Cell Towers – 5G Wireless – Cell Phone Health Warning!

Cell Towers - 5G Wireless - Cell Phone Health Warning!

[Applause] if you're the band Europe you love a final countdown [Laughter] you know when they put in the water don't you blow right on the pretext that it strengthens your teeth that's ridiculous I found one of the most shocking things that I found thus far and all the inspections that I've performed for people so far and here we are on the roof of an architecture firm in this beautiful space that this person lives in I'm going to show you first thing right here stay back radiofrequency energy may exceed exposure limits this person just found out recently that they have cancer and they've actually been helping their son for the last year or so who's 25 who also has cancer and I'm going to show you what is behind this building and I'm just I'm really really shocked so here we go here's this door and we're gonna just step in here very briefly cuz it's really intense in here so these this is cell phone towers look at that it's just it's unbelievable and again I'll show you the meter sitting here right in these people's right outside these people's drive away now this is also extremely hard to believe I've now driven down almost a full block right next to the telephone pole down a full block and check this out I'm going to show you the meter reading and the meter is still up at two and three volts per meter in the red on the left hand side at the peak Benjamin grievous has walked on cell phone towers for 14 years the bodies of work injury you can see or you see here is what I would call an everyday crime other problems he said caused by the towers aren't as easy to spunked oppression here's what I consider in my personal opinion another crime scene and I don't think I'm being dramatic saying this here's the cellphone tower I want you to notice where this is located literally in the parking lot right next to these stores but human beings working in these stores and eating in these restaurants all day long and there's a cell phone tower right there that's behaving a thousand microwatts per square meter depending on the pulses that are coming off the tower I'm across the street as you can see I wouldn't even want to guess what the radiation exposure is inside of those stores there and I have the meter set on average which you can see here it says RMS which means microwatts per square meter average power density 800 900 microwatts per square meter goes even higher once again biological effects start at three point four to six micro watts per square meter average power density 52 year old San jackass Laval is counting the days now incurable brain cancer due to radiation from mobile phone towers in his neighborhood has reduced life to little more his brother has been termed luckiest sent to the US for brain surgery but both of them know who claims I have written to all possible government offices to find out what sort of control are they doing or what sort of an audit is being done and it seems everything falls on deaf ears nobody is concerned experts say the area the two men live in faces radiation from mobile phone towers equivalent to living in a microwave oven 19 minutes somewhere between minus 18 to minus 22 to 20 DBM also over here and B radiation levels are very high for prolonged exposure by almost about hundred times higher than what is you know recommended for continues safe exposure and there are two cancer cases which have been reported in this house this your dog has got cancer it's kind of interesting when cellphone tower workers are telling you that they have headaches that they have brain cancer that they have all these health issues throughout the day where they get these headaches or blurry vision why would so many of these guys have these seemingly often problems like this well you would think that if there was nothing really bad about cellphone towers that obviously those who would work on these towers would be fine but instead you hear something quite different and with the the readouts with this a thousand plus micro watts per square meter measured near one of these cell phone towers when it only takes about ten microwatts to even have any effect on you so we're talking a hundred times the the threshold for where it actually can cause harm to a person so it's very interesting you know some people have mentioned that when they've lived near cellphone towers that they've they've had headaches and depression and it and this is also something that these these tower workers have mentioned as well having even depression from doing this so this also begs the question of whether or not these patents I've shown in a previous video really are something that is being used on some of these towers to where it can actually influence you these frequencies that they use can cause certain types of emotions and certain types of feelings at certain frequencies it it makes you even potentially depressed feeling and in others frequencies it can cause you to even become enraged then why is there so many cellphone towers and in many cases these cellphone towers if you put your cell phone directly towards them in the range and it doesn't do anything you go look up the cell phone tower online it says it's for this certain particular company let's say Sprint's you go and take your phone over to it you have no bars doesn't even make any sense or even have some of these cell phone towers multiples in a row why would you have so many in a row what what's the relevance of that it's supposed to be covering certain square footage allegedly but instead we have them lined up near a highway why would they be doing that especially not very far apart so it makes you kind of wonder what they're really for here to broadcast the entire earth it takes two kilowatts to hairdryers now a microwave oven uses a thousand watts or one kilowatt here's the damage one kilowatt can be done by somebody when they take a magnetron out of a microwave and turn it into a ray gun this is just a small example of a low-tech weapon running on 1,000 watts then you have these things here these huge towers of death now each row in this tower an array or a set of dishes or rec tenez or whatever you want to call them is connected to a cable with a maximum power output of 300,000 watts or 300 kilowatts that's 300 microwave ovens we base that conservative estimate based on the gauge of the cabling that's running up to one of these arrays they're estimated at 300 thousand watts per cable those aren't fiber-optic cables running up to those