Best Of Eating Spicy Food Challenges | React Compilation

Best Of Eating Spicy Food Challenges | React Compilation

– It’s Satan in my mouth. – Ah! – Oh my God,
that’s so hot! – Feels like I just ate
an entire nursery that was on fire. – I refuse to quit.
I don’t refuse to cry at this point. – I’m not that scared,
because if this is a 3500… – Yeah.
– On the spice level, like… – I think this is gonna be
like a 50,000. – Holy mother of God!
Oh my God! (coughs) – This is definitely more spicy. – The burn’s gradual. – Yeah, it’s like a, I mean,
it’s a constant burn, it hurts, but it’s…
– Tolerable. – Eh, if you see any tears,
they’re man tears. – I actually sweat through my eyes.
– Yeah, yeah, that’s what it is. I know this sauce.
My grandma gave it to me, and she told me it was chocolate syrup
when I was little. It was not chocolate syrup! – Holy [bleep]!
I’m gonna curse! – That milk is starting
to look good now. – Yeah. – Mmm.
– Oh God, (mumbles). – (coughs) No, no way,
people eat tens of these? (coughs)
– Are you giving up? – No!
– You have something on your face, here let me get it for you. – Dominic, we’re making it
to the last one. – I know, right?
Ugh! (coughs) – Oh, I already know
it’s gonna be bad. – This is bringing back memories.
Man, my grandma’s so mean. – (laughs) Okay, okay.
– She’s way late. – I’m scared actually.
This one looks scary. This looks like blood. – Oh my God.
– Mm-hmm. – Ugh!
– Wait, wait, wait. Oh [bleep], oh [bleep],
wait! (gags) – Oh it smells horrible. – Oh, I’m [bleep]. – Oh God, oh God. Oh [bleep]!
Oh my God! – Okay, okay.
– It’s kinda sweet at first, and then it really, really,
starts to sting. I’m in legit pain now.
Ow. (Jeannie whimpers) So hot!
Can I have milk now? – Oh my God. – My entire face, my…
– Aw dog, come on, this sucks. – What, can I drink milk?
Can we drink milk? – (FBE) We have some questions
for you first. – Ask the question!
– Ask it! – (FBE) What did you think
about that last wing? – It’s more intense.
– Oh! I can’t even talk! – I can’t, I can’t breathe. – It’s a disgusting like…
– Nope, it’s hot. – [Bleep] up, it’s so bad! (person screams) – I’m not gonna eat any! – You still have a whole
nother wing left, man! – I wanna go home!
– It’s getting the tongue. – (FBE) Two minutes left for Adam.
Tell me how you feel guys. – I’ve been in much more pain before. – My tongue got
swollen and everything. – (FBE) Alright Eric, starting…
– Took you long enough. – Ah [bleep] you! I’m vibrating into
different dimension. – Gotta use the wrists. Wrists, wrists, wrists.
– Dab on the eyes. – Oh don’t do that, don’t do it. (person screams) – No, no no no no!
– [Bleep]. – This looks like a scary pepper.
– That looks like a… That’s not a ghost pepper is it?
– Is this a ghost pepper? – (FBE) It’s become a challenge
to eat it all in one bite, so feel free to go for it
at your own risk. – Oh no, no, no.
– The whole thing? – No, no, no, no. – Has anyone gone to
the hospital because of this? – You’re like just going for it!
– Mm-hmm. Oh [bleep] that! – Oh my God, this was a horrible…
Oh my God! (gags) How do you swallow this?
Holy [bleep]! – That is amazing.
– Oh my God, this is horrible. – As soon as you bite into it,
you’re [bleep] up. Wow.
– Nope, I’m tapping out. (coughs) I’m a weakling. – Just think of it a big hot Cheeto.
A big hot Cheeto. – Girl, you crazy. – I’m gonna swallow it.
Oh my God! – Whoa, wait,
I only ate like that much, and it’s already terrible.
Nah, I’m good. I don’t, that’s really bad. – (babbles) I can’t even talk!
Oh my God! – Dude, she got tears
on the table. – Mmm, that is already terrible.
Oh, I’m in pain! I don’t, oh now I got the
(burps) hiccups. Ooh!
(both hiccuping) God, this hurts! – It’s the breathing
that makes it difficult. – Feels like I just ate
an entire nursery that was on fire. (coughs) Okay.
Okay, I’m throwing it away. – I can’t take it.
– I can’t. – You ate it all! (person screams) – Oh [bleep] dude,
my stomach burns! – He needs some milk!
– He needs some milk! – Oh!
– Oh my God. – I’m gonna need to go to the ER.
(Brandon growls) This [bleep] is boiling lava hot! – Hey, when’s the last time
we had really bad diarrhea? – We’ve only been at this
for five minutes? It feels like 20! – That’s all the water?
– Every bite it gets worse, every bite! Every [bleep] bite! – Guys, I think we’re doing great.
– How do we look? – This is awesome.
– Oh yeah, we’re for sure gonna do it, but my concern is that
I don’t wanna do it anymore. – My lips hurt.
My throat hurts. – I just wanna throw up
and I’ll feel better, and then I can eat more.
– (screams) I’m crying! (person screams) – Oh my God. – I didn’t put it on my tongue yet. – I accidentally let it
touch my tongue, and my tongue’s already burning. – Oh ho ho, that’s hot!
(hums) – Ugh! – Oh God, it’s starting to get.
