California Passes Bill Giving Illegal Immigrants Free Government Health Care

California Passes Bill Giving Illegal Immigrants Free Government Health Care

hey guys what's going on this is Kyte Kutter
TV with another presentation we gotta talk about this okay guys California
becomes first state to give taxpayer-funded healthcare benefits to
illegal immigrants it seems really easy for Gavin Newsom
and his leftist Democrats to give away our hard-earned tax money to illegal
aliens while the homeless population in California reaches Heights never seen
before while veterans can't get a fair go
because leftist socialist policies take away resources and the narrative away
from u.s. citizens and steers sympathy towards illegal aliens governor Newsom
signed a bill into law making illegal aliens eligible for Medicaid in
California state officials say they expect the plan to cover about 90,000
illegals and cost US taxpayers 98 million dollars so there you go
California this is the reward for continually voting in leftist Socialists
that want to give out handouts just for votes this is crazy
check it out a traversal health care bill has been signed into law by
Governor Gavin Newsom California is now the first state to offer taxpayer-funded
benefits to adults living here illegally CBS 2's Tom Wade is here has details Tom
yeah big developments tonight according to this new legislation undocumented
immigrants will be offered taxpayer-funded health benefits governor
Gavin Newsom signed the bill into law today
it makes low income adults age 25 and younger eligible for the state's
Medicaid program regardless of their immigration status
state officials expect the plan to cover about 90,000 people and cost taxpayers
98 million dollars California already covers children ages 18 and younger
regardless of immigration status health care for everyone regardless of
immigration status if you believe in universal health care you believe in
universal health care the Democratic legislative leaders say they plan to
further expand coverage to more adults in the years to come Republican
President Donald Trump has called the move crazy
Susie back to you all right developing tonight governor Newsom signs off on
expanding health care coverage for undocumented immigrants the move means
starting next year any income eligible undocumented immigrant up to the age of
26 will have access to medical coverage and a recent one on one with the
governor Tony asked him to defend his claims the move will save taxpayers
money your premiums are higher as a consequence for paying for everybody's
sick care why pay on the back end when you can invest in someone's wellness and
increase your diverse risk pool and lower the overall cost of premiums for
everything everybody else California becomes the first state in the nation to
offer this kind of coverage more money is going to law enforcement on the
border Texas is getting millions of dollars to better secure the southern
border 15 million dollars is coming from a grant program approved by the
Department of Homeland Security and FEMA 50 Texas law enforcement agencies and 18
counties will get the money the governor says it will be used for
much needed support to combat what he calls the crisis at the southern border
the New Jersey State Attorney General is trying to block local authorities from
helping in the fight against illegal immigration Democrat gerber grey wall
recently sent letters to two republican sheriffs claiming they violated his
order to limit cooperation between local law enforcement and immigrations and
Customs Enforcement earlier this year great wall began a new
directive to only allow them to cooperate on criminal matters and not
illegal immigration proceedings which by the way also happens to be a crime
meantime President Trump wants to speed up the legal process for illegal
immigrants seeking asylum before today ice officers have had to wait at least
48 hours to talk to an immigrant who's been detained at the border
US Citizenship and Immigration Services acting director Ken Cuccinelli
has changed the policy to cut that way time to a single calendar day a
spokesperson for USCIS sending us a statement tonight reading in part quote
this will make the entire expedite expedited removal process war
expeditious and help prevent bottlenecking in the system as DHS
components continue to process the record number of people arriving at our
southern border joining me now is the homeland security reporter for The
Washington Examiner Anna Garrett le she broke those DHS border apprehension
numbers great to see on a thank you for being here let's talk about those
numbers first of all we understand at this time of year there is usually a
slowdown in apprehension because of the the brutally hot weather down south but
this if you compare it to last year at this time it is a drop as well so it
does appear that something's working no well I mean that's why you would totally
expect the Acting Secretary of DHS to say that his work and the president's
move with Mexico and Mexico stepping up all these enforcement actions turning
people away trying to get to the US that it's really making a difference but 16
out of the past 17 spring two summers you've seen a major decline in people
trying to illegally cross into the u.s. so I don't think it's fair for the
administration to say hey what we're doing is really working I think it you
know certainly part of it might be but you also have to look at just the trends
there's there's truth in that and the other thing is since the Acting
Secretary of Homeland Security Kevin McLean and early 2017 he started as the
country's top border official and at the time in the spring apprehensions were
under 13,000 people per month now they're up to 132,000 last month so it's
not like with the eleven but with the eleven percent cut right I mean that's
that is a pretty significant cut is that normal bye bye summer standards an 11
percent cut in apprehension let's try it's like 25 28 percent since May to