arrays it's a thick copper gauge transmission line quality cable running up those towers now if there's ten cables that's like three megawatts of power and these cables are out there to output power to the magnetron not for data transfer that's an important point these cell phone towers are weaponized there's no other reason to have this much power running up the cables it isn't for data transfer now FCC regulations limit normal transmission per array to about 400 watts to put that into perspective one watt from your phone can go 25 miles to the nearest tower a 1,000 watt mag Tron on a stick and blow up and these towers have a 300 kilowatt power line running up to each wreck tena and who knows there could be an amplifier at the top of these towers that steps up the power even more the point is here ladies and gentlemen is that these companies like Lucent and Google could turn up the juice at any time in nuketown they could nuke the entire country without any warning without anybody being able to protect them we talk about what you're talking about on your social media our producers spend hours each day not meeting the old fake news headlines you are our incredible reporters so I want to get right back to it John McCain recently diagnosed with a brain tumor as you know and we see other prominent figures in America like former vice president Beau Biden of son of former Vice President Joe Biden who as you know died of brain cancer but it's not just politicians it happens to people across the country and some studies have shown a link between brain cancer and cell phone use so I wondered when I saw what had happened with John McCain if it could have anything to do with that so I called in the expert here with me now to discuss California brain tumor Association and we are the evidence biyo initiative dot org Kevin modest Kevin the John McCain is it any coincidence is there any way it's coincidence that the scar he has is like right here and this is all happening right here and that happens to be right where you put his cell phone just like you said Gina the scar is right down his face exactly where you would hold your cell phone and you need to understand he had a Geo blastoma and while the wireless industry says there's no increase in brain tumors so there's no problem with cell phones the reality is there's a significant increase in geo blastoma unfortunately they're very very deadly so whether curing some sorts of brain cancer they can come up with these statistics that say there's no increase in brain cancer when you're saying there has been a dramatic increase in the one specifically related to cell phone radiation yeah and the the glioblastoma is had been related to cell phone use by a scientist and medical doctor Lonard hard del and people can go to his hard l vlog and he's one of the leading scientists has a group that had been doing research for a long time and has significantly shown a relationship between cell phone use and these gbm's or glioblastoma the other thing is the wireless industry says there hasn't been any increase in brain tumors and for the overall head there hasn't been an increase but in the three areas of the brain that to get the most cell phone radiation okay your frontal lobe your temporal lobe and your cellar belem the increase is significant in a study that was done by USC all the way up for the 15 years before 2006 now that's up to 2006 now think about how much people have been using Wireless since 2006 yeah and your your Bluetooth doesn't change this right no it doesn't because it still transmits to the cell as much not as much but you still have a transmitter in your ear and as one as one technician said why don't you explain to them your ear is a hole in your head and those microwaves go right into your head so I don't really like to talk on my phone and the reason is because I get a headache when I talk on my phone and people get really frustrated with me that I almost refuse to talk on my cell phone unless it's an emergency with one of my children I pretty much don't do it and if I do do it I will use the speaker function am i safe well you're not safe and you're a great example of neurological effects from wireless radiation the same kind of neurological effects the FCC don't exist and this is the big problem the FCC regulates wireless radiation human exposure levels and the fact is the FCC has no one qualified to assess safety for us yet they're saying it's safe and they've set a standard that's too high it's a thermal standard thermal above if it doesn't heat you or burn you it doesn't hurt you and as you know your phone doesn't heat or burn you but yet you still have biological effects people are getting neurological effects people are getting cancer from Wireless radiation people are getting immune system problems and fertility is affected basically affecting all systems of the body and people just go to that website you talked about bioinitiative org this looks at 3600 studies and breaks it down like different sections of the body and shows you there's definitely evidence that Wireless radiation is very very harmful and should be minimized rather than maximized which the FCC is doing in concert with the wire industry and their Lobby groups CTIA but it's actually scarier than that because even if you're not using a cellphone at all they're putting towers up all over the country without your permission you used to have to sign something and you saw those little green tree looking things that were cell towers you know and they if they were gonna put them within a certain radius of your house you had to sign off of them not the case anymore tell us yeah so there's a new wireless technology 5g so right now we're at a low lower frequency like one to three gigahertz this is now twenty four to 90 gigahertz just to put that in perspective 90 gigahertz is 90 billion electromagnetic waves per second hitting and going through your cells every second that is far from natural your heart has a circuit as electricity to it your brain has electricity too it's about eight to ten Hertz this is billions of time more than what's natural and 5g is being forced on us in California SB 649 is going to make it so they can put one of these transmitters in front of your house and 5g doesn't travel very well because it's very dense and so they have to put a transmitter about every two to 10 homes and they're not gonna ask you about it they're just gonna put it in front of you exempt from any health safety or environmental rights on street lights on poles in front of your house on on