Campus Update – Food Pantry, Census, How to Reach Us – March 23, 2020

Campus Update – Food Pantry, Census, How to Reach Us – March 23, 2020

Good morning everyone. I hope that you
all had a good weekend and were able to take some time to readjust to this new
reality. Today I have a few announcements but before I make those I wanted to
invite Denise Garcia who is our current ASI president to come in and say some
words to you. Denise. Thank you Dr. Mills. Hi everyone I
am Denise Garcia and I am your ASI student body president. Today I am here
to ensure you that student representation is still being accounted
for even through all the situation that has been occurring. As all of you may
know, the current situation with the Coronavirus has caused panic and
hysteria within our student body. However, I am here to assure you that together we
will get through this and we will make sure that students are at the center and
focus of our campus and administration. It really is remarkable to see everybody
come together and I hope we continue to do that and continue supporting one
another through difficult times because I know together we will get through this
in the spirit of helping one another out. I would like to point to some of the
resources that ASI has been able to provide and we will continue ensuring
that we are advocating for that to continue. With that being said, I would
like everyone to be aware of the resources such as the ASI Food Pantry. We
realized that many of the hardships that students are facing with the current
Coronavirus situation may worsen or impact their financial hardship that is
why I’m encouraging any student who is facing such hardships to go into the
Food Pantry and see the resources that are available for you. The ASI Food
Pantry is here to serve you and again it is at absolutely no cost we have
implemented multiple changes such as adjusted food hours and operation
changes to ensure that our student safety is at the forefront. The Food
Pantry is now open Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and
Wednesdays from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Again, it is a no cost to you as a student and
I encourage you to visit the Food Pantry if needed. It is a benefit for you and it
is here to serve you. For the next topic, I would like to discuss something that
is very important. Many of you may have already heard but with the current
situation it has kind of taken a step back and I want to make sure that
I bring light to it. Which is the census. The
census occurs every 10 years and it is a way that the government counts the
population here in the United States. This count is extremely important
because the results of it will not only affect funding in our communities but
congressional representation and much more. If one single person in our
community is not counted our community loses out on thousands of dollars that
could be used to fund schools, hospitals, roads, and much more so I encourage you
to reach out to your classmates friends and family members to fill out the
census and inform them about the importance of it. I know together we will
overcome the coronavirus situation and I want everyone to know that the census
will impact us for years to come so we must stick together through this time
and really encourage one another to fill it out and look ahead look towards the
bright days when we will all be able to return to our normal lives and this will
continue to impact us. So I urge you to please fill it out and encourage anybody
else that you know to also fill it out as well. The ASI Board of Directors are
here for you. Every day we are working day-in day-out meaning with faculty
staff and administration to ensure that student concerns are being brought up.
Concerns such as online classes student safety and so I encourage any of you if
you have any concerns regarding any matter at all please reach out to us and
we will get in contact with the correct person to address those concerns. Again,
we are here to represent you and we are here to serve you. As a student myself, I
am here for you just like we are all here for one another.
So I encourage all of you to continue being there for one another and be the
support we all need. During times like this it is essential that we come
together. So thank you everyone and I look forward to seeing all of you soon
thank you. Thank you, Denise. Looking at all of the comments under my video last
week, there’s some very important questions that I know I want to talk
about this morning. The first thing I want to mention is a lot of students are
asking about Summer school. Typically registration for Summer school would
begin in just a few weeks in April and a lot of people want to know are we going
to have Summer school, is registration going to continue and will it be in
person or online – and I don’t know at this moment if it’s going to be in
person or online. But know that we are working on that and
right now we haven’t changed the registration date and we’re looking at
how we can provide a great academic Summer school to all of our students so
I’ll give you more on that later but I wanted to recognize a lot of
people have that question right now. The other big question that came in a lot
that I noticed are about refunds and if you go out on the campuses main page.
Many of you are probably right now clicking the information for students – the other link that provides information. If you look at that page, under
additional resources, you’ll see the interim policy for refunds from the CSU.
So as a system for all campuses, the California State University has
developed an interim policy and it really distinguishes about two types of
fees. Most of the questions that have come in are about The Union, WELL fee and
that’s a mandatory student fee that’s not being pro-rated for refunds. And so I
would ask you to go out, take a quick look, it’s not very long, it’s a short
read but it can give you an understanding of what the differences
are in the structure of some of those fees and why some might be like, parking
might be looking at a pro-rated refund or others like The Union, WELL fee might
not. That probably won’t delay some of the concern and frustration that I read
out there but I did want you to know that that is a campus-wide, CSU wide
decision and interim policy during this time. A couple of other quick questions
that came out there. One is about buildings on campus.
Starting today, buildings other than the AIRC building and Lassen Hall are
actually locked. So you can still get into Lassen Hall to give your documents
in the document center that’s there or the drop off box for payments that’s
there. And there’s a few of us here that are working in in the building so Lassen
is open and then also the AIRC building is open so students can send an email to
the service desk and talk about their needs for either a laptop or to go in
quickly and do something in computer center there. Again, my request
as you come in and out of those two buildings is to make sure that you’re
monitoring your spacing, make sure that you’re keeping those six feet.
Especially if you sit down to work for a little bit in the AIRC. The bookstore is
now closed but the bookstore is still fulfilling orders online and so like
most of the services you can get all of those services online. And also as
Denise said, the Food Pantry is open tomorrow, Wednesday and Thursday and you
can always email [email protected] if you are running into a problem or an issue right now that you need us to help you with. So those are my updates for today, we won’t do a video every day after today. I’ll do a couple this week. We’ll take a hiatus during spring break of next week, and then we will be back online as things unfold I look forward to having everybody camp
back on campus take care and I’ll talk to you soon.