June it went down but the thing is you're coming from a hundred and thirty
two thousand those are levels that were not seen since 2006 which was the year
and ninety five years of Border Patrol history where the most people illegally
crossed into the country who were apprehended so I mean it's like it's
hard to compare and get a true what about what's going on in Mexico itself I
mean are they getting serious about cracking down Mexico is doing a lot
they've deployed the National Guard to their southern border which is only a
hundred and fifty miles wide compared to our southern border which is about two
thousand miles wide and every day I'm seeing reports by Mexican media outlets
saying we've arrested 50 people we've arrested 20 people just showing that
they are making strides towards that the issue is how much are they actually
doing and who is still getting through you're seeing people from just one
sector of the border last months off people from 55 country countries
apprehended in that one area so it's not just Central American folks who are
coming to the US or seeking asylum I think last year there was 150 countries
out of 190 plus Wow yeah extraordinary now at the same time I mean the
administration is is trying any way possible
on its own without help from Congress other than the the recent passage of the
bill from Congress and part of that is is trying to expedite some of these
asylum claims is that working they haven't started it yet and what they're
looking at doing is going down to USCIS officers who do the asylum interviews
being able to speak with people who are in Border Patrol custody after 24 hours
that they've been in custody instead of 48 or 72 hours the issue is for a lot of
families and children in custody they're being held for days they're supposed to
be held for three days before being turned over to ice or released into the
country and for adults one of my sources just told me today in El Paso they're
holding Cuban adults for two to four weeks because they don't have room to
move people to ice so if you're interviewing
people after one day I mean you've got two to four weeks that you could be
interviewing them yeah yeah very quickly on this this issue in New Jersey I don't
know if you heard the report that the Attorney General there is is forbade
forbidding sheriff's who want to work with ice officials from doing so that
has got to act that that kind of policy tied in with everything with that's
going on with the sanctuary cities the sanctuary states has got to be a lure
for immigrants coming in no matter what Mexico tries to do with the border you
know and that's a really interesting point right because when the Trump
administration was talking about hey maybe we should send everyone to
sanctuary cities after they're released from Border Patrol or ice that would
have actually backfired right because they'd be in sanctuary cities where you
would definitely never see them again because those cities those jurisdictions
are not going to cooperate with ice should they want to you know evenly not
cooperate make it illegal or try to prevent their sheriff's from cooperating
exactly so it's a crazy situation on Agera telly thank you very much we
really appreciate you coming in crossing the border hoping for asylum but along
the journey migrants are also getting sick Jason Whitely shows us how a North
Texas company is scanning for sick people at the border inside a fourth
floor lab at an Addison office is technology you cannot yet buy in stores
we don't know your name we don't know your social security number but we know
your face this device is called a well oh station and can measure your
temperature without touching your body it looks to a very narrow place on your
forehead in your canvas and the canvas is right there on your body here's how
it works stand in front of it daily and it
quickly calculates your temp connecting it only to your image the whole point is
to identify who's sick and separate them from those who are not how accurate is
this it is as accurate and as precise as an oral thermometer next week this
company is taking the technology to Laredo for Customs and Border Patrol the
surge in asylum seekers naturally as people in it who have
gotten sick along the way there is a great deal of Border Patrol calling in
sick in McAllen Border Patrol even closed a detention center in May after a
flu outbreak killed a sixteen-year-old canada and japan have this technology in
hospitals and so did the local jails in Collin County and in Denton County this
scan takes about two seconds to complete and if someone has a fever though it
will Vincent an email or text alert to the person in charge of that facility
right up there during Dallas's Ebola scare in 2014 the wellö station screened
hundreds of students at five Dallas ISD schools needs to be from our point of
view used on an emergency basis at ports of entry we have presented that to
homeland security it is a screening tool not a diagnostic
one it's designed to keep people healthy by stopping the sick from spreading
their illness in Dallas I'm Jason Whitely for months the demographics of
asylum seekers waiting to enter the US and tapana has shifted caravans of
Central Americans has given way to thousands of people from countries like
Cameroon and Eritrea who are fleeing political persecution but for the last
few weeks the amount of people being admitted into the u.s. in coordination
with Mexican immigration authorities has slowed to a trickle for six days
straight no one was called from the unofficial
list of migrants waiting to hear from Mexican authorities the Cameroonians
believe it's because the asylum processing slots made available by the
US each day are now being filled by people bribing Mexican officials after a
protest last Thursday the asylum seekers announced that if no one was admitted on
Tuesday they would block the vans that take asylum seekers to be processed in
the u.s. shortly after 8 a.m. they followed through on that promise and