any kind of fixture that can get what they want and it's not going to be your choice there's not going to be any consent and I got to tell you it's not a very Republican thing to do it's not a very American thing to do and these bills are stripping away your constitutional rights to protect yourself and your families but this goes way back the 1996 Telecommunications Act that was passed in 1996 by Bill Clinton had section 704 that banned by law looking at health and safety when they put cell towers in this is how they built out the whole network they've known about health effects for decades Orwellian absolutely it's a concerted concentrated effort to hide wireless radiation health effects and it's absolutely time it stops 5g as we're looking at a worst-case scenario high frequency high density wireless in front of your home in close proximity continuously it what's interesting is the the army and people should look this up look up the Active Denial system the Active Denial system the military is using these frequencies at 95 95 gigahertz and member they're talking about 24 to 90 gigahertz for this as a biological weapon for crowd control so on the one hand the FCC saying it's completely harmless on the other hand the military is using as a biological weapon somebody's lying and what's interesting for your audience to look at is their own insurance policy look at your homeowners insurance look in the back under general exclusions you'll see asbestos isn't covered by insurance earthquakes aren't covered by insurance fires aren't covered by some insurance and then you'll see electromagnetic radiation or electromagnetic ways the kind of emitted from wireless technology so the industry the insurance industry that is that is given the mandate to assess risk has has assessed it as a high risk agent and says they won't cover biological effects from wireless radiation yet they're putting the exact same thing near your home next to your head in your schools and it's absolutely wrong as time we do something the industry is now pushing it with Donald Trump president Donald Trump and he's now said I'm going to speed up the siting of these small cell transmitters he's met with AT&T and Verizon and all those AT&T invested 16 million dollars in lobbying last year we don't have the kind of resources to get a meeting one of the reasons I came to meet with you was to help say to you please help me get a meeting with President Trump I believe he has the guts and the courage and he cares enough about the average person to say no to these transmitters and say yes to making this technology wear it out to happen if we could meet with them yeah well you have taken this so seriously that you've literally dedicated your life to this this is your life's work but aside from meeting with the president which of course has to be a goal if we're gonna change policy I know you've also met with many legislators how can we the average citizen be the most effective because honestly the information is overwhelming okay so half the states now have these bills called the wireless telecommunications facilities act designed on a state level to strip your rights away and put these little cell transmitters in front your house by the way they're not so little they can be as large as a refrigerator with the power source included people need to get politically active it's time to get off the couch it's time to take this time these service personnel playing the role of an unruly mob at George's moody Air Force Base are about to fall prey to an invisible ray the hulking panel atop this Humvee is part of what the US military calls the Active Denial system or ATS it's designed to incapacitate enemy combatants with an unnerving non-lethal sensation of intense heat watch as the Ray silently strikes and scatters the problem the Active Denial system has three great characteristics first of all it's safe second it's effective in third it has a tremendous range compared to the other non-lethal weapons that today's warfighter has this is the heart of this hunter kilowatt transmitter this is the gyrotron 200 kilowatts of electricity is fed in and 100 kilowatts of radiofrequency comes out that millimeter wave of energy comes out of aperture underneath the main reflector hits the sub reflector which illuminates that main reflector and sends a roughly antenna sized beam down range those holes that you see in the antenna are for the cameras and other visual equipment that the operator used so that he knows exactly where that beam is going it's operated by a joystick the operator looks into the console sees exactly what that antenna is aimed at moves the joystick left antenna slews to the left same way to the right then when there's an individual who's identified as a troublemaker he has a cursor he can put that cursor on that individual pull the trigger that's on the joystick and the energy is sent down range at the speed of light the electromagnetic radiation released by the Active Denial system is similar to the microwaves in your microwave oven in that it causes the water molecules in the target to become excited and heat up but that's where the similarity ends the ATS is designed to heat only the very surface of the skin it does this by outputting only the carefully chosen radio wave frequency of 95 gigahertz even though it can easily penetrate clothing the ATS generates a much shorter and safer wavelength of radio waves than those used in microwave ovens the Active Denial system millimeter wave directed energy beam reaches 1/64 of an inch into human skin so that is the most outermost layer of the skin roughly equivalent to about 3 sheets of notebook paper it is essentially affecting the pain nerves and the outermost layer of the skin eating them up and causing immediate repeal effect even these stoic servicemen aware of what's about to happen engage can't help but flinch when they feel the heat this is the first time I've experienced the beam from the Active Denial system and it feels like an intense warmth feeling kind of similar to opening a very hot oven door and it's a compelling feeling that you want to get out of the way of this beam if you were not expecting this it would very definitely shock you and make you want to move [Applause] the ABS represents just the latest effort to devise an effective railway I can about posthuman society that's right you heard that correctly post human after human when man merges with machine when man will be no more that is their endgame to wipe out humanity where resistance is futile that kind of thing that's