stock up with a terrific new busy day dessert you jell-o instant instant instant pudding welcome to another meal prep video in this increasingly busy world everything keeps moving faster and faster the result is you get busier whether you are a full-time student or employee or both the lack of time has become the main thing to blame for not reaching our fitness goals most of us would love to be said like Arnold or the real human Popeye well I'm here to tell you that it is possible to achieve optimal results and save time simultaneously anyone can do it by following a few simple steps our dependence on easily obtained food makes it almost impossible to reach our fitness goals so choppy today is us joints ham and cheese new most of us things we don't have time to cook so we just buy processed food instead today I will show you how to prepare tasty meals in a quick easy and cheap way to ensure success in this video I will show you how to prepare meals for three full days consisting of a berry cereal scramble and stir fry and stuffed sweet potatoes I follow a plant-based diet but this is easily suitable for those who eat meat I am currently on a caloric deficit of 2600 calories and this week my macros will be 325 grams of carbs 195 grams of protein and 58 grams of fat before we start if you enjoy helpful and informative videos please hit the subscribe button and a notification bell right next to it to be notified when my neck epic video comes out just do it okay we will be starting with the berry cereal the ingredients you will be needing are 240 grams of rolled oats which are actually the food with the highest manganese content that it's also high in protein zinc and fiber this only comes to 60 cents but remember that prices may vary depending on where you live next up we have one point two liters of soy milk which has 75% more antioxidants the cow's milk and is high in calcium vitamin D and b12 I bought an expensive one this time but you can easily find a cheaper one I chose soy over almond milk because of its higher protein content but you can use a milk of your choice then we have 180 grams of protein powder I'm using vivo perform raw protein which has BCAAs and makes the cereal taste great this one contains pink Himalayan salt for your iodine intake and maca powder which is a superfood that has high concentrations of calcium it also has 20 different amino acids and maca is also considered to be an adaptogen which means it has natural substances to help your body deal with stress boost your immune system and aid with hormonal balance out of all the Devo powders I highly recommend getting the salton magic Alma one it's the best then we have 30 grams of chia seeds a great source of fats and omega-3s they are also very high in protein calcium manganese and phosphorus then 900 grams of frozen berries by frozen and invoked to save more money this will give you a huge list of health benefits that I wouldn't be able to fit on the screen just eat it measure out 80 grams of oats and put it in three different tough words make sure the tough words are bpa-free or even better made of glass then do the same with the chia seeds 10 grams in each and the same again with the frozen berries 300 grams in each box now what I prefer doing is closing it and putting them in the freezer until the morning of use when you wake up you simply take it out and prepare a protein shake with 400 milliliters of milk and 60 grams of protein powder shake and pour over the berries and eat straight away or bring it with you I personally prefer the berries frozen as it takes longer to eat and is more filling if you're not a fan of whole berries pour it into a blender blend it up and drink on the go from this meal you will have everything you need for a powerful start your day this comes to $3 seventy cents per meal 797 calories with 84 grams of carbs 18 grams of fat and 71 grams of protein now let's move on to the lunch a scramble and stir fry the ingredients are 600 grams of peppers which are super high in vitamin C A II and folate next up is 600 grams of onion this along with the peppers are key to making a tasty stir fry onions are high in biotin manganese and copper then we have 750 grams of cat it's not my favorite 2e Rob but in a stir-fry it's great carrots are super cheap and high in beta-carotene vitamins A and K and also contains called carreño which has shown to combat cancer specifically colon cancer next up 450 grams of spinach yes spinach by frozen to save money spinach is high in magnesium vitamin A and K it is also very high in protein I can boost up your protein content easily it's got calcium folate it's epic stuff don't miss out eat your greens then the main ingredients 900 grams of organic tofu this is one of my favorite sources of protein it is also very high in calcium omega-3 and tyrunt you can take a little bit of time to get used to for some people but it's damn worth it first we use a fork and mash up the block of tofu into a scramble and set it aside for later use then chop up the onion and put it into the bowl along with the tofu then we proceed to chop the rest of the veggies that will be made separately I then put it into a pan with water do not use oil then weigh out your spinach and put it in the pan to let the veggies cook until the consistency of your choice I personally prefer them crunchy and not fully cooked then pour some water into a frying pan once again no oil and pour the tofu with the onions onto it you can use any spices that you want but I usually use salt some black pepper turmeric which will make a scramble yellow and paprika mix it up and fry until the onions are softened this will only take a few minutes to then equally divide into your tough words this is actually a perfect meal to bring along with you to school a work wherever you need to be as it will not leak this meal is one of my favorites it comes to three dollars ten cents per meal 760 calories with 68 grams of carbs 26 grams of fat and 56 grams of protein okay moving on to the final meal the stuffed sweet potatoes one you will need is 1200 grams of sweet potatoes which is extremely high in vitamin A and B vitamins and loads of antioxidants next up 1200 grams of broccoli yes and that's a lot but the volume will play a crucial role in control broccoli is high in protein omega-3s and vitamins C and K then one of my favorite foods of all time 1050 grams of lentils by Raj you want to save more money it's dirt cheap tastes amazing and it's also the best source of folate out there it's also very high in protein and iron then we have a treat 105 grams of humus this will be our main source of fat for this meal humus is made from chickpeas which is a great source of folate copper iron and zinc I'm in love with summers if you haven't tried it you are missing out finally we have 150 grams of salsa get one without added sugars if possible salsa along with the hummus will take the taste to the next level first step is to stab the sweet potato repeatedly so it doesn't explode in the oven just make sure the step is gently so it doesn't scream your oven should be set at 400 Fahrenheit or 205 Celsius put the potatoes inside and let them bake for about an hour you should actually do this step before preparing the breakfast and lunch to save time when it's done take them out and slice them open and let them cool down okay so let's move on to the broccoli chop them up into pieces then place them into a steamer and steam until it reaches the consistency of your choice then if you bought precooked lentils like I did make sure to rinse them under water to avoid catastrophic flatulence this step right here is optional but I like to heat the lentils up and add some spices I use cumin black pepper and salt once it's heated the broccoli should be done so you can add one potato into each Tupperware then add the broccoli and then the lentils into the holes that you slice open the taste of the sweet potato and lentils mixed together is epic then add 35 grams of hummus and 50 grams of salsa in each one and that's it this meal comes to $2.80 or cheapest one and one thousand four calories highest in calories with 166 grams of carbs the 11 grams of fat and 59 grams of protein so there you have it guys all the meals are perfect to bring along with you wherever you need to go in your busy day if you did find this video helpful it would really mean a lot if you subscribe and tell your friends about this video let's pass on the information let's help each other out that's what I'm here to do and if you need online training visit our website John – comm see you next time peace out


  1. Dont forget to share with someone that BENEFIT from this! Thanks for all the support!!! 😀
    The full recipe list is in the description box if you wanna try this out 🙂

  2. Very nice meals bruh. I'd add some meat since i eat it. Chicken breast or fish i guess. And make more of these videos so we can have even more meal plans 😁🍴

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  4. Hi. I love your videos. Really good advice and information and your food always looks delicious. You should use sea salt instead of refined table salt, which is very, very bad for you as, besides the chemicals they use when processing it, it also contains unhealthy additives.
    Edit: I watched it again and your salt says "sal marina" which is actually sea salt. I stand corrected. 🙂

  5. Thank you for nice presentation!

    You are talking about 3 meals. Are these meals "safe to stay" in refrigerator for 3 days (to eat one per day)?

    Sorry for stupid question and thanks.

  6. Jajaja vamos, el mejor nutricionista que en realidad es español, pero no se nota de primeras. Un gustazo de vídeo

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