Best Dividend Growth KING Stocks 2019 πŸ‘‘

Best Dividend Growth KING Stocks 2019 πŸ‘‘

what are the best different growth King stocks here 2019 that's exactly what we're gonna be looking at today and we're gonna go over some examples of companies that are actually dividend Kings that I think are actually really good please for the long term so a quick definition your a dividend King is a company that has been growing their dividend consistently you're over here consecutively for at least 50 years this is obviously no small feat is actually less than 30 companies out there in the u.s. out of say 3,000 that are able to say that they're a dividend king now although all these dividend King stocks may seem like the best dividend stocks to invest in why would you ever look at any other stock there are things that you need to look at deeper which makes some of these dividend King stocks better than others in fact some of these dividend King stocks I would personally never consider investing in because the future growth potential is actually not there when it comes to capital or the dividend increases so what we're gonna be looking at closely here today in this video is the dividend growth rate more specifically the five-year growth rate and what it was actually filtered through the list of the dividend Kings and only pick dividend Kings that had a minimum growth rate for the dividend of ten percent year-over-year now this video is gonna answer the question as to what are some good dividend stocks investing what are the highest growing dividend Kings out there and I'm also certain that you guys will actually come across at least one of these stocks here that you've never heard of before so you can take some time to look into that even further let's start off here with our first big which is Dilbert Corp so this is a company that creates industrial products and it's a fairly small company at around 14 billion dollar market cap at 3 segments of these sell products and engineered systems fluids and refrigeration and food equipment and the software forms has been fairly strong since the 2008 recession but the one thing you'll notice is that every time the market has a recession or slowdown concerns the stock really takes a beating as showing that the red circles here and considering we're possibly entering another economic slowdown possibly a recession this could be the keys once again so that's something to be cautious about with this company nonetheless we're here for the dividend info so let's look at that the currently fair dividend you live just under 2 percent and a pair ratio is just under 40 percent which is extremely healthy but what's more impressive is their dividend growth which has been growing for 62 consecutive years the information here shows 16 years with is incorrect so ignore that I looked into this further it's actually sixty-two years but what you can see here is that the average growth rate is well over ten percent which is very strong and the graph really shows how rapidly they have increases dividends especially recently so one thing to make note of here is that we may see a slowdown in growth but based on the dividend payout I believe this company here will continue raising a dividend even through the next recession so what are we to start off the list here with a solid company with a solid yield but let's move on to our second pick so this company is called hormone foods Corp and it's a company again I've never come across before personally and this is another fairly small company here around our twenty two billion dollar market gap so what this company does is actually fairly simple they produced and they market various meats and food products in the United States and internationally they provide all kinds of foods from frozen – fresh – canned meats – microwavable meals and much more and the stock has had a monstrous run since 2008 going for around seven dollars per share – now sitting at around forty-five dollars per share whoever invested in this company in the last recession made Bank on this investment just on capital appreciation alone here but let's take a look at the dividends kernel is around two percent and the payout is around forty seven percent which are both healthy numbers to me but of course a different growth is what we're here for and this company has been growing the dividend consecutively for 52 years since the recession you can see that their dividends have climbed from around 19 cents annually to currently around 75 cents annually which is almost a 400% increase in just ten years and this is shown by the growth rate coming in at around fifteen percent year-over-year which is absolutely incredible growth honestly anyone who's gotten into the stock in the last ten years congratulations because this is one of the best dividend growth stocks I have ever come across these numbers are impressive and it makes me wish that I was investing in these talks ten years ago I'm moving on to our third big as a company I'm sure you've heard of there's been tons of news about this company lately and that company is 3m so this company unlike the other two just covered has been making 50 – we closed recently so it's kind of on the other spectrum here from great incredible growth to actually a slowdown and a correction so this company if you haven't heard him is another large industrial company and they actually have around a hundred billion dollar market cap right now they operate through four segments which is safety and industrial transportation electronics health care and consumer I recently covered 3m on my channel but if you guys want a more in-depth look on the stock where I stand on the stock if I'm investing in the stock let me know in the comment section down below me can create a video on that you can see currently at 3m took nearly 40 percent correction so this may be good value and creep point here for this stock we're currently sitting near 52 week lows and investors if your economic slowdown and like I said this could also happen with our first big Dober as well so keep that in mind 3m currently has around 3.3 percent yield starting yield and it's the highest on our list so far for starting yield and the payout ratio is around 55 percent which is unfortunately also the highest on the list so far although 55 is still sustainable in my