Breville: Juice your way to health with carrots and Celery

Breville: Juice your way to health with carrots and Celery

all right John back and now I'm going to juice some celery and some carrots so I have some carrots here I have about three pounds let's see here about four pounds here I do have a 10-pound bag this over there sermon and you said because I had that for a while and you can get the 10 pound bag for about us a as well I'm going to share a man I'm going to say it just go to Costco you can get a really nice 10 pound bag of that so what I'm going to do make sure this is all cleaned it up I love this machine so I'm going to put down below the remedies for this excellent for knee pain or pain in the joints okay vitamin A for the eyes okay remember I said about the eyes I've got two mason jars here and I need 32 ounces now this is what I have left of the celery so I will be getting more celery today alright come on baby Braille is my baby now yes it is yes it is and I'm telling you it gives a lot of juice so I'm going to go ahead get it started and then that you guys see how much of the character I'm gonna do the carrots first okay now what I like about this on the bottom they have suction cups so make sure you put it on the table or marble we cut cutting board okay turn on high go down and this has to be on first yeah talking about I gotta show you out of it look at this if it didn't pile up here it just I mean the force of it just went right into this baby right here now I'm going to do this here and show you my mu this here first let me show you how much juice okay did I got and that's not the whole 10-pound bag look at this look how much of the pulp look how much juice oh just so oh but look at this what I love about this machine here let me show you I'm telling you I am so so pleased when I put that in there I just want to show y'all let me get let me just turn it around and show you guys but let me show you this first look at this very little it was all in there and to that container right here look at this and it's so oh wow now with the exception of this but that's nothing real flaky look look at that you can take this and you can make carrot muffins with this look at that oh man Breville I love you all oh my goodness look look how much on top now I still have to fill around the bottom feel that alright so I'm going to take this and put this to the side and I'm going to do the celery so again look at this now let's pour it so for the side for the Pope will stay back and get most of the juice I'm sorry are you and rich rich color of it that's what I'm talking about look at that 32 ounce 32 ounce for about four three to four pounds man but like I said it was some time for me to get it yet it wasn't time alright so now I'm going to do the celery and I want you to watch how it just goes you know in there I'm going to get a couple of carrots so you can see how just from this side here now I probably just going to let me just see this and you turn it around because that's where it's coming this way and force of it it's going counterclockwise alright so let me turn it this way so you guys can see how fast it goes into here when I put it in here alright so let me get the carrot then we get a few carrots alright I'm going to go ahead and turn it on make sure did she twelves on this side you turn it down and that's for the hard vegetable so I'm going to do the carrots I'm going to the carrot first so I can show you guys so just pay attention when I put it down it just comes from here around it just shoot all in here alright oops this side sorry see how clean that is they are playing that it just went right in there just like that now I'm going to finish this up oh wow look at this y'all see everything is here not that much poke here all right let me go ahead and show you this is a wonderful wonderful to solder now with doing like this to you know can see it and it's really dry lips flaky okay put this and show you guys see and the majority of it it's all in here look at this it is so moist and in here zips up hold on for a second let me know if you have to lift this part up look not that much you have to claim and look at the bowl what is that and the majority of everything is here and this is all of the carrot you see how much this bad boy is awesome oh my and now I'm going to pick this just clip it to the side for a minute and show you how much of the juice that I got and now I'm going to pour in my jar now look I got a half an inch I have two inch and the rest is yes so let's see we're going to pour and then just kill it left to right so that you can get the majority of it and if you don't mind the pulp that's good but this is the 32 ounce mason jar I can't even put the rest in there look at that this is just you know what I am so so excited about this here look at that let's finish it up look at that eight ounce 32 ounce plus 8 ounce look how much juice you will get from this machine this is unbelievable and believe you me I have tried different lines I've spend money on some and I'm like no so some just told me to go up there and I went up there to save me at least $600 because I was going to get this but I just said I want but this bad boy right here and now I'm going to juice the celery all right now for the remaining all right so now we're going to do the ciliary again I love this machine turn it on first Hey [Laughter] [Laughter] all right and it didn't take long to stop now I didn't put a bag here so I just wanted to show you guys how much see everything stays at this park here you get a little bit here but hey I don't have to keep stopping it and then re cleaning it and you know changing the bag and and all that and that's what I love about this now I already did a 10-pound bag without stopping and cleaning now the only time I'm stopping and cleaning is when I'm changing the vegetables now this also does green like your leafy greens your kale okay so I'll try that in upcoming videos so this is the amount that I have here okay and this is what you get look at the pulp about an Internet of celery juice and that's just a little bit that I have okay so I will be getting axillary and some other things and beets and one cars and beads so that's pretty much it I just want to show you this demonstration along with each one and how much you can get alright so this is how much you get this is a 16 ounce so when you pour kind of like chill to the side oops it's not even going to let me do that 16 ounces we pain uric acid right here pure celery look at this pure carrot juice celery and this is really good at night when you're sleeping you have pain in the joint for pain or breakdown the uric acid in your joints got inflammation redness and pain you have some bacteria in there so we need to keep the body alkaline so for chef Rose I just wanted to come in and show you another demonstration separately to show you that you can get a lot out of this one right here now no one's paying me to tell you that because I've got my receipt somewhere it's over there and I bought it myself now I just want to say this for those out there who do reviews when companies send you these things they want your honest opinion they come on my channel and want me to test their stuff for y'all they're going to get 100% real deal I rate this machine a 10 okay I'm not just talking I demonstrated it I showed you and then I taste it and I still have a little bit left this machine I mean you got to worry you saw here first attend


