Berberine supplement and a carbohydrate challenge

hey guys I’m coming to you from sunny
California I’m out in Anaheim right now and I was supposed to be at Expo West
but that got cancelled due to the corona virus which is a whole other video that
I’ll do in the future but I wanted to talk to you guys about berberine and
what berberine is and why I think you should be taking it so berberine is a
glucose disposal agent and which means it can lower blood glucose levels by
doing something that’s called nutrient partitioning by pushing more glucose
into the muscle rather than fat and it does this with the help of amp k EMP
kinase if you know anything about that it’s very similar to the drug metformin
in that sense and it’s potently anti aging as a result it also helps with gut
microbes and it raises ketones as a result of lowering your blood glucose
and therefore it helps with insulin growth hormone potentiation fat loss you
know keeping longer telomeres at being anti-aging by reducing advanced
glycation end-products which is blood sugar damage and that’s pro aging and
therefore reduces your risk for all diseases it does cause a positive
hormetic stress to the mitochondria thereby improving mitochondrial function
so it’s amazing the one problem maybe if there is some with berberine is it does
seem for some people to cause some GI distress ironically even though it’s
helping the gut in some ways and then to add as poor bioavailability because it
needs to convert to dye hydro berberine in the gut so one thing full disclosure
that I did is patents the active metabolite dye hydro verb brain and the
active metabolite is five to six times more active in the gut and it’s
therefore amazing at what happens you can take a much lower dose like around
like a hundred milligrams 150 milligrams seems like you can take it less off and
maybe instead of three times a day you take that 100 to 200 milligrams twice a
day less GI distress so it’s just a more effective ingredient nnb is the company
that sells it right now it’s called gluco bandaged by them and I know
there’s some companies that already have the ingredient out right now
one of my favorites is genius brand blood sugar but if you just want to try
the standard berberine there’s a product i formulated called
bio trust ic5 and it has five ingredients all that help with blood
sugar and if you just want to try berberine by itself then i would
recommend you get a company like thorne it’s an incredible ingredient just an
example at one point when I was formulating biotrust ic5 I did a
carbohydrate challenge that was a fun one while in ketosis and I separated
these out and took so my carbohydrate challenge that was amazing
to let you know about an experiment I did when I was working on bio trust I c5
and this is just with the active berberine at 500 milligrams so I did a
carbohydrate challenge with 5 Double Stuf Oreos to frosted pop-tarts really
fun one no this is not healthy but this was amazing so I was in ketosis when I
took that at carbohydrate without berberine my blood sugar I was checking
it every 30 minutes went from around 70 65 to 75 was my baseline and it went up
to 199 at two hours and I wasn’t he sure if I was coming back down when I
took berberine at that 500 milligram dose I was again at 65 or 70 in there
and I never got above a hundred and at one hour I was already coming back down
to my baseline I just want to impress upon you how
insane that is and how potent that is so berberine is
incredible if you’re on keto it’s incredible if you want anti-aging
benefits metformin could extend your life by as much as two years if you want
to reduce biological aging and all pretty much all disease risk that’s
associated with mitochondrial dysfunction and insulin resistance which
is pretty much everything except for like hardcore genetic diseases if you
want to fix your guts like this is just I think the most important ingredient to
take so I hope that’s helpful for you guys thanks for tuning in

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