opinion I'd be more comfortable with it closer to 50 ideally under 50 now looking at the dividend growth the company has really stepped up in the last decade but I personally feel we may be entering a period in the stock like it was between 1997 2003 or between 2007 to 2011 the growth of the dividend was there but it was a very small amount of growth year over year nonetheless this company hasn't learned the dividend for 60 years consecutively and the current growth is around 10 percent year over year which is still very healthy but like I said one thing to keep in mind with this stock you plan to invest in this for a dividend growth is that I think if this growth rate will drop closer to maybe 5 to 7 percent in the next few years because they are kind of working through some internal struggles the economy might slow down and that'll put a lot of pressure on this stock the fourth company is another massive company that I've covered recently on the channel I'd lab so I love this company I think it's one of the best dividend growth companies out there and that's a lows these guys are only number two to Home Depot out there for home improvement and it's surprisingly a very strong dividend growth stock and the numbers I'm about to show you are probably gonna raise your eyebrows a bit here but first let's look at their charts and you can see they've done some good growths in 2008 recently took around 30% haircut which provide a good buying opportunity for the long-term the dividend growth here though is where this company shines their current yield is just under 2% setting 1.9 but that payout ratio is only 39% which is a huge reason why I love this stuff the dividend has been growing for 55 years consecutively and the average growth rate hope you're sitting down for this is a whopping 20% year over here which is by far the best growth on this list so far now regardless in my opinion how the economy does thanks to its low payout ratio I think that Louis can sustain this dividend payout and increases in the coming years maybe the stock won't grow up 20% in the next recession but I'm sure that we're gonna get at least eight double-digit growth moving forward career number five is another industrial company you'll notice a trend here and it's a company called Norton so it's a very small company here sitting at around 7 billion dollar market cap and makes a lot of random things really like producing adhesives polymers and that kind of stuff the stock has done quite well in the last few years providing investors some good games on their investment the dividend is currently sitting at a measly 1 percent starting yield so a lot of people may overlook the stock right away but the payout ratio is at only 24 percent meaning of this company can increase this dividend sustain that increase in dividend for a very long time their growth in dividends has been amazing as well over the last 54 consecutive years and they've continued to provide value to shareholders in their dividend payments the average growth rate is on 13% year over year which based on the PA ratio is very sustainable over the foreseeable future the only drawback here that I can see that it's a smaller company so you may see a lot more volatility in the stock in the next recession or economic slowdown so that's just something to keep in mind but if you're a dividend investor holding this for the long long term that correction will just be an opportunity to load up even more shares in this stuff alright so closing off our list are coming to number six is a company again I've never heard of before and that company is called Parker Hannifin corporation this is a twenty two billion dollar company that operates in two segments the diversified industrial and aerospace systems so here you go you'll notice yet another industrial company now the stock is on welfare investor in the last decade or so and although it isn't as impressive as some of the other companies we've covered it still returns some good value here to investors their dividends currently sitting at two percent starting yield but the P out is again very low at only 29% so we got tons of room to grow the growth rate over the last sixty two consecutive years has had an average of ten percent year-over-year especially recently but we did see a slowdown last few years from this dividend but last year we did have some good growth in the stock again for dividends so let's give that sustainable moving forward so one observation that I've made here which I hinted through throughout this video is that a lot of these stocks are in the industrial space and the part that concerns me is that since we're in the late stage of an economic cycle here possibly a recession in the next couple of years these kind of stocks industrials get hit pretty hard which is why they may be looking as very good values right now now again maybe the economy is just in a slowdown piece maybe we'll resume growth again in the next couple of years that's what happened a few years ago and if that's the case and you're getting some really good bargains on these stocks because when growth starts picking up again these stocks are gonna just continue moving up higher but if we do enter a recession I think what we've seen in 3m recently with that massive correction in the stock is something we can see across the board in a lot of these stocks we cover here today we may not see a correction of 40% like we did in 3m it may be higher like a 50 60 percent of these other smaller companies but again if we're investing for dividends that doesn't really matter to us we're not looking at capital appreciation we hold it long enough we do suspect that these stocks will recover and move higher while increasing their dividends so I'd be very curious here to hear what stocks you guys own on this list if any now I'll tell you I own one of these stocks on this list you want to take a guess as to what that is comment it down below but either way guys hope you enjoyed this video drop that huge like it helps these videos out immensely it's the best way you can thank me on this channel hit that subscribe button down below as well to join this community we're almost at 15,000 subscribers here so thank you so much for your support don't forget to invest positively I'll see you next


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