  1. I have a centrifugal juicer also but not a Breville. I cook up the pulp and put it in my dogs’ food so it’s not wasted. I am going to get a slow masticating juicer for leafy greens like kale, collards, etc. and sprouts because I’m told those masticating single auger juicers are better for those types of veggies because they produce a higher yield. Thanks for this video. 🐕👍

  2. Please what is the name of the juicer as breville has so many different ones here in the UK 🇬🇧 please anyone?

  3. I have this same juicer for some time now and have yet to use it. You've motivated me. Thanks Mama Rosa!

  4. Thanks for the demonstration! I am definitely going to invest in a new juicer! Mine is about 15 years old and after watching your amazing demonstration I knew it was time for a change!

  5. I love your enthusiasm!!! Your energy is awesome!!! The left over carrot bits makes a great carrot cake, but I also like using them in rice dishes, as well as soups. You're a blessing!!! Really appreciate your videos!!!

  6. I have this juicer for a year now. I juice every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can mix vegetables together and that’s not pulps on top it’s froth stop saying pulp

  7. Nice healthy juice, are we promoting good health juicing or an appliance… thought your focus was on healthy juicing😫

  8. Joseph, I think you have been smoking crack son! Stop that shit! If you are 70 years old and stupid, than the Nutribullet is for you

  9. So shouldnt you be using organic because if you juice just regular carroys and celery you are also juicing all the pesticides. ???

  10. I just got rid of a breville to get a masticating juicer, I always had so much moisture left in my pulp.

  11. You are so refreshing. I love the down to earth and quality of your vid. I love the content/ info and the closing with added reminder for the use of celery at ngt for pain and what that pain is there.. bacteria fighting veg's and herbs. So amazing our God. Thank you so much. I am a new subber today❤️

  12. Hello Rosa, Love that juicer, I brought the Jack La Lane juicer years ago, however I haven't used it as much as I would have liked to because clean up was more time consuming then I was lead to believe. Lately I've seen several juicers that are so much easier to clean up, now that I'm watching your video I I'm thinking about purchasing another juicer, I'm making juice now but dreading the clean up after I'm done. Lol wish I had waited .

  13. Come in the the 21st century and get a slow juicer. Too many nutrients lost when a juicer spins so fast.

  14. Hello, My lady has diabetes , I want to get her off insulin, what do you suggest ? I was told herb store… .

  15. I have that juicer. I like it but I got a smaller juicer because is easier to clean and takes up less space.

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