Best Ankle Rehabilitation Exercises For Those Recovering From Ankle Injury

Best Ankle Rehabilitation Exercises For Those Recovering From Ankle Injury

hey there welcome to well keys mobility series where we do some rehabilitation exercises for different joints in your body right now are we doing some ankle strengthening exercises and these are going to be called intrinsic muscle exercises because it's like the deep muscles of your ankle maybe some exercises you haven't seen after any injury obviously your first step is getting the pain bleeding so once you're pain-free it's time to go into the strength training portion which doesn't involve dumbbells and barbells just right here and doing some very intricate muscle movements so the first thing we're doing is called a quick shortening exercise and this is a little bit strange it's a little subtle I don't know pre be able to catch it on camera but so you have the foot right here what you're basically trying to do is shorten it and you can do that there pretending is ball underneath your foot and so you just kind of pull the closer by keeping almost all your toes on the ground as you can see there's a little bit of a shortening going on right in the middle there so you hold that maybe over 25 and 10 seconds and then you let go it's easier to do maybe with the towel underneath you or if you're wearing socks but again like just run up pull it in shorten the foot again it's a little salt so you don't really get to see that much but again when I hold for five to ten seconds and that strengthening shortening movement and maybe repeat that anywhere between eight to twelve times total hey there welcome back to welcome ability series we're doing some ankle rehab exercises and so this is another intrinsic muscle movement so very deep inner muscles of the ankle joint here systems can we call toe tapping so you just lay foot out right here and then bring all the toes up and just like you're playing a piano bring one down after another and start over again where you want to stretch and extend those toes to feel it really working these little muscles right here and tarsal bones and then one two just like that tapping it and playing it do between eight to twelve little toe taps as part of the sets or repeat the set two or three times and you be upset move on to the next exercise hey there welcome back to welcome ability series we're doing the ankle strengthening exercises so the last intrinsic muscle movements can be needing a towel so it's gonna be a towel scrunch and be doing that at your toes so laid it out there and then take the rehab ankle and you just scrunch it and then hold it kind of like flexing the plantar fasciotomy the foot hold that for five to ten seconds and let it go on just go again so again you're trying to get every single toe to wrap around on a towel and pull in and the cold bath three-five release and repeat that anywhere between eighty ten times and you'll be able to move on to some of the more advanced ankle exercises for rehabilitation they're welcome back to welcome ability series we are doing some ankle exercises for rehab and strengthening so there's time going to be moving on to what's called the extrinsic muscle movements for your ankles that involves some of the muscles that are directly around the two little bones right here maleo lion malleolus and so we're just trying to get these muscles there involved a lot more the ankle movements of foot the first one you do is just drawing the alphabet C is with your foot up or on the ground or you can actually be on the ground and with your feet up just want to draw out the outfits like a nice and slow movements because you just don't want to rush it very fast it's all about regaining strength and the muscles of the ankle and also the kind of the cam pulses here and then the extended muscles on the side here so it's all involved in all different movements in all directions so again use my complete an entire alphabet movement D many all the way down to see be all set with that exercise hey welcome back to Joaquin ankle mobility series we're doing some rehab exercises with the ankle joint so the next one in our extrinsic muscle series is just plantar flexion and dorsiflexion is that means dorsiflexion he knows like the dorsal side of your foot and then plantar flexion just like you're stretching and flexing the plantar fascia so just movements just like that you might gotta hold it on one side for a couple seconds try to do 10 to 12 movements on each side that's anywhere between 20 to 24 total movements and then if you want to repeat that do it maybe once or twice a day you should be all set Dorsey and plantar flexion hit and welcome back to welcome mobility series we're doing some rehab exercises for the ankle joint so the last of our extrinsic muscle movements is just going to be side to side and ability for your ankles we're going to be doing eversion where you kind of move the ankle out like that or I should say move the foot out at the ankle joint and then in virtue where you kind of move it inwards so we're here nice and slow movements you don't want to do it too quickly and maybe do anywhere between ten and twelve eversion and inversion movements in one set and then you want to do maybe two to three total sets you should be all finished with your extrinsic muscle movements with the ankle welcome back to welcome ability series for the ankle joint so we've already done some intrinsic sort of inner muscle movements some extrinsic muscle movements but now we're going to be focusing on gaining overall strength in the ankle as it relates to kind of daily living so the person we're going to be doing is the heel raises so you need to go against the wall or hold a chair and then with the angle in Australia you simply you off the ground to the strength above your toes and then your calf muscles as well push it up just like that yeah nice and slow you don't want to anything too drastic when you're rehabbing just do about anywhere between 10 and 20 heel races in one set and there's another option you could do if you have a bench or an insert of elevation so that you can do the heel raises but then when you go back down after you go below like level it adds a little bit more strength component that's a little bit more difficult but again 10 to 20 do enable between two and three times total and be all set hey there welcome back to welcome ability series focusing on the ankle joint so the next one that we're gonna be doing for some strengthening of the joint is some band work so grab share you also need some sort of form of resistance you can either have a towel or exercise band we'll be doing dorsiflexion and plantarflexion which is basically ankle flexion or extension but this time you're gonna go against a force so basically right here you just want to press it down so say you started that's the plantar flexion it's gonna move anywhere between 10 20 flexing movements then you just go the other way I help to treat you know fix it somewhere where you gonna be able to extend it from the ground so you just pull it right here and against the force just like that this is dorsiflexion and for that one again do about ten to twenty total movements and you'll be all set to move on to the next exercises hey there welcome back to welcome ability series for rehab and strengthening exercises for the ankle joint we using the band again this time where you be doing the e version and inversion movements so side to side mobility and some of you want to push it against this force system will be doing the e version so about 10 to 20 times use pull against the band to strengthen all those outer muscles right here just like so nice and easy then we get done with those switch it around to the other side for the inversion movement here either put something down there a wrap around basically you are pushing against that force and for that I'm going to do about 10 to 20 as well moving on the next exercise in the series if they're welcome back to welcome a no mobility series this time we're gonna be doing some ankle joint rehab balancing exercises so your first basic exercise would be just standing more leg balance hold here for 30 seconds and then right back down the next level up using a little proprioception versus your brain's ability to know where your body is in the universe so when you close your eyes your brain can't see it your eyes can't see you so you just have to really work a lot harder and that angle join the muscles surrounding to give yourself balanced so get through there 30 seconds a minute if you can but the last level these blocks so for this type of balancing on one foot you slowly come down back and obviously just putting blocks wherever you like nice slow movements coming back down and then just completely finish up take the blocks back you do this as many times as you feel necessary now complete your entire routine for strengthening up the muscles surrounding and also the intrinsic muscles of the ankle joint


