Bikini Workout Music Motivation Vol.01 – hot workout fitness music 2017

Bikini Workout Music Motivation Vol.01 –  hot workout fitness music 2017

Bikini Workout Music Motivation


  1. As awesome as this is to watch 99% of these exercises ladies do NOT think they will get you this shape these girls live in a gym .

  2. Check us out, new channel with a humorous, motivational and detailed look into fitness/nutrition 

    Road to the gym: get in that gym (motivation)

  3. I really appreciate the people who see these women as strong and dedicated people and not as sexual objects to masturbate to. To those who are working to better your physique, I wish you good luck and to keep striving for your goals! The hard work will surely pay off! (:

  4. its amazing when women video themselves nearly naked in compromising positions and then are offended when men sexualize them

  5. these women look amazing makes me want to workout more and look great also, glad im not the only woman with thick thighs even with working out they are thick lol oh well men like it right? I do on my women 😉

  6. I dont want to judge but the most woman in this video have No clue what their doing (they look nice thoug) but the push ups sit ups etc are done bad.

  7. in a paralel universe this is made in burkini, and men bitch about the lack of sexuality in  the video.  if you don't  believe me here's what a user said (  i am a time traveler btw 😉 ) : you know, i don't get why we can't see sexy bodies. i mean, women have bodies right? so how come no one see their bodies? it's transparent….?

  8. Wow! This really motivate my girl and myself. We do aerobics with this music-video on Big Screen! Thanks a sun-sys! Keep on going that way. You've got a new subscriber and a thumb up!

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  10. Everyone desires a perfect fit and toned body. Many of us work out in the gym with no or little success. A great body can only be achieved when one combines exercise with a proper weight loss diet.

  11. Don't forget 70% of looking good is what you don't eat or drink .i mean I love Pizza but not keen on doing an insanity workout for 58 mins to burn it eat less move more and you will start to look and feel better without being in a gym or working out 24. 7.🇬🇧👍ps there is some nice bums on here tbh.but it's not all done with workout.and defo not eat outs

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