Best Running Belt Under £10 | Gym + Marathon Fitness Equipment

Best Running Belt Under £10 | Gym + Marathon Fitness Equipment

hey everyone I'm welcome back to my channel so today I've put a bit of a different video I've started to run a 5k every so often so every other day or every like 2 or 3 days I've been running a 5k and I've you've been using the program couch to 5k which is an NHS program where you're essentially trained to get from sitting on a couch and not be able to do anything to running a 5k and I found it's such an amazing program and i heid recommend it for any of you guys that really want to see results and very very quickly what I found was one major issue was that I found that women's clothes especially like gym clothes just don't have pockets that are suitable for like the phone your keys a bit of money maybe and headphones I went on a hunt for belts so one of those like fitness belts that you see people running around with and I thought you know let me look for good one so I bought these four and are we going through each of them one by one and they're all slightly they're quite similar in design they're very sleek so very narrow and skinny but I just wanted to see the difference between I'm gonna model them on me so you can see what they look like on me I usually wear something like this quite a kind of very thin windbreaker and it's quite long so it goes sort of mid thigh get my husband to wear them so you can see what's left on the guy and also in a few more because they are all unisex but first of all I have is this black one it's from a brand called moko and it's very basically I like the fact that it's fully black I think that makes it really really sleek and one thing that I look out for with running belts is if they have headphone pocket it has a headphone little socket kind of thing here so your headphones can come out of the actual pocket and not have to come through the zip I'm pretty sure that they all have a similar design as well the reason one reasons why this is one of my favorite of all of them is because you can see that the zip opened here like this and you've got these two huge pockets and that can fit a lot inside it and I'll be showing you guys how much inside it leave a bit of phone a large phone and fit wallets you can fit cards keys anything that you know to fit you obviously don't want to take too much you don't you don't want it to be too bulky but I wouldn't be surprised that fits a very small bottle as well and the thing I like about this one is that you've got two equal sides so the center is here and then you've got two equal sign and it has a buckle so easy to put on an arm and yeah I like this one this is one of my favorite so the second belt that I wanted to show you is this one from a brand called ESR now this is quite similar to the one that I just showed you except it's got a one major factor that you didn't realize when I was all doing it I don't like and it's light it's velcro so the way that it works is it's like this and then you put it through this loophole and then you velcro it to secure it now as much as I think you know velcro is great it's fine but over time Belk row tends to pick up lots of dust and dirt and becomes less tacky and less sticky and I'm just worried that after many times of doing that you might end up with the velcro sort of not being so efficient anymore his life may not be as long as a buckle that the previous one I just showed you but in terms of the poppy I think yeah put it pretty good you can just see that this one has two little sections this first section here is a key section it's actually got a key drawn on there and you can open it up like that put your keys in boat it's a very very small section it doesn't expand athwart very very tiny so it would only it would literally only fit your keys and then the other section is a bit bigger but again it's still not as big as I would have hoped it to be so this is definitely not this is probably my least favorite of all of them and I think like it's still a great option and I just I'm just not a fan I want I want this to last me forever I'm just not a fan of the whole velcro situation so yeah this is the second the third one and this is probably no it's a good reason was my Lisa Knight this is my least favorite one is this one and it's this like flat pack so can you see how flat that is that to paper-thin it's flat it's a faux flat pack it isn't quite it is quite a big pockets if you open it up you can probably fit in there a phone maybe a charger if you really want it keys of wallet it's quite a big space and then inside you also have more pocket so you've got pockets inside to add cards or any other you know any other compartments that you would like to divide it into and I think it's great also has you know your headphone loophole and it's a nice it's a very very quite it's quite I think it's also waterproof yeah right and top to open a place but yeah I do like I think it's nice but I just don't like the way that probably would look so if you look at this can you see that I just don't like how it's so kind of big and this will also work as a very nice travel bomb bag so even if it's you're not using for fitness I think it's quite a nice bomb bike in general and again buckle just like I like it yeah I guess I'm just worried that this will end up being really bulky kind of sticking up too much and then just being just wait and last but not least this is my favorite one it's spiced brand of sports people and it's grey and I think I showed it in my vlog when I went jogging about two weeks ago or something and yes it's waterproof and I remember that day it was raining as well so yeah yeah tried and tested and it's very spacious so it has two pockets that are not the same size they're not they're not so much look all that asymmetrical but you can see that this one's still quite big and even if you open it up it still has a lot of space that you can extend it so it's not like the other one where it was very limited and then the second pocket fits a big iPhone or big phone reading really well it also has the headphone and loops which all of them have so that's a good thing because you just don't want to have the headphone wire coming out of the side because then that's going to make it not most people anymore it's gonna allow water to get in so that's really important so I really like that I think this is my favorite buckle as well it's quite a smallish buckle compared to the other ones and yeah in terms of fit I think it fits a lot that's how big that is so that would fit easily fit an iPhone in it and like I said I use this when I went jogging in two weeks ago and I really really liked it it looks good worn in front it looks cool it looks good worn behind so it's being in the front it looks good kind of tough I mean you can tuck it in and just like hide it it looks fine it's not very obvious it doesn't move around at all so when you're jogging it's that it doesn't disturb you it doesn't impact you at all it's a very discreet I like that and that's one thing that I didn't like about a couple of those belts they've been not as discreet on this one so yeah I think this is probably my favorite one overall I would say this one is my favorite one and then I think this one comes second to the first one I showed you so the moko the moko one and the sport people won those two I always say don't you have much of a difference between them the only difference is that this black one has to equal spaces so you actually have a bit more space can you see that the buckle is only that short whereas this one the buckle is quite long so there's less storage space but like you need to do you know how many things are you going to carry out when you go to the gym when you go jogging or you go for a run your phone your a few cards maybe a card if that if to be honest even you don't even a card anymore that Apple pay or Google pay and then your keys and maybe I don't know yeah that's works if you enjoyed watching this video don't forget to give me a huge thumbs up and this is enabled if for my channel but only so I leave all the links down below for all of their belts that I just mentioned don't forget to follow me on my social media which I'll link or over here and I'll see you guys in my next video bye


  1. Thank you so much for this. I have been a runner for over 10 years but have had my running bag belt for over 6 and it isn’t waterproof and your video saved me the job of looking around to see what was worth getting and I have ordered the belt that was your favourite – it looked great !

  2. This was the universe being on my side coincidentally I was looking for a jogging belt that was afforable and suddenly I got a notification of you vidoe .
    thank you so much you helped me out in more ways than you could imagine love your vidoes 💜💜🤗

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