Ugh, my eyes are starting to water. – (sighs) I’ve actually started to like,
thinking of a happy place I can go to. – Oh my God.
My face is getting so hot right now. – (FBE) You made it a minute. – Oh my God, that was only a minute? – If I keep moving it,
it won’t hurt as much. Oh my God. – The worst part is that it’s
not bad tasting, it’s just really spicy. – What do I do if I…
I quit, oh dear God. – Oh my God, it’s so hot.
(screams) – I wanna cry.
This is [bleep] insane. – It only hurts when you breathe.
Or swallow. (sniffs)
Or exist. – Oh [bleep]. – I feel like I’m breathing fire, wow.
Ugh, Jeez Louise! (screams) – I’m like sweating. Ugh! – Oh Jesus! (screams) – Almost there, right? Almost there, took out the… – After this, I’m gonna go to church.
I’m gonna confess all my sins. [Bleep]! – Too far to quit. – Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. – (FBE) You did it!
– (screams) Yes! (person screams) – This, it’s so evil.
This tiny little thing. That is so dry!
And so hot! It’s like sizzling like it’s burning.
Oh my God, it hurts so bad. – Just trying to get it down. Okay. It’s [bleep] hot, I’m sorry,
like, it’s so hot. – How do you even get it? Oh gosh.
It’s like a slow, hah! Can I spit it out?
Oh my gosh. If pain had a flavor,
this would be it. – Oh my God.
Holy (coughs) heck. It’s really, you know, burning.
That’s a burning sensation. – It’s not that bad, man. I have tasted some frickin’ peppers,
that you know, just by having it about a minute
inside my, I mean 30 seconds, I would be burning. And I’m chewing on this, and it’s starting to
kick some ass right now. (whimpers)
Well let me, ooh! Let me finish the challenge. – Wow, that was like instant. Oh, I should have got
my tonsils out before this. – It’s Satan in my mouth. (person screams) – Dude, I’ve done the Toe of Satan
and the one chip, this is worse! – Oh no, I heard a whimper
from Jair. – Oh my God!
– Ah! – Oh my God, that’s so hot!
– I can feel it in my oxygen! – 11, 11, 11!
– 11! – (FBE) That is red.
– Yes! – (FBE) You guys can choose
to give up. – No!
– I ain’t no bitch! (Jair laughs) – It got to the back
of my throat real bad! – It won’t go away! – If you’re watching this, help! – Please be red, please be red.
Oh my God, oh my God! – Did we get black?
Oh you [bleep] kidding me? – It sucks!
– No milk! – It’s so hot. (person screams) – Okay. Mmm, spice.
Oh my God! (coughs) How do people do this? – It’s not that spicy, actually. (laughs) I thought it was
gonna be burning, but, it’s kinda burning.
It’s pretty burning. The aftertaste burns. – Oh my God, my throat! (laughs) – (exhales) Air feels good,
but it also burns. – Oh my God. (laughs) – (coughs) God.
I’m gonna start crying. My ears hurt! I can’t do it,
I’m out, I’m out. – Okay. I refuse to quit.
I don’t refuse to cry at this point. – (coughs) Oh my God,
okay, I tap out, ugh. That was pretty hot. – Oh my God, it wasn’t worth it! (person screams) – The milk does nothing! – Oh sweet baby Jesus! You guys should have brought a cow. I mean, we could just
go right off of the tap. – This is what being
a champion feels like. – (Jeannie) Ugh! – I tore my meniscus.
This has gotta take the lead of how much pain I’ve been in. – I did good,
but I’m gonna be suffering for it. – I want my mom
or my grandma. – I made a serious mistake.
(burps) Oh excuse me! – (laughs) That was cute. – Thanks for checking out
this throwback episode on the REACT Channel. – You may be wondering
why we’re releasing some of our old content
to the channel, and that is because of
the unfortunate public health crisis that we are all dealing with
with COVID-19. Unfortunately the entire FBE staff
is currently working from home. – Especially with our cast
of over 200 reactors, we can’t really have people
coming in to the office right now or shooting more episodes
for you guys. So right now, you can
enjoy some throwback content. – Look, at the end of the day,
FBE is still a business. We want every single person
who works so, so hard to bring you all this amazing content
to still have jobs. We need to continue generating revenue
and so we’re gonna continue to put out as much content
as we can, and we hope that you
will all enjoy it during this time. – We’re also hoping
you could do us a little bit of a favor,
and maybe help us clear up some confusion
in the comments if there’s still people
that maybe don’t know or are confused
by the throwback content, just let them know that we’re still trying to run
business as usual here. – Yes, and we are all still
working from home as we said. So please engage with us.
We’re gonna be on Discord. We’re gonna be on Twitter.
We’re gonna be in the comments. So please engage with us,
just the way you normally would. Alright thank you guys
so much for watching. We’ll see ya next time.
– (both) Bye!


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