1. Oh man I love this show!!! Josh is so hilarious and you can actually make his dish, just ditch the eyeballs!🤭
    We want more, we want more!!👏👏

  2. he didnt like the crunch i would have done something fried or breaded to mask it… but still i would love to try that!

  3. "You just spit right into my hands. It will be a bonding moment". If Josh comes up with stuff like this one the fly… oh boy… he has to do some standup 😀

  4. You are so funny Josh. Plus you make amazing food! Anyone who can make revolting food taste good is amazing. That said I am not sure I could eat this.

  5. Okay I was not expecting Matthew Santoro. Whata lovely surprise! I love this series, can't wait to see other guests 👌🏻😁

  6. I love food fears…

    But it’s very unfortunate that I must cease viewing based on the fact that Josh has not seen Jaws.

  7. I saw this an IMMEDIATELY sunscribed to Mythical. Please give Josh the go ahead and budget to continue this show! Hilarity and genuine fun cooking. Josh is one of my favorite cast members 😁

  8. Can we appreciate how hilarious Josh is even when he is one of the few mythical crew who has an actual specific job apart from being funny?

  9. Hey josh! I want to say youre one of my favorite people on youtube. You're hilarious and I love you! Not like literally becuase I've never actually met you, but you seem pretty awesome and I appreciate you.

  10. we want josh! we want josh! god damn his so fun and this type of content is so awsome and the mans a BEAST at tasting stuff god i wish there were more episodes of this like at least 2 a week i would watch it like 3x a day! <3

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