Cardiovascular System THE BLOOD

Cardiovascular System THE BLOOD

hey guys I'm back with another video and in this video I'm gonna talk about the cardiovascular system now before I go into it I just want you guys to understand that what I learned I learned from school but what I also do I go deeper within the body because I want to know how it works okay how it really really works and when you find that when you start studying about your own body you learn to appreciate and then you'll start taking care of it much better alright so like I have here and I have a guide and I have to have it so that I can keep flowing as I try not to forget anything so the best way for me is to write it out and then explain okay and then I want you to take it upon yourself to do your own research and study to show yourself approved to the most high first and foremost okay cardiovascular system what does cardio mean in mid-turn means the heart vascular means the vessels blood vessels now the heart is what a powerful pumping muscle and the function of that is to pump blood throughout the whole body so if you're working out your heart is pumping not only to distribute blood throughout the arteries and the veins and to the capillaries but it has to do that so that it can pump out the waste matter that's in our body or in the blood should I say we have Wandy arteries to the veins and three the capillaries and they all have different functions working for the same purpose there are two types of arteries the pulmonary arteries which carries blood from the heart to the lungs where the blood picks up the oxygen okay and then from there the oxygen goes right back into the pulmonary vanes and then from there it carries that rich oxygen blood back to the heart so when you're working out it carries it away that's why it's very important when you breathe to breathe in your nose and out your mouth but we don't breathe like that do we we breathe like this but that's not the proper way of breathing now at night when you lay lie down on your bed what you want to do is just lay out okay and then you want to breathe through your nose and out your mouth let oxygen fill up in the bottom of your lungs you'll know because you feel it right here in your diaphragm said you just blow that out blow it out that's bad gas on top of everything else so like I said here the artery carries the blood from the heart to any parts of the body okay carries the blood from the heart to the lungs where the blood picks the oxygen and then the oxygen does this it goes right back into the pulmonary veins it returns right back in there so it's a cycle so if you happen to be in an area where you're breathing a lot of the gas from the vehicles or small or whatever you want to try your best to remove yourself some time my husband he drives I know you've seen this video he would drive right and the vent in the car is open and sold the exhaust will come in and I immediately but when windows up he'll look at me yeah I mean like come on now come on so I will crack the window because I don't need to be breathing that that is toxin that is poison to our blood remember that it carries it through any parts of your body in your organs and it's very important so we like to go out on the weekend on the Sabbath in the country to where we can breathe better air should I say then within the city and it's very important that you find a place the best place to is the ocean because when the tide comes you know it comes in or the waves come in should I say it's constantly trying to clean even though the water is technically dirty but that's how it works through gravity you know gravity pull and it just cleans you know and you can you can smell the difference gives me from the ocean air versus and they're in a city air now the capillary works differently what the capillaries job is is to transport nutrition into the tissues and the organs such as kidneys the kidneys has a greater larger amount of capillaries this is why I said we need to really be careful with the kidneys a lot of people are on dialysis and those of you who drink sodas you better find some kind of way to come off of that I'm telling you now the capillary carries carbon dioxide nutrition and waste so I'm gonna put the video where I talked about the kidneys down below and you guys go look at that now that's pretty much how that works now I'm going to the next video show one method of cleansing the blood with coconut yeah it's coconut water so if you eat coconut that's a blessing if you shred and put it on your salad that's a blessing now remember when you put things in your mouth because digestion starts from the mouth it breaks down and then the capillary this job is to disperse nutrition waste okay whereas pulse is supposed to bring it up out of there okay through the urine how you breathe sweating and eliminating but we don't do that and another thing if you're not moving the body especially for those of you who are trying to lose weight and who are sitting in the chair this is for you okay because I'm concerned and I care if you end up sitting too long either out of laziness because you don't want to work out or if you're sitting because you can't move try to your body so kind of way especially the lower extremities because you don't want to get a blood clot lodged in your arteries where it will go to your lungs okay it's very important that you move I don't care honey biscuit if you're just kicking out do something if you can you got to keep that cardiovascular moving you got to do it because but blood can become stagnant then you can get it like clots and if you get a clot and that travels remember I told you the blood is constantly moving regardless what you think you're doing in your life the blood is gonna keep on doing what it's doing all parts of the body is gonna function the way it's supposed to the way the Creator created us it's us that do things that prevent things from happening okay so you gotta move you gotta move I don't know yeah I want to do my best to try to help you so like I said I'm gonna be doing very various videos on certain things like the blood and then I'll come with a remedy now that just gonna be run with a coconut water I have some more stuff you just got to keep watching the videos when I pump them up like I said I got it do mean – I gotta look out for me because I will be no good for you guys if I'm not you know take care of myself so from hair nails and beauty tips I wanted to come in and educate you guys just a little bit information on how the cardiovascular works it's amazing and you will learn to appreciate your body when you understand how the body works honey biscuit all right so stay tuned for the next video


  1. thank you mama. will look forward to see more videos on these topics body functions,the bad the good and the ugly.and of course your. greater knowledge of foods and cooking expertise over the years. God bless you and happy Easter to you and whole family and big thanks to our Creator for his immense Generosity.

  2. First off let me say May God Bless you and your family, me and my gf have been following your tips for years now and I wanted to ask if you would make a video on the truth about Easter. I've been doing some research on it and would like to hear what your thoughts are on it. Again thanks for the videos and I pray God continues to use you

  3. Did you get any of my messages about not getting some of your VIDEO'S on time????  I hadn't heard from you.

  4. You so right because I been researching about get out bad stuff in the stomach / colon clean. Good bacteria and the bad in our bodies.Yes have get moving I'm tryn do aerobics in wheelchair with one leg off on for year. It's hard but I'm determine do my best get some this weight off. Ty love & hugs💞

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