Birds “Fly” Through Water For Food | Wild Nordic

Birds “Fly” Through Water For Food | Wild Nordic

[dramatic music] NARRATOR: In Finland’s far
north a miracle of flight. The fearless dipper bird
flies through this rushing water and don’t [inaudible]. In and out, up and
down with ease. [dramatic music continues] White-throated dippers have
carved out a niche here, and they dive in to fetch food. The powerful currents they call
home keep them safe from most predators, while they use their
unique abilities to capture and dine on water-borne
insects, worms, fish eggs, and even fish. Dippers essentially
fly underwater. Special white eyelids
let them see clearly, while their blood stores
large amounts of oxygen, allowing them to stay submerged
for up to a minute at a time. When they swim
through a waterfall, it’s usually to get
to their young tucked into a nest on the other side. It’s the safest place
to hide from predators.


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  3. You know National Geographic should dig up all footage and go back to those spots and do shows comparing then and now side by side. That would wake some people up. Otherwise it just looks like they live on some other planet always running from the development and rubbish like they do. I seen fields turn into suburbs over the span of 10 years and that was just one arc of 3km from a circle with a radius of 20km. Do the math.

  4. The powerful water currents these birds call home keep them safe from most predators. What are your thoughts on their methods of finding food?

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