blocked the driveway next to the port of entry the African asylum seekers sat on the
ground and refused to move members of the brand-new Mexican National Guard
were called to the protest but no arrests were made of protesters instead
flustered Mexican immigration officials took eight asylum seekers into the port
of entry where they met for an hour to discuss the protesters demands Douglass
who only gave his first name was one of the negotiators he said that Mexico
promised to allow African asylum seekers to verify that the list was being called
in order every day so we have told them the solution applying some few people to
work with them to see that no Kailash of corruption is dumped out the protesters
dispersed a little before 11:00 a.m. and let the immigration vans proceed but not
without a promise by many of the protesters to hold the Mexicans to their
word max Rivlin Nadler KPBS news it is official the Erie County Clerk is
now suing state leaders over the greenlight law which allows the DMV to
give drivers licenses to undocumented immigrants Vicki Kearns officially filed
that lawsuit yesterday two on your side Emily lapa asked Kearns the tough
questions today about what he hopes to gain from this this is the 19 page
lawsuit just filed in US District Court by Erie County Clerk Micky Kearns what
are you hoping to achieve Christine take a break stop let's get an opinion
from the court on this this complaint asks that the court do two things first
declare the green light law unconstitutional and second he's asking
the court for an injunction essentially ordering the governor the state attorney
general and the Commissioner of the DMV not to implement and enforce this law
the green light law is expected to go into effect in December and Kearns has
continually refused to issue driver's licenses to undocumented immigrants
through DMV offices in Erie County we're caught in the middle because do we
violate federal law or do we violate state law state law
we're removed from office by the governor or the intent
general federal law were charged currents currently stands alone filing
this lawsuit but there has been a call to the other 51 County Clerk's in the
state to support him filing similar lawsuits kern says he's confident the
federal court will side with him what will you do if the court does not rule
in your oh I always think positive you know we don't want to think about that
he eventually admitted he is willing to take this suit all the way to the
Supreme Court if needs be but when you have to answer to the taxpayers about
how much this sure court process will cost him what do you have to say as a
County elected official I'm independently elected we were working
with the County Attorney's Office they represent us on these matters but this
is this is a thing where either pay me now or pay me later he's referring to
the cost of implementing the greenlight law here's the thing we have an unfunded
mandate from the state so I have to submit my budget in August I'm gonna put
in there for additional staffing I don't know how many people are gonna be coming
in I don't know how long the lines are gonna be are we gonna have to open up
more hours if I am I gonna have to have more security in there am I going to
have to have consultants because if we do if the court deems that we have to do
this how am I gonna my frontline staff how are they going to decipher from 195
countries the plaintiffs in this lawsuit Governor Cuomo Attorney General Letitia
James as well as the DMV Commissioner mark Schroeder they have the next 21
days to respond to this complaint Emily lampa Channel 2 News Tucker Carlson tonight congresswoman
Alexander Acacio Cortez lecturing us about the weather again flash floods in
DC on Monday she said weren't an act of God no they were the fault of
Republicans for not passing her green new deal and giving her full power over
the American economy just one problem with that though actual scientists
disagree with her read on that we'll talk to one just ahead but first tonight
quick here's a quiz for you how many foreign nationals are living in
the United States right now just kidding it's a trick question nobody knows the
answer could be ten million could be fifty million we just be guessing pretty
embarrassing for a supposedly advanced country not to know who lives within its
borders but honestly we have no idea the last two years the Trump administration
has been trying to fix that by including a simple citizenship question on the
2020 census Democrats hate the idea of course if voters actually knew how many
non-citizens lived in the United States they might be less enthusiastic about
giving free health care to legal aliens so last month liberals on the Supreme
Court threw up roadblocks to adding the citizenship question to the census the
Attorney General though this week seemed confident it's gonna happen anyway
watch we've been considering all the options and I've been in constant
discussions with the president ever since the Supreme Court decision came
down and I think over the next day or two you'll see what approach we're
taking I think it does provide a pathway for getting the question on the census a
large majority of Americans agree with that so does the United Nations there's
nothing inherently weird or controversial about asking if someone's
a citizen of a country every nation has a right to know that ten previous
censuses in the United States have asked about citizenship by the way including
the long-form census in two thousand buck when Bill Clinton was president
that was less than twenty years ago nobody at the time claimed it was
unconstitutional to ask about citizenship because it was not
unconstitutional and it still is not the Constitution hasn't changed what has
changed is the Democratic Party suddenly they're telling us it's illegal for the
government to ask if you're a citizen or not why you know why the same reason
they give for objecting to everything it racist the citizenship question is
motivated by racial and partisan reasons it has no business and something that's
