Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin + ALTS Technical Analysis Chart 7/14/2019 by

Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin + ALTS Technical Analysis Chart 7/14/2019 by

sign up today for a 7-day free trial at alert start guys comm checking in on the crypto verse we've got a bunch of alt coins as well that members voted on and we're gonna be looking from a longer-term time frame I currently do have a couple orders on bitcoin and litecoin that have filled to the downside trying to play this bounce so zoom into the shorter-term and see that bounce playing out and what my game plan for that is after we look at some longer-term time frames to start it off so monthly charts to start it off Bitcoin on the monthly chart is an inside bar forming we're halfway through the month of July and we're setting up for the potential of monthly consolidation now we've changed remember from the bottom in December or actually it wasn't December but the bottom before 2019 let's see when did we hit bottom we hit bottom in December okay so the trend changes that we saw we change the daily trend we changed the weekly trend the weekly trend changing is when I changed my perspective and that's when we were looking foolish obviously the Bulls got a lot more follow-through than we could have hoped for but we have not changed the monthly trend bullish we have taken out a bunch of resistance yes absolutely but until we see a monthly higher low on healthy consolidation and then continuation to a higher high I'm not gonna officially call it a monthly up Chen we broke the monthly downtrend on Bitcoin the last lower high that the Bulls broke was eight thousand four hundred and eighty eight and that was convincing but we have not confirmed an uptrend and that's what we're looking to do this summer and into the fall to be looking at all-time highs to be tested so in sidebar the question is are we going to see this weekly bear break so right now and honestly I like the three-day timeframe which some of our members have been pointing out better than the weekly timeframe just to see the clarity of our recent high low and then lower high because it's a tightening range right now and the Bulls have to hold 9650 1 in order to stay in this tightening pattern look at the three day exponential support the 12 period has held multiple consolidations and we're on top of it right now so the way that this is gonna play out is we're you thinking to see well there's three ways high low low or high and we drop down to a lower low if we break 9650 one as far as I'm concerned we lose the weekly clarity of the strong uptrend we're then in monthly consolidation mode the other scenario is we hold support of 90 651 and seeing equilibrium tighten up into probably a week from now and then scenario number three is we form a higher low and see a bull break which is probably the least likely scenario in my opinion so right now we're just looking into clues are we gonna drop to lower lows or are we going to hold 96 51 and form this tightening range which again would be the same tightening range on the weekly time frame that we've been keeping an eye out for but for me I just like the more details that are shown on the three-day chart it's just more clear we're always wanting to find the time frame that's the most clear for us and this is the one for me currently so the question is have we found our current bottom here's the daily time frame we did lose the daily uptrend but we've been in a pattern now with a lower high every day for five days in a row and it's only 96 51 to be watching as far as short-term support goes the 4-hour RS I did just dip to oversold currently a four-hour inside bar forming the hourly timeframe little bounce attempt trying to hold a higher low and to change this hourly trend we'll have to see a bull break here of ten thousand six hundred and seventy three that would be essentially a double bottom and then a break of the lower highs the 15-minute time frame has been the most clear for me because the exponential resistance has been rejecting the price for essentially 12 hours before this last bounce saw the most meaningful attempt to get over those levels but it still did reject so if we can get over 15-minute exponential resistances and see a bull cross of the 12 and 26 that'll be notable for me is just a shift in the short-term and that'll let us know that this is the most for real bounce that we've seen in the last 15 hours or so so I did begin scaling in under 10,500 I had order only one Bitcoin order filled at ten thousand three just low ten thousand three hundred and I wanted a bit more of a bigger position than that so I did end up entering a bit more on this little 15 minute consolidation so where I stand right now I have a decent chunk of Bitcoin and I'm looking at the potential of at least a four-hour oversold bounce to form a four-hour lower high as always my game plan will be to scale out into some strengths knowing I'm playing against the shorter term trends and