Casually Explained: Alcohol

Casually Explained: Alcohol

Alcohol is one of the most socially widespread drugs, and has been part of human culture for thousands of years. This is for pretty evident reasons For anyone who’s tried it before, you’ll notice that alcohol quickly makes you better at many things including temporarily talking to girls and thinking you can jump down more stairs than you actually can Now, whether it’s at a party, or you’ve responsibly waited until you were of legal age I think most teenagers and young adults are pretty excited to have their first drink But if there’s anything, you’ll find out soon enough It’s that your first drunk experience is always one of the least memorable Also keep in mind that many people have bad formative experiences with a certain alcohol And say things like: “I’m never drinking vodka again” While you think you mean it, this decision is made by your logical brain And has no bearing on the future actions of your drunk brain Of course, many new drinkers worry that they’re drinking too much And don’t want to develop bad habits My friend thought she might have a problem because her family always buys her liquor store gift cards But you don’t need to worry when people buy you gift cards for the liquor store You need to worry when they stop buying you gift cards for the liquor store Now a downside of alcohol is how expensive it is Another downside is one of the effects of alcohol is making you not care about what things cost Fortunately though, one of the upsides is that one of the effects of alcohol is making you forget to pay for things So you have to take your wins with your losses So when you’re consuming alcohol, you need to be aware of your level of intoxication Which someone might ask you for to gauge where you or the group is at 3 out of 10 is a small buzz, and you can definitely feel something happening 6 to 7.5 out of 10 is the Goldilocks Zone Where you feel charismatic, energised, and excited to do things Past 8 out of 10 no one will ask because they can already tell And you start saying things like: “Why are your eyes so far apart?” To someone’s boobs And 11 out of 10, where everything goes black Time no longer exists, and you teleport to new locations With that in mind, the effect of alcohol can be different for different individuals And from my experience, there are fundamentally 3 types of drunk people People who are their usual selves, but better People who seem exactly the same, but can’t walk properly And people who immediately find a reason to: Say they love you Fight someone Try to have sex with someone Or cry D; So one thing you’ll have to deal with whether you drink or not Is your friend passing out When this happens, you’ll notice that everyone else will do one of two things Help them Or draw a dick on their forehead This is a good way to check your social circle for whether or not you have good friends Depending on what they did first, and the size of the dick Now at the end of the night, remember that alcohol dehydrates you So it’s really important to drink lots of water A good strategy is to know what you usually weigh in the morning And drink enough water to bring yourself up to that weight at night In practice, I find I don’t always have the clarity of mind to do that So you can also sit under the shower head with your mouth open, wondering where you went wrong So the next morning, depending on your age and hydration, you might experience a hangover A hangover is your body telling you you’re an idiot And shouldn’t be doing this any more And the only thing that can make it go away is hash browns So with that said, always consume responsibly And hit up Costco if you don’t have any in your freezer Lik An Subscribe Pls


  1. I once went out drinking with my friend in a park, he had barely anything but I had most of this bottle and it was a 750 ml 40% alcohol bottle of cognac, I then started to walk to a store with him about half way and don’t remember the second half of that walk or the way back but I remember inside the store I had to fake sober cuz there were people around then I teleported home and went upstairs and threw up everywhere in the bathroom, in the toilet, around the toilet, in the fucking cabinet under the sink for all that I cared then I passed out and woke up 5 hours later on the bathroom floor feeling like shit with my dad (having cleaned up my mess) asking me what the fuck happened. It was not fun, and I’m pretty sure even drunk me would never touch a cognac bottle again after that experience.

  2. Bro so I’ve been drunk before but only where it makes me like dizzy and little more talking but I recently got drunk where you can just talk about anything and anyone. If you’re bad at keeping a conversation with a girl if your both drunk you’re gonna talk for hours. I don’t hangovers either so I guess I’m lucky.

  3. My first drunk experience is by far the most memorable, I ran around a pool table, singing for over half an hour. It was fantastic.

  4. I'm drunk and I know zen and mediation and so sense I'm drunk I feel extremely bizarreand not bizarre at the same time I 'm in two exsitenses at once.

  5. Alcohol expensive? A beer costs 79 cents. A 1 liter vodka bottle costs like 10 dollars. Wait….

    I live in easter europe

  6. Lmao my first experience with alcohol was when i was 14,me and my friends bought way too much alcohol and half of us got in hospital

  7. I don't know why most people are not talking about this but alcohol is pretty harmful and bad for us, I did put alcohol and cocaine on the same harmful list

  8. ill never forget the first time i got drunk. I was 15 with my mates, we live in Singapore so you don't need fake ID you just give them money. There was this really deserted store in some local condos far from where we lived, so we decided to spend 50 bucks on 750ML of smirnoff vodka 48%. we found i deserted playground and started drinking, i ended up drinking about 400ML while my freinds drank the remains, we mixed it with lemonade so it would taste better. I woke up in my freinds bed covered in puke.

  9. I was standing still at a friends house, blinked, and then I was in my bed. It was fucking scary. Apparently I passed out.

  10. If you want to know how much water you have to drink; 2c*(2/3)= glasses of water you have to drink. C is the amount of times you have to piss

  11. Alcohol is like taking roofies,
    You be one place, black out,
    Wake up the following day in a new place far away from the place you last remembered being …. and you have no idea how you got from point A to point Z, not remembering a damn thing , just like the movie Hangover, you go on the hunt for answers and clarification from anyone you last remembered being around/with , hoping they can put the pieces together for you from step 1 to step 100, and the story is always interesting and unpleasant hearing at the same time due to waking up feeling like shit ,
    But those days are behind me , I'm now 26, I dont regret drinking and doing drugs at all, had great experiences, just glad that I done it while young

  12. Hmm I remember this one guy that passed out after too many drink ( highschool ofc )… We drew dicks on him from head to toe. Potentially hundreds of dicks.
    We had no idea how father was coming to pick him up in an hour.

  13. I’ve sipped some alcoholic cider before and that’s as far as I’ll and go and be as for the rest of my life I’m going to be teetotal

  14. My first time really drinking was not too long ago, me and some friends took like two bottles of vodka and some beers from his parents, and i didnt even get really wasted, i just had a huge headache the entire time. The second time we were with some girls sleeping over and everyone got tilted exept me, so i ended up making sure nobody died there:)

  15. im def the one who says “i love you” to everyone even people i never met before and ive gotten hella friendships (good ones also) with that so yuh lmfaoo

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