supposed to be neutral almost boring this is political motivation mystery
this is very racialized this is because you don't want communities like mine
being represented here in this chamber equally this is not about whether or not
I want to know who is a citizen in the United States or not I want to know
about the racism that and the and the very disturbing history that we're
seeing here that's what I want to know this is about keeping you know make
America you know this hat make America white again there's such liars
at some point words like these lose their power and their meaning from
misuse it's utterly absurd of course but it's also entirely fake like most of
their temper tantrums do what I want or I'll call you a racist that's always
their threat I won't know people fall for it how long will Republicans in
Congress be intimidated by it there's nothing racial about a
citizenship question obviously a question like that would apply to
everyone whether they're Honduran or Norwegian or Congolese or Korean it
doesn't matter it's literally colorblind not that
Democrats care the Democratic Party is not interested in stopping racism what
they want is power shut up and obey they're telling you don't ask questions
about what's happening to your country you're not allowed to know more
information tonight on a 10:00 news alert that we sent to your phone earlier
this evening Border Patrol agents say they caught two US Marines trying to
smuggle Mexican immigrants across the southern border
they say the Marines had agreed to drive three immigrants over the border in
California in return for cash they were quickly busted we posted the story on
our 10 News Facebook page hundreds of you quickly reacted some of
you called this an embarrassment and a disgrace others said the two Marines had
good hearts you can keep weighing in all throughout
tonight's newscast the Federal Department of Homeland Security is
asking the Pentagon for another 1,000 National Guard troops they say the Texas
National Guardsman will assist in border protection and customs enforcement at
the border with Mexico 1,900 National Guard
have supported border security since the start of the Trump administration
another 2300 active-duty troops are also assigned to the US border as a crisis on
the border continues to reach a boiling point an individual who used to patrol
the us-mexico border gives us an uncensored look behind the front lines
as agents tackled a migrant problem on the border and the battle in the court
of public opinion it's a local 23 special report we've released Donald Vitello served more than three
decades protecting our nation's borders but as a humanitarian crisis continues
to grow the longtime federal lawman tells me it may only get worse before it
gets better what would you have to say about the the local immigration advocacy
organizations that are demanding for us reps to act now to close detention
centers across the country if we close detention centers this
problem gets immensely worse the word will go back to the northern triangle
and other places around the world and people will just come to the border within the past two weeks lawmakers have
been spending time during a detention facilities from Florida to the Rio
Grande Valley and most recently in El Paso
this is the best behavior outspoken New York congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio
Cortez also known as AOC describing the things she reportedly saw and heard
during her visit room with no running water and these
women were being told by CBP officers to drink out of the toilet they were
drinking water out of the toilet and that was them knowing what a
congressional visit was coming that was this is CBP on their best behavior
telling people to drink out of the toilet it's actually attached you were
drinking from and so when someone says the water is over there next to the
restroom are in the restroom or by the restroom or by the commode it's true
statement right that's where the water is but it's not the same thing as
straightening out of a toilet but the former ice acting director takes issue
with a OCS description of migrant detention facilities based on the media
reports I saw she didn't talk to our agents she didn't talk to the people who
were briefing she went right into a facility and supposedly she struck up
conversations with folks that were in detention which is fine that's you know
that might even be her role as it relates to oversight but she's obviously
misinformed Vitello is also standing up and speaking out for agents who have
been in the crosshairs of immigration advocates in the government then the
Border Patrol to help protect these people
and so when others try to denigrate them or politicians want to wag their finger
at the Border Patrol what they need to realize is the system is overwhelmed and
what's happening at the border now is of no fault of fortuigence they've got a
job to do they're doing it the best that they can under extraordinary conditions
and until the wave of migrants subsides Border Patrol agents will remain
overwhelmed unless I change the law would be the most definitive way out
from Mexico will also help and then this migrant protection program if they could
scale it up this is that people can wait in Mexico for their asylum claim that
will also reduce traffic as essentially people are being encouraged because
they're let go in the States if they have to wait in Mexico that sort of
changes the calculus and people are going to make a different decision and
in regards to the recent reports about agents reportedly posting offensive
content about migrants on Facebook patellar says while those agents should
be held accountable he also stresses that should not reflect
the 20,000 men and women in the Border Patrol because
that's not a fair characterization the League of United Latin American citizens
known as LULAC is offering a $25,000 reward for information leading to the
arrest and conviction of any more Bertrille agent or ice agent engaged in