a lot of them I scale out into a bounce and drop my break-even price of what the trade would be so my average at this point is probably in the ten thousand three hundred probably about ten thousand four hundred or so and just looking to see if we can get this 15-minute clear bull break over ten thousand six hundred seventy three and that's when I would begin to lock in some of this position if we were to drop down from here and for our RSI were to remain oversold and we were to see a bear break of ten thousand I've got other buy orders under ten thousand to look to play that for our oversold bounce and those RSI levels which would be reaching into the mid to low 20s if we break ten thousand each that's actually cover LTC next because I entered LTC as well so LTC monthly timeframe and remember LTC changed the weekly timeframe first and let us know that that trend change was coming for Bitcoin a bit of a heads up now we have the monthly consolidation and we actually didn't even break any monthly resistance on Lake coin one eighty to thirty five was resistance and we formed a lower high compared to that we must see the monthly higher low holding 22 seventeen and then a bull break of 146 to confirm a monthly trend change the Bulls would love on both of these names or all of these names to hold the monthly exponential support on a backtest bitcoin would have a ways to go to get to that level late coin coming up on that level now that levels down at $80 so we're a bit more beat up the weekly timeframe is now on its fourth week of consolidation you could make the argument that we lost the weekly uptrend by breaking ninety 705 or you could be a bit more picky and say that the last clear higher lo of consolidation was 6484 either way were extremely extended on some of these timeframes the daily is just hitting oversold not too extreme there but just again six days in a row of lower highs getting a bit extended the first time we've seen this RSI this low cents the reversal down from $22 so that's notable but the four-hour RSI is where it's crushed it's down at 21 the hourly RSI this morning was down close to single digits it was down into the low teens so that's why I took interest in LTC as well and I got some orders filled let's see I had orders at 88 no 8000 89 and lo 88 so my average right now is about mid 88 and I already did exit some profit and that's me on coinbase this is my exit order rank here at 91 89 and it hit twice so chipped away a decent chunk of my sell order I then pulled my sell order the reason being if we were to get back to this level I would anticipate we're likely gonna break it and get a little bit more follow-through but again what that selling allowed me to do and ended up selling about a third of my litecoin is that drops my breakeven price on the trade so if my breakeven was 88 60 and I sell it 91-89 and I sell a third I'm not gonna be able to do that math off the top of my head that drops about a dollar 50 from my breakeven so my breakeven is now 87 10 which again puts me in complete control of this trade I could decide to put my stop level under 88 and have a break-even trade or I could say to myself well if we do break bearish the 4-hour RS I'll be in the teens and I perhaps want some further scaling orders perhaps in the mid to lower 88 and you can just look at all the different timeframes the 12 hour time frame for litecoin RSI is at 21 so knowing all this what's the litecoin BTC chart doing first off here's the monthly chart this is a key support six eight eight and this monthly timeframe if we can hold this equilibrium it would be awesome for clarity sake but we've got our high low lower high and we're looking for a higher low compared to 688 so that is notable that there is still support there because the eth BTC monthly chart we're breaking support and this is on coinbase but we are dropping to lower lows so it's a distinct difference where if we can hold this month equilibrium on LTC BTC and form a higher low somewhere above 688 then litecoin Bulls should benefit from that into the end of the summer but that's a big if as to whether or not we can form that higher low so I do have some orders like I said for lower lows and this is the kind of thing where again someone asked me if I were in 2017 and aggressive how I did would I be doing things differently and it just would be bigger orders my scale in would be maybe twice as much as what I'm doing right now because I'm pretty much ensuring that I always have a solid amount of cash but again what it allows me to do is I'm about to go and leave the computer for five hours I'm gonna have sell orders in case we make our way to the mid to upper-90s on a big turnaround or I'm going to have buy orders in like I said the the lower 80s probably get a bit more cautious because I won't be at the computer screen for a bunch of hours but again it allows me to go and live life and not have to be glued to the screen like I was in 2017 was it worth it absolutely but I'm not in that place right now so we'll