Cactus Eating -Desert Survival- Food & Water

Cactus Eating -Desert Survival- Food & Water

right hey group today we're out here in the desert and I'm gonna be showing you how to eat a barrel cactus and there's several reasons why you ought to know how to do this in the desert for one water and two it's a food source that you can find just about everywhere now there's quite a few different types of barrel cactuses out here this one has just a million spines on it each cactus tastes just a little bit different each one has its own issues as far as picking and preparing this one right here yeah it's not my favorite as far as eating but it's pretty easy to pick now what you want to get around are the thorns and glaucous a lot of these you'll notice in some of my videos I don't even handle them with gloves I just simply put them to flame and I do something called burnin hate off and that is to add some flame to the sides which burns off all the spines makes it sec to handle some of these other cactuses and grab on to them as long as you don't squeeze down too much and you're just fine so this one right here I'm gonna go ahead and I'm gonna pick it move it to another location I'll show you how to peel it get out of the ground step one alright so I'm going to show you the quick and easy down and dirty method of preparing one of these cactuses as is without any cooking anything like that just out here on a rock these things are full of liquid especially after a rain so depending on your conditions outside and what this cactus has had to drink you might find different tastes different texture I'm gonna do first is cut off the roots and cut off the top I'm really looking for this centerpiece right here and what's inside choppin pretty simple that's what that looks like and it kind of resembles cucumber all the way through most of these cactuses are cucumber ish push that over the side if I'm still hungry I can always scoop out what's left there for the roots are in a very tip I don't through any things before real pretty by section right there some nasty thorns on top now this is killing this cactus I don't really feel bad about this because they're just a ton of them out here so don't worry guys this is for educational purposes and I will be eating this so once I've got this tunnel this barrel of cactus right here I'm gonna take my knife you want to have a knife at least as long as what you're doing makes it the easiest you're going through the middle and notice how easy this is just sliding right in okay and I'm going to cut from the inside out and the reason I do that as much as possible with these cactuses is that if I'm cutting to the inside over and over again I'll be pushing these small spines into what I want to eat and a Glock it a spine of the mouth is not a fun thing to experience so at this point all I've got to do is pry open my cactus and reveal the food and the moisture that I want on the inside so check that out it should look pretty appetizing and if you're after surviving the desert that's gonna look absolutely amazing depending on the cactus guys again I mentioned this is not my favorite barrel cactus right here I've had quite a few in my time I try out as many cactus as I can when I'm moving through the country this one right here it's a bit gritty but beggars can't be choosers I'm gonna do just like I would with a pineapple bag kind of skin this cactus is Beryl why not be the prettiest method I'll probably come back and scrape some of the parts and pieces but you're really after that soft interior that's what you want to get once you have it off the spines separated you can do away with your gloves for a little while should be able to I trained about four days ago quite a bit of rain right here in West Texas this cactus should be extremely hydrated and it's pretty slippery pretty slick got a few thorns left over here but again these aren't too bad I'm able to put my fingers on them they're not messing me up it's time to go ahead and slice it up give it a try how quickly how easy it is just like Kiwi alright there you go Bon Appetit that's a bigger pot than I expected all right so what does it taste like pretty much the texture of melon without the sweetness for this one a melon cucumber once again that's what this guy's all about it's almost indistinguishable now the difference that I found with this type of barrel cactus is that it's got a grittiness to it kind of like somebody's taking really fine sand and sprinkle it on your food so I've got that crunchy sound between my teeth whenever I'm grinding it up it's kind of a kind of strange it takes away from the experience just a little bit cause I don't like getting dirt or sand that's one of my big things other than that though it's fantastic very watery somewhere between a cantaloupe and a melon watermelon as far as how much moisture is inside of it I could probably crush this and have all kinds of moisture squeezed out of it all udall parts this I put in soups stews any kind of fry a lot of times we'll go ahead and cube this up put it with some eggs in the morning cactus is fantastic so try your barrel cactus is out make sure you're not going after anything endangered threatened protected stuff like that cactus is one of those things that should be tried and learned about it's not a fan of the crunchiness let's delete it how do you untie this cactus no not a vegetarian lessons an apple you'll eat an apple you sure give it a try no I'm doing it well guys that's about as basic as you can get when it comes down to skinning these barrel cactuses and eating them any kind of variations as far as preparation usually revolve around getting rid of these spines if you've got a cactus that it's really really mean you might have to add it to the flame for a little while put some fire on it burn off the Glock it's before you get at the good stuff so try them out taste test go out in the desert find out how to survive out here find out how to enjoy it because this is what it's all about there are some absolutely delicious types of cactus out there now I know that a few people are gonna want to see this I gained a little bit of pleasure out of it I'm gonna go ahead and add this cactus right here with all these Glocke it's to the fire about these parts I'm gonna eat these parts but I'll show you what it looks like whatever you burn these thorns off enjoy guys like subscribe comment tell me what you think about it and as always the next time no doubt there's some keyboard warrior just typing furiously right now there's a whole lake where the water back here well this fully – cactus you calm down Tenderfoot this is all about being prepared also that lake is full of salt it's a salt lake you can't drink that your kidneys are shut down so calm down your fingers or break it's gonna be alright I'll make more videos you can learn stuff don't drink Salt Lake or pee pretty much anything bare girls does fine I do yeah alright take a look at that it's pretty stuff I don't know what it would be good for though desert fashion it's just what the world needs you all know how fashion conscious I am out here boy take a look here out of this mesquite tree have a small family unit a barrel cacti I noticed behaviorally the young and cowering down in fear another protection of the eldest now this is probably because they've recently seen me eat one of their own coined now they know what the stakes are the message has been sent they fear me check out this guy this thing is absolutely brutal and that would cripple a horse or a cow stepping on it much less a human I don't know what these tastes like we'll leave that one here take a look at this monstrosity I have different types of barrel cactuses like to drill in different ways this is a cluster the most part is a giant pollen no I don't want to be around it but in a survival situation this is a resource learn how to exploit it this slim cactus right here this is called a Choya now they make fruits just like a prickly pear pad which are edible otherwise these don't really play very nice go through my edible on its own a lot more than I would on some of the ones I have done South Texas that's because there's dozens of different types of prickly pear pad out there in the world so not all are equal not all tastes as good as the next so try them out figure them out good resource you


  1. My friend:im going to eat a catus
    Me:grill it first
    My friend:eat it’s with it’s spikes
    Catus:im i a joke

  2. My neighbor had some cacti, so after seeing this I hacked them up and ate them. Didn't taste great.

  3. "I am killing this cactus" he says after he yanked it out of the ground, roots and all, cut the top off, cut the roots off, and talked about eating the center and potentially the leftover out of the roots

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