criminal activity child abuse child neglect lu lex national president
domingo garcia decided to offer the reward after visiting a migrant
detention center in clint texas and after a ProPublica story revealed a
secret Facebook group that appears to have as members nearly 10,000 current
and former Border Patrol and ice agents the group's posts mock refugees and joke
about migrant deaths these rogue Border Patrol agents and ice ages that are
dehumanizing them calling them nat saying we'll just go happy honey you
know basically saying why don't we kill them all members of the Facebook group
also posted derogatory and threatening memes about latina members of Congress
Garcia says we know about the group because good agents leaked the story and
he hopes the reward will encourage other agents to speak up about abuses they
need to break that code of silence in the agency Homeland Security acting
secretary Kevin McHale inan says the department already knew about the
Facebook group and is investigating the issue we've already put several agents
on administrative duties we've issued a cease and desist letter some more and
this investigation is continuing and the agents will be held accountable it Lou
lacks president wants agents who show disregard for the lives of migrants to
be fired in Washington Alexandra Limon joining me now from Phoenix Arizona
president of the patriot movement Arizona
Lisa Anton at least that your organization is being sued by these
churches through the Southern Poverty Law Center we know about that place it's
well-documented more on that in a minute but that the the lawsuit says that you
had intent to harass was that your intent here absolutely not I was accused
of that of harassment somebody asked me if I thought that I was harassing a
harassment is some I feel like I'm being harassed by the
500,000 illegal invaders who have chosen to kick in our back door instead of
coming in through the right way right no our intent was at the time that we
began showing what was going on from the second these people illegally crossed
into our country to the point where they were released into our society free into
our society it wasn't well known now it's well known how it's happening in
the process but back when we started covering it nobody understood the
churches and the role that they were playing in aiding these people to be
released into our country we did and we documented it here and we probably used
some of your video on the air for all I know but the lawsuit has multiple claims
here many of them sound more criminal than civil to be honest with you
multiple counts including conspiracy to violate civil rights defamation and
trespass it also seeks an injunction by the way did the police ever cite you for
anything you did no in the lawsuit there was never a single citation there was
never a single official trespass there was never an arrest in fact the Phoenix
Police made us issued a statement in response to the lawsuit in support of
the fact that laws were followed and most of the time police were present
because I let them know where I was going to be because I wanted the police
there for my protection seems to me this is a frivolous lawsuit and that the
intent intent of the Southern Poverty Law Center is to intimidate you and
other Patriots and other conservative Americans from pointing out the truth
and exercising your First Amendment rights you see it that way
I do I believe I see a 2-fold yes they want to silence us but I believe more
than that they file in a federal court and they filed in federal court
is what they want to do is take my group and the other group that's named and the
eleven defendants are easy targets in a in a border state that is is up for
grabs right now they would like to get case presidents a case law precedent set
yeah if they can win against us then they can now use that they will have
case law to go and silence every conservative whose voice they do not
want to hear this is part of the master plan here on the one hand you have
social media trying to silence conservative voices on the other hand
you have an Tifa trying to silence conservative voices and in the middle
you have the Southern Poverty Law Center and really I look at the Southern
Poverty Law Center as an Tifa in a suit keep up the good work let us know how
this thing turns out Lisa thank you some final thoughts now broken immigration
policy the issue of our time slowly very slowly the American people are coming
around the fact that we have a problem along our southern border that we have a
problem with illegals attacking our sovereignty that we have a problem with
our system of legal immigration and that we have a problem with ridiculous anti
America first immigration law slowly Americans are realizing that a porous
southern border and a lack of tough pro-american immigration law our
national security liabilities that affect every man woman and child in this
Republic Gallup polling is showing that nearly a quarter of Americans now say
that immigration is the number one problem and they would be correct no
country can survive the human assault that the United States is enduring at
our border right now no country we the people cannot continue to absorb a
million-and-a-half illegals each year maybe more it's going
to destroy us and so why is immigration suddenly surging and importance among
the people well we can thank Donald Trump back on the campaign trail in 2016
the candidate Trump had the guts to call for a strong border he had the guts to
tell it like it is on illegal immigration and today as president he
has the guts to attempt to fulfill the promises that he made to clean up our
immigration mess present Trump almost single-handedly has
elevated the border and illegal immigration and our ridiculous
immigration law problem to national prominence which is where they all
should be our broken immigration system is the issue of the moment and indeed
the issue of our time


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