Career as a Healthcare Manager or Healthcare Administrator

Career as a Healthcare Manager or Healthcare Administrator

hi everyone over the years the field of medical studies have found gone major transformation and with new developments taking place new specializations are emerging within this industry and one such branch is what I want to discuss with you today's forum referred to as healthcare management now healthcare managers or healthcare administrators are people who manage personal finances facility operations or maintenance of a healthcare institution which can be a powerful it can be a private clinic it can be a public or private health organization so the basically supervise and evaluate work conditions of doctors nurses radiologists or any other professional were playing in integrable in that institution they also maintain awareness of advances in medicine computerized diagnostics treatment equipments data processing technology health insurance policies etc now this is an upcoming and emerging field and is projected to grow by 30% by 2020 and you can either choose to go through a bachelor's degree in health care management or you can also want to take a specialized master's degree in the Masters of Health Administration you can choose a major or discipline of your choice it can be in leadership academy global health or depending on the institution of your choice you can choose a major of your choice and tailor it to suit your needs this is a very good degree because eventually you can move up to good positions like Department Director or you can be a special project coordinator some of our students have even moved ancillary positions that's so health care so yes if you're looking for a job or a career that has to do something with health care but you don't see yourself working as a GP as a doctor or as a nurse or a physiotherapist or any other era a medical professional then try this field because this is something that can get you a decent job to make a living and you can contribute something positive to society another upcoming field that is very similar to this is healthcare information management now while healthcare management combines or managerial skills with health care health care information management hom for short it encompasses technology healthcare and your managerial skills so the business aspects information technology and medical industry is in compiles all into one this is also a very good degree to choose because all the medical institutions these days whether it's a hospital or a private clinic everybody is becoming technology savvy and they looking for professionals who possess these attributes and employability skills so anyway if you're looking for more information regarding this please get in touch with me my name is Colleen and my number is given on the Facebook page or beneath the information or with this video and I would be happy to sort out your queries for saying thank you


  1. I have completed my bsc. Bzc course.And i am a science student. Can i do health care management in Australia

  2. Actually I just completed my Bsc nursing and now I want to do further studies in administrative or management field
    What would be best fo me ?

  3. I am graduate in B.A…I m in health care industry for more than 10 years (Medical Transcription and Medical Coding)…currently working as a Medical Coder and I am CPC certified from AAPC..Kindly suggest any university who is providing MBA in Healthcare Management or related to Healthcare master degrees on line course with reasonable fee structures..your suggestions or advice will be highly appreciated. Thank u so much..!!!!

  4. I'm have bachelor Media ( Public Relations )  now I have plan to study Healthcare management Master . any advise about that ?

  5. I graduated with BS; healthcare administration about 8 years ago. I have been working in the human service field as a program manager for individuals with developmental disabilities( group home manager). I would like to make a career change, any ideas of the path I need to take?

  6. hi there,thank you for your information regarding HCM. I have completed my masters in nursing and i am looking forward to do my bachelors in health care management in Canada, will i be able to work as soon as i finish my course or do i need experience in this particular field apart from my nursing career? also do get me some information regarding the jobs vacancies as health care manager.

  7. im actually in the bachelor of healthcare management program right now. This is a very high demand degree.

  8. Do you think it will be wise to get healthcare experience( for example as a nurse) or administrative experience before pursing this study?

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