at the swollen area.

    You will see that in 5-6 days you will feel well but you still need to let it rest.

    Keep using it and you will end up unable to use that foot for 8 months like my friend.

  3. Sprained my ankle playing indoor soccer 2 weeks ago.
    RICE treatment helped..
    R-Rest the injured part
    I-Ice pack within the first 48 hours of injury.
    20 mins of pressing the ice pack to the
    injured part. 2 hours of rest in between
    pressing the ice pack again.
    C-Compression. Strapping the injured
    ankle with elastic bandage except
    when sleeping at night.
    E- Elevation of injured part to ease

  4. hey i probably sprained my left ankle in April this year, but i suspect it was an ankle fracture.Though im back to my sports without any problem i can jump higher than before i injured my ankle but my injured ankle seems to be deformed, when i walk the injured ankle bend a bit to the left side and some unbalance when i try to stand with that foot, my ankle just keep on constantly shaking, sometimes there would be cracking and popping sound when i try to rotate my ankle, i only do RICE treatment.

  5. What would happen if an ankle fracture isn't treated properly, if there isn't any problem with high intensity activities? Can an ankle fracture be cured when the injury is prolonged for so many years?

  6. man i sprained my ankle today wow…how unexpected it swelled super badly didnt notice untill i checked which was like 2hrs later and i did not see the doctors…what a mistke…anyone who is out there should consult a doctor if its serious! will consult one tomorrow

  7. thanks captain i had an injury and i was suspecting to b a break but thanks to your video i clearly get the diff that i have only a sprain……..i hav a dance comp 2 weeks ahead…… now i can recover faster as i am on the positive side of my brain…thanks once again

  8. Captain, 1 question plz: In a car wreck. I received a stunning blow on the calf and gave me a wound. After 4 days I realized that my heel and instep were swollen. Why If i didn't hit me nothing in my foot?

  9. that being said, has anybody here, fully recovered from a sprained ankle, without going to the doctors? meaning just resting it and doing this RICE procedure(REST,ICE,COMPRESS,ELEVATE), and by fully recovered i mean, to its original from, without any pain or stuff like tht. thanks

  10. A sprained ankle will always be weaker than your other ankle. That's just the way it is. Last year this exact date I sprained my ankle at my third to last volleyball game. Today I tore a ligament and have a hairline fracture on my ankle playing the same school and third to last volleyball game of the season. What my luck.

  11. That`s strange……i sprained my ankle in practice and my coach did the opposite thing:
    He put preassure by tightin up ny laces and told me to try and walk……then he told me to put ice.
    My god it`s my 7th time that i sprained my ankle all because i forgot to put my aircast ankle protector……But thank god i can walk, not perffectly but i can still walk

  12. I sprained my skateboarding… It hurt like hell I heard it pop but idk if I fractured it??? No discoloration but yesterday when it happened I was numb it felt ok all day and even if i put pressure it doesn't hurt as bad I just limp a bit

  13. I was hoping to get some expert advice on how to warp the sprained ankle, besides not seeing that the video was pretty informative.

  14. Sprained my ankle while doing High Jump. My foot got stuck in between tow big crash mats and I twisted it. Hurts like hell, enough to make me cry… And the crutches I got are way too small for me.

  15. Sprained mine drunk fighting my lil bradha that was 3 weeks ago and I still can't go run I went from 45 miles/week to ZERO does anyone have any crazy fast remedies for someone with no health ins mahalo !!!

  16. sprained my ankle tryingto jump hurdles and my foot got stuck on the hurdle and i fliped over backwards and sprained my ankle i couldnt move my ankle at all untill now because i had ice on it for 45 min without taking it off

  17. even despite slipping and falling down a few flights of steps and spraining my ankle, his voice gave me the impression that the pain was gone..

  18. Sprained my ankle in baseball, slid into third late and practically landed sideways flying full-speed into the in-movable base. I could barely stand. At least it's not broken and I'm allowed to use the elevator now!

  19. Not sure if mine is a sprained ankle or not… the pain comes from my whole foot and lasted for 3 days already… got it when i fell down during badminton practice… What should i do?

  20. Shoot a sprained ankle is freaking painful I just sprained my left ankle yesterday in a basketball game! My coach says on 20 off 20 ( ice ) and to elevate my foot I couldn't sleep without twisting my body at all now I need a crutch just to get around.

  21. Captain Joe Bruni forget about elevation of the limb…Removing shoe and sock is also controversial cause shoe and sock make a pressure that helps in blood drain so this could help.

  22. Bad decision I took was to go to the urgencies here in France where they made me wait 5 hours until someone could see me. I waited seated and keeping my legs down and it just made it worse. I finished with a tennis ball ankle just because I waited too much. I wish I had seen this video before. Thanks captain !

  23. I've sprained my right ankle in the past (about 2 years ago) while playing basketball and applied an ice pack but no pressure. The bad thing I did was to start walking again after barely 15 minutes into applying the ice pack. I was alright then but by the time it was time for me to sleep, the pain was unbearable but I was still able to walk. I realized my mistake after talking to my coach and planned on doing things right the next time it happened. I watched this video and it was very helpful. Today, I sustained another sprain (this time my left ankle) while I was playing cricket. I followed the steps in this video (except for seeing the doctor part) and my experience was a lot less painful. Thank you very much Captain and eHow!

  24. I sprained my ankle today 🙁 I hope it doesn't take too long to heal. Thanks for posting this. Lovin' the mustache  

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  26. These two videos made by this young man def have made me feel a lot better, after seeing I feel like it's just a sprained but that bit is fd up swollen af but I can put weight on it, I can't do no cuts like a cam newton but I can put a lil weight on it

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