see if the 15-minute trend can change here on lake coin 91-89 key resistance double bottom at 88 and some extreme RSI levels eth USD monthly consolidation is just about getting underway here and what I look for is a break of the higher and low every month pattern so 226 breaking on aetherium would pretty much ensure that but again we're looking for a higher load compared to 80 and then we have to turn around and break 364 49 into the fall pretty much for it to be healthy consolidation don't want it to be more than a month or two and then we need to see continuation back up to that level into the fall weekly timeframe pre th the weekly higher low to 2656 that that level we just looked at that's the most important support which we are approaching and we held it by three dollars so far daily timeframe again six days in a row five days in a row of lower highs RSI approaching oversold like coins a bit more oversold on its daily and for our timeframes beat up here on the 4:00 hour on any bounce we're just gonna look for a for our lower high and for our exponential resistance so if you're watching these videos I obviously have a bullish perspective in the sense that I'm making bullish trades but if I say you know we're looking for a lower high with the for our exponential resistance or I'm looking to scale out profit for a for our lower high if you're looking bearish you're looking to enter bearish on for our lower highs and tested these exponential resistance so that's a way to use what I'm saying in both directions even though it definitely has a bullish lien because that's the direction I'm currently looking so ETH PTC again all bears and just no support it's certainly not a very comfortable chart to be in whatsoever and that's why I am personally choosing litecoin as opposed to aetherium XRP USD monthly perspective we have an equilibrium already in play we have this lo big bull move to the high higher low held a base of support lower high and now we're coming down this is a must hold level of two eight five and a two eight five were to break and is actually two eight two was the actual low so if two eight two breaks it is a very notable bear break of just continuation of the downtrend on the monthly we already lost our weekly uptrend and this is the must hold level for these XRP bulls and we are beat up here as well the daily RSI add oversold again same thing with the five days in a row of lower highs for our RSI not as beat up as some of the other names but still exponential resistance and still just looking for a lower high under 30 three four three five so clear for our lower high resistances to be watching on everybody even if this bounce gets follow-through but XRP one of the weaker out of the names we watch Finance monthly consolidation 2871 broke so we're looking for a monthly higher low to form the weekly timeframe exponential support being tested we'll see if that's able to hold up the daily timeframe got a bounce to just set a daily lower high at thirty two sixty two and here we are heading back to the low it is a bottom fishing play off of 28:26 but if that level breaks there's a lack of support immediately nearby I'd be looking at 27 53 and then down to essentially 25 11 so the Bulls looking at it on the four-hour time frame and actually this is probably best on the 12 hour have to hold this low but anything 3262 just a lower high so anticipating a tightening range for a bit here and how that tightening range breaks is going to have some significant implications on the daily timeframe as to whether a bounce is occurring or not if we drop to that lower low its back to square one for the bulls to try and change the daily trend daily trends changing bullish are the higher risk higher reward signal of monthly higher lows being set if I want to be conservative I wait for the weekly trend to change back to bulls if I want to be more aggressive the daily trend is an earlier shorter term timeframe signal indicating the potential of a longer-term higher low being set so that's something that we're going to be using as well daily trend changes back to bulls which again aren't gonna happen overnight here anytime soon LAN ki Li NK USD T monthly in sidebar weekly chart pulling back for a weekly higher low deform need a daily trend change before we're convinced a weekly higher low has formed which means the Bulls need to hold 260 and break 333 in order to change this daily trend worth watching for again 12 hour a little bit more clear low higher the bounce trying for a higher low have to change that trend and that would be convincing for that week weekly higher low to be set so it's currently a stop fishing or stop-loss play a bottom fishing play off of 260 we're stop could be under 260 to try and remain protective because if 260 does break again where this weekly timeframe stands we there's no telling where we could pull back to and the lack of support on the daily timeframe in this range would certainly want us to have want us to be cautious but we do have one clear