Yo guys, today I’m going to show you my favorite bodyweight basic exercises to pump up the shoulders! Especially the front delts. I will show you a few exercises when I don’t have time for a long workout session. 1st exercise: Declined Push ups I do this exercise as a warmup to activate the upper body. From this position, I just do push ups. One set is: 5 repetitions + 5” Isometric straight arms plank + 5 reps + 5” Iso + 5 reps + 5” Iso. I do 3-4 sets with 30” rest between each set. If this is too difficult, you can decrease the repetitions per each set or you can increase the rest between each set. The second part of the training will be harder, so not everyone will be able to do all the exercises. If so, you can increase the number of sets of the previous exercise (decline push ups). So you will be able to conditioning the body and shoulders for future harder exercises. 2nd set. if you are interested in my Calisthenics programs with all the basic bodyweight exercises, you can go to my website where you will find different programs. You will find a program on how to strengthening the core, how to planche, and 3 different programs with all the best basic exercises.
(For beginners, intermediate and advanced athletes). 3rd set. Declined Push ups DONE! Now, it’s time for V-Push ups! You can do the following exercise with your feet over a step (or more) or you can do it with feet on the ground. I’m going to show you with feet over the steps. As the previous exercise, 5 repetitions and 5” isometric hold + 5 reps + 5” Iso. If you rest only the minimum necessary between each set, the shoulders will be destroyed! As always, I do usually sip essential amino acids between each set. Now, last part of the training. Handstand Push ups. 5 reps + 5” isometric hold. Rest. If you feel it easy, you can increase the number of sets. 1set done. Rest 30” up to 1’ and then repeat. My shoulders are already tired, maybe because I trained them a couple of days ago. I probably didn’t recover yet. Remember to always feel your body. If you want to have a good workout you must be able to feel your body and then decide if you have to increase or decrease the difficulty. To have a scheduled program is important, but you will have days when you feel stronger and days when you will feel weaker so you must be able to change the difficulty at the moment. I do usually do 3-4 set per each exercise. Today I did 3 sets per exercise. Now I’m going to do a 4th set for handstand push ups, since is the hardest one. For now it’s everything! Training done! Later in the afternoon I have another training session, so I don’t want to be tired. I hope you enjoyed the video! if so, please press the “Like” Button. Let me know which exercise you like the most and leave me a feedback so I can record better videos in the near future. Share the video with your friends. See you soon! Remember: Less talk, More action. Andrea: The ring session in the afternoon will be hard!


  1. In this video I’m going to show you some of my favorite exercises for front delts!
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    In questo video vi mostro una breve sessione di potenziamento per il deltoide anteriore utilizzando solo esercizi a corpo libero.
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  2. That's really good to hear Andrea! Most people during these corona virus can't go to Gyms and do their workout, good thing you provided them this video for them to stay fit and healthy even at these times. Hope you are doing well there in Italy bro! Stay safe man! Let's pray this corona virus pandemic will end soon! God Bless Andrea! 🙏♥️💪

  3. Andre, ma i v push ups si chiamano anche pike push ups no? Se non sono la stessa cosa qual' é la differenza?

  4. Hey Andrea, great video, defiantly going to try it out today.
    Can you do a v-sit tutorial or something like best exercises for legs no equipment please Andrea, take it into consideration.

  5. Do something for traps,there are just a few videos about traps with bodyweight exercices,much love from Romania🇷🇴!

  6. Bella andreaa👍🏻💪🏻,potresti portarci un video la prossima volta che riguardi la One arm in verticale??

  7. Buon video larosa, voglio che tu tenga conto di una routine per. Esercizi di seduta e flessibilità per ottenere una buona postura come la tua

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