Bikini Body Motivation! Vicky Justiz fitness Transformation!

Bikini Body Motivation! Vicky Justiz fitness Transformation!

hi everyone I'm fitness model Vicky justice and I'm here in California doing a photo shoot for bikini model fitness can you believe it's been two years since I started working out this is me the very first time I worked out you can see how skinny legs and a tiny button and my form was terrible I'm almost embarrassed to watch this but you know what I stuck with it and learned how to train correctly and as I trained correctly and consistently I started seeing amazing results my legs got more athletic and fit and my butt got more round and full some of you have watched my progress over the years and I do appreciate my fans and supporters I'll be honest working out can be hard sometimes but the results and the way will make you feel is well worth it having a fit and healthy body is priceless if you're willing to work out hard and stay consistent I want to help you achieve the body of your dreams to @but transformation calm I'll be sharing my full length butt and leg workouts with you showing you the exact exercises I do how often to do them and how many you should be doing I'm also teaming up with some of my fitness model friends to teach you some very effective full-body fat burning workouts full-length AB and core workouts arm workouts and leg and butt shaping workouts at bikini model fitness comm I promise that if you stay consistent and do these workouts you will get the best body you've ever had check out these websites and get started I just know that I have to leave Oh a chance to sleep I just addressed no I just I just believe there are so many things that I had left them dead I you feel you do you you Oh you


  1. Congratulations, Vicky! I hope one day I can meet you when I have the body of my dreams as well. It's not over yet 💪

  2. Is it possible to achieve a goal body, lose fat, and build muscle by not going to the gym and working out at home? Also, is it possible to lose weight without any help from any weight loss product that every single company is trying to advertise nowadays? Please answer 🙂

  3. How can I grow my butt without growing my legs? I ask because my legs are naturally thick and make muscle fast but my butt is a different story. When I do exercises that involve both the glutes and thighs, my thighs completely take over. And when they get thicker, my butt looks smaller in comparison. What kind of exercises can I do that only target my butt?

  4. hi vicky I love you and your body and I hope to be like you but I have problem l have saddlebag make me so sad and l need your advice to get a big and nice butt

  5. We love you Vicky You did a great job over the two years What an amazing transformation Ppl all around the world are lucky to have a role model like you You made things happen #StayConsistent Yup that's right #GetFitDontQuit We all are happy for you Thank you for making awesome workout videos 😊😊👌💙

  6. pretty girl but if she lifted more weight it would be a much more impressive transformation

  7. Hey vicky is it better doin' weighted squats can i have better results after doing so rather than normal squats? please reply

  8. Wow! Your body has transformed you look AMAZING. Been doing all your butt workouts 4 days a week and seeing results. Keep up the good work. Your such a motivation and Inspiration.

  9. Hi vicky I was wondering for your 30 day butt program is it only a month worth of workouts then you do the same workouts next moth? Do u understand me ? Or is it Different workouts each moth?? Thank you hope to hear from you soon!(:

  10. 6 months postpartum and it seems like I have a hard time retaining muscle in my leg and butt. Never had this issue before and I worked out for years. This video gave me the push I needed.

  11. Lmao, you already looked sexy af before you worked out. Atleast 95% of all women on earth probably dream to have a body like this. Also beauty is always a matter of taste. I dont like that big butts for example like some women on this channel have. Yours is fine tho 😉

  12. Full length and more detailed workouts Vicky did to get her body at (includes detailed nutrition plans) and  . Shorter workouts on this channel. Try them all!

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