support level to be using at 260 and we'll see if that level can hold BnB BTC monthly consolidation for multiple months and we have to form a monthly higher low weekly trend changing bullish would be the first indication we're not changing this weekly trend anytime soon on any bounce anything under 44 84 is just a lower high so even if the Bulls get a significant weekly bounce just looking for that lower high daily trend has to change grinding exponential resistance and continuing to struggle and anything under 303 is just going to be a daily lower high keeping the Bears in control so again worth watching this chart for a daily trend change to try and form this monthly high or low but as of right now we have to change the daily trend and the weekly trend before we're real confident that monthly higher low has been established bch USD on coinbase so same thing monthly consolidation underway have to hold 73 22 and break 5:17 75 in order to confirm a monthly trend change that's a long ways away we would need another 65 percent plus from where we stand right now we lost the weekly uptrend that's certainly a red flag for Bulls the daily timeframe is oversold lower highs 5 days in a row for our RSI pretty beat up in the low 20s exponential resistance grinding the price down and rejecting from these four-hour levels and next support level that we're looking at from where we stand there's nothing really nearby 3:30 nothing there so 300 psychological and then 280 565 are the two levels that we're looking at re and BTC nice tightening daily range we did form another lower high very clearly there's a ton of resistance at this level the Bulls are attempting a higher low gear and to head back to resistance but this big upper wick is a bit of a red flag it shows a lack of any real follow-through on the bounce if we lose this little for our higher low pattern that's gonna have us looking at another leg down potentially back towards 6 3 so 6 3 & 993 are the clear ranges to be watching if we can keep this for our uptrend and hold the support of 8 to 2 that's going to be notable and we'll still be looking back up at that 993 resistance but as of right now on the verge of losing that four-hour uptrend which would put the Bears back in the driver's seat of this short-term pattern FTM BTC daily timeframe here also just watching a tightening range we have the low higher the bounce higher low and we're scouting a lower high compared to 294 and if we see a bear break up to oh nine and two one here that would tell us our lower high has been set at two three seven and we would then look for a higher low compared to one seven five as this range just continues to tighten let's see if it gets a little bit more clear to day time frame tighten it up a little bit low high higher low potentially that lower high and we may be headed back down to support so when we're checking on the short term here for Bitcoin have to change this 15-minute trend and break the high the bounce otherwise we're going to be anticipating the potential of an hourly drop to lower lows and again I'm gonna get picky now now that I'm not sitting in my computer after this video and now that I already have some position not adding anything in to us under ten thousand on Bitcoin and for litecoin again it's where I move orders so I had buy orders at low eighty nine low eighty eight low eighty seven low eighty six because we bounced off eighty eight and cooled off short-term RSI levels I then drop my topmost bids I will move my eight low eighty-seven bid keep my low eighty-six bid perhaps drop it down a bit further into the lower 80s because the short-term RSI levels have cooled off and it's not the same scenario as when I placed those orders back this morning earlier so I appreciate you watching do good things out there lots to go over but we'll see if this bounce can play out not giving up on the bounce if this is not the bottom because again I only have fairly minimal amount of cash into this trade I will definitely put a lot more into this trade if we do keep dropping and those for our 12 hour RSI levels keep at extremes and if the bounce gets going now it's enough of a position that'll make perhaps a couple day maker and that's all we're going for that's all I'm going for again less aggressive for me others perhaps loading a bit more aggressively at these levels appreciate it see you soon it's a duck triangle you


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  4. Thank you , you have taught me so much, and today, i just learned something new yet again.. 🙂 Im new to all this and can hardly wait to become a seasoned pro.. btw i still miss your one outro.. higher high, higher low, lower high, lower low.. or something like that.. Thanks again peace & Agape love

  5. Dan, honest critique of your older videos please? Am i going to learn a lot about,not just your aggressive style but also the reasoning behind your actions, if i go watch your crypto videos from 2 years ago?

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