  1. Thank you Dr. Mills for these updates, and thank you Denisse and the rest of the ASI Board for working so diligently for the student body despite also being students that have to work through the struggles of this new reality. We appreciate you!

  2. Will we still have an opportunity to have Priority Registration? Maybe it's too soon to ask. Thank You for your information!

  3. Thank you for addressing refund issue, however regardless if this is a CSU wide rule, we are in an emergency pandemic. All rules have flown out the window due to the virus. Many students at other schools I know agree with me on getting a refund for the services like the Well and the Union. You guys should be meeting with other schools to talk about what you guys can do & how you can make an exception for it this year. I know many students including myself may seem aggressive about getting these refunds, but honestly I’m just trying to promote what’s fair.

  4. Hay I missed the literal two days you guys gave us to return our parking pass and now I only get 25% of my money back? There has got to be a way to fix this.

  5. Rules are made to be broken. Cant make us pay for something and not fulfill what we paid for. #RefundTheWellPayment

  6. What’s supposed to happen to us students who are in field placements? Will our placements be suspended for the remainder of the semester as we do online assignments to supplement? My internship is at a school that plans to be back on their campus and so far, they expect us back on April 20th. I was under the assumption we weren’t doing back.

  7. I don't want to watch seven minute videos to keep up with CSUS news. Just send me emails that I can skim through for what's applicable to me.

  8. Will Housing be open for the summer? Sadly, the Coronavirus got my study abroad program canceled. I was going to finish my last 4 units in Germany and Graduate. Now maybe I can find a 4-unit internship that I can do over the summer, but I'll need a place to stay.

  9. cites that you may petition to get a refund for any mandatory fee if the financial officer feel as though it is unearned by the university . I urge everyone to review the document fully as there is an address to send the petition to under the “Refund of Tuition and Mandatory Registration Fees, Including Nonresident Tuition” section . I don’t find it fair that we still have to pay that and we are going through economic hardship as well as a pandemic

  10. My daycare is also refusing a refund for a partial month of care. How can people be so heartless. We need refunds!

  11. What about part time employees who's main source of income was working on campus and can't work anymore due to the COVID-19 restrictions. Is there any way for part time employees to get paid for the "2 weeks" we are supposed to stay inside.

  12. so can we still be given the option to drop our classes with out having to go through the whole paperwork process. I am not a fan of this online learning, and I dont think I can deal with it.

  13. Can you make sure that this and all future videos are searchable on YouTube? Right now I can only view this by going through the email

  14. 4:10 Summer school Info (They don't know what to do with it yet. registration will still be opened)
    4:50 Refunds (No refunds on the well fee and other fees)

    You guys need to have some leeway here. We are not asking for the refund that we don't deserve. Currently the well is closed and there's no athletes to support. We should at least get the well fee and intercollegiate athletics fee prorated.

  15. I am very frustrated with the borderline civil negligence of CSUS, regarding tuition refund. These are clearly unprecedented times, with the WELL, the University Union, and many many other services/facilities being unavailable (or heavily advised against) to the students, even though we are currently (Yes, CURRENTLY) paying to use them.

    It was not the students' choice to lump The WELL, or any other services/facilities, into mandatory tuition fees. In fact, I believe pushing this new "Interim CSU Refund Polices for Tuition and Fees" sets a more dangerous precedent regarding students' finances. It puts students completely at the will of whatever the university decides is included in mandatory tuition costs, which is clearly ridiculous, and obviously unfair.

  16. Are documents for FA for the Fall semester still being proceeded? I have a document that I turned in online a few weeks ago that hasn't cleared my to-do list yet and wanted to know if this situation has affected it and will it affect FA for the Fall semester in general. Thanks!

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