Bento Box Lunches | Healthy Recipes! – Mind over Munch

Bento Box Lunches | Healthy Recipes! - Mind over Munch

hi munchies I am Alyssia welcome if you are new to the channel it's almost back-to-school time for a lot of people so I thought this would be the perfect time for a follow-up video for one of what seems to be your favorite videos of mine bento boxes you guys gave me such awesome feedback from the last bento box video and have been asking for a new one and I've been wanting to do it but they do take a while to concept and put together and film and edit and everything so I thank you for being patient when I put these meals together I try to think about them being accessible in appealing to both kids and adults and of course again included a Menor protein a fruit a starch or grain a vegetable a snack and a sweet treat for all to keep them well-rounded but remember the goal here isn't to give you specific lunches that you must pack the point is to give you ideas and inspiration to make this your own so take what you want leave what you don't modify to suit your preferences and have fun with it these recipes have vegan and vegetarian options and all are very versatile let's go ahead and get to it I hope that you guys enjoyed these ideas there is a PDF in the description box below with the recipes in all of the vegan and vegetarian substitutions if necessary and I have also linked the bento box that I used but you can of course use any lunch box that you have so I hope that you enjoyed if you do and you want more bento box ideas please give this video a thumbs up comment below and let me know what you thought and share it with your friends so that they can see it sending you positive energies in love thank you so so much for watching and remember it's all a matter of mind over munch


  1. This inspired me to make a better lunch box, but we don't have all that much and we didn't want to bake so for school tomorrow I'll get
    Peanut butter and apples
    Cucumber and cream minisandwiches
    And raisins and nuts

    Is this a good or bad lunch box?

  2. Some great ideas! I always have difficulties as lunches at my kids school have to be vegetarian as well as nut, avocado , kiwi and sesame free!!

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  5. I'm wierd I like to watch these and then I'm to lazy to do something and then eat it in like 2 minutes LOL

  6. i heard that having small but different portions of flavors for lunch will leave you more satisfied and full, which may be why the japanese don't tend to have a higher obesity rate from cravings. although i wouldn't know if this is proven research or speculation.

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