  1. Sprained my ankle 3 years ago (light tears on legaments) and I still feel ugly pain in my ankle when I run only under pressure.. Ima try this out

  2. Thanks so much!! This was an excellent and very helpful video. Broke my fibula 11 years ago. Have still suffered because I'm on my feet most of the day at work and my balance is off. I'm feeling confident that taking the time to do these exercises is going g to help me a great deal.

  3. My ankle is that Hard twisted, that i can't Even move my fingers, I'm that bad now, i can't Even step on it, i jumped on a rope from the stairs and with this thing i directly stepped on my ankle, and don't ask why i've jumped from the stairs with rope, it's because i'm training with rope, doing some Hard movements, training for a concert and there I go, i cried so Hard, the pain was that bad, tha you cohldn't Even imagine

  4. Legs and ankles got over by an SUV 2 weeks ago 🤪
    X-ray didn’t show anything broken
    Still on bed rest
    Can I start this therapy?
    I assume it has to be started gradually and not all at once?
    Blessed to find this video;)))

  5. I cracked two bones in my ankle one month ago and was bedridden with crutches and a medical boot for one month. Although the Bones have healed I'm able to stand on my recovering foot but the muscles surrounding the previously cracked ankle are very sore. When practicing the exercises and techniques displayed in your video I was able to feel less pain and more Mobility when walking. I will continue to practice these exercises for the next 3 weeks until my pain has subsided thank you for this video I found it very helpful. 👏🏾👍🏾💖

  6. These are great. I like how he starts with very light and minimal range of motion exercises and gradually progresses to the more advance exercises.

  7. I fractured my ankle (lateral malleolus) last July. It did not require a surgery because the ankle bones were in alignment, and it healed well. I was already jogging about three months after the fracture. By December my ankle was completely fine. Or so I thought.

    Last January I made a couple interval sprinting sessions and since then my ankle has been a mess. I cannot walk with it long distances and it always feels stiff and weak. It feels like something is wrong with my ankle, I just feel and sense it.

    I had an MRI in the late February and it revealed that I had a tear in Syndesmosis and Medial ligaments. And I had a partial split tear in my peroneal brevis tendon. My ortho thinks that it should not require a surgery though.

    Do you think I caused more damage to my ankle in January when I made those interval sprinting sessions?

    I have tried to rehab my ankle lately with many kinds of different programs, but my ankle just gets aggravated. Rest improves things somewhat, but once I start to walk and rehab more the stiffness, mild pain and feeling of "something not being right" in my ankle instantly returns.

    I'm getting a bit desperate with this situation. What should I do?

  8. thanks I will use these. I had both ankles replaced with the Infinity Total Ankle System plus a left bunion fusion. These will really help my recovery!

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