Bernie Sanders Admits Single Payer Means A Middle Class Tax Hike: “Health Care Is Not Free”

Bernie Sanders Admits Single Payer Means A Middle Class Tax Hike: “Health Care Is Not Free”


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  2. These people keep deceiving the gullible by saying healthcare will be free, and they eat it up. Nothing it’s free, nothing.

  3. Then stop telling the young voters who have no political knowledge whatsoever (only what they read on social media) that they will have "free Medicare, free education, student loans paid off, for them FREE means FREE. Struggling worker's taxes will pay for these freebies, really Mr. Sanders?

  4. Marxist politicians will never have to partake in what they wish to put on the lowly peons. Just shut up and give us your wallets. But oh yes, healthcare WILL be free for some as it is now.

  5. Just spent 2 weeks on Apple Island Vermont~ holy crap! That state is a disaster ~ the roads ARE FULL OF POTHOLES and obese, purple haired men/women. A few of the NORMAL people laughed when asked if Bernie would make a good POTUS.
    It’s like a special place where all the misfit toys are sent. Bernie Sanders is a fraud not a leader. He wants YOUR PAYCHECK.

  6. Any system that is put in practice at the federal should be implemented at the state levels. Once that is in place for a couple of decades and the problems ironed out, only then can u implement a bigger system at the federal level. Having said that state level programs always work the best for individual states as they cater to the needs , mentality of the local population considering the geographical, climatic requirements of the region. Federal is hard to manage and fast to cave in.

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