what they're thinking about that's what they want to bring into the world and that brings us back to what we were talking yesterday the weaponization of cellphone towers to recap that discussion a cell phone tower is a giant microwave oven on a stick cell phone towers use a magnetron or an oscillator like a microwave oven to make microwaves that's how they communicate radars use the very same technology that part that's beaming into the dish is a magnetron just like a microwave oven and just like a cell phone tower and lift pieces of destroyed mobile homes in search of any clues that someone may not have made it out of here alive we are basically digging through rubble we're looking for at this point anything human clothing could be but most everything has been burned up that we found and we were finding bone basically is what it's been reduced to in addition to the dozens of volunteers from Marin Monterey and Sonoma County as part of the search and rescue effort there are five cadaver dog teams here as well they come from Alameda County they're doing a great job of search around giving us an idea of where to start searching together they do find another victim of the fire nobody has ever dreamed that something like this would come across the hill so fast and come into a populated residential you know area the fire that scorched Santa Rosa was so hot one victim had to be identified through a medical implant like a hip replacement and had the serial number on the implant and we were able to find that implant and the serial number in the OSH now the still daunting task of examining more than 250 missing-persons reports nearly a week after the fire broke out as flames in Northern California continued to spread out of control authorities have begun the grim task of trying to find and identify those who couldn't escape their burning homes searchers in some areas are being helped by cadaver dogs authorities say some remains are so beyond recognition they will use serial numbers on medical implants like hip replacements to ID victims some of them are merely ashes and bones and we may never get truly confirmative identification on a schism and cremated you can't get ID though firefighters have made some modest progress fires have grown and now cover more than 300 square miles cell phone service is still spotty companies like Verizon are using temporary microwave technology companies like Verizon are using temporary microwave technology to help people can name is Chuck Ross with computer care clinic one of the most frequent questions we get here in our services how can I resolve my Wi-Fi troubleshooting problems people lose signal or device stops connecting so I decided in order to answer that question with any authority I needed to look a little bit further into this whole Wi-Fi thing what is it how does it work what type of signals are being broadcast and are they directional how much power do you need and then I thought about it as I was doing this research well what are the effects of these things these Wi-Fi transmitters what type of radio frequencies do they use how much power do they need and where are they and how are they affecting us if in any way at all so this video is coming a little bit longer than our usual tip of the day but it's going to explore Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi signal simple dig into a little bit of radio frequency 2 just in case you forgot or you were sleeping during your physics classes in high school so let's dig into Wi-Fi find out the myths and the truths and and hopefully we'll have a better idea and handle on how to troubleshoot our Wi-Fi problems let's first look in an oversimplified view of the electromagnetic field or EMF radiation spectrum EMF radiation can be classified from very low frequency which has a long wavelength to very high frequency which has a short wavelength the sound waves humans can hear are a form of very low frequency EMF radiation with one single electromagnetic wave cycle or wavelength longer than a football field on the high frequency end you can find things like x-rays and gamma rays with a wavelength smaller than an atom radio waves and microwaves are forms of electromagnetic energy that are collectively described by the term radio frequency or RF our F emissions are discussed in terms of energy radiation or fields radiation is defined as energy travelling through the air in form of waves or particles electromagnetic radiation can be described as waves of electric and magnetic energy moving together or radiating through space these radiation waves are generated by the movement of electrical charges through a conductive metal object like an antenna for example the movement of energy in a radio or television or cellular base station antenna generates electromagnetic waves that radiate away from the antenna and are eventually intercepted by a receiving antenna such as your rooftop TV antenna a car radio antenna or an antenna integrated into a handheld device such as a cellular telephone frequency is the number of electromagnetic waves passing any given point in one second for example a typical radio wave transmitted by your favorite FM radio station has a wavelength of about 10 feet or 3 meters in a frequency of about 100 million cycles or waves per second known as 100 megahertz so your favorite FM radio station sends about 100 million ten-foot long RF electromagnetic waves into the air every second that's a lot of waves telecommunication services cannot exist without EMF microwave ovens commercial heating manufacturing diagnostic medical services some medical techniques and radar are also uses of RF energy there's also natural RF produced by earth and space so we're surrounded by radiation EMF radiation is classified as non ionizing or ionizing ionizing EMF radiation like certain UV rays and x-rays can break chemical bonds which is not great that means they can cause cell damage and living things which is obviously bad for us RF radiation is found in radio TV cellphone and Wi-Fi transmissions is considered non-ionizing some sort of EMF radiation is emitted by all technical equipment or devices that produce electromagnetic fields it's basically anything that gets plugged in or runs on a battery power lines radar systems communication tower cell phones cordless phones Wi-Fi routers iPads TVs computers gaming consoles they all produce some sort of EMF radiation well here's where it gets interesting all EMF radiation has an effect on the human body but the question is whether it's a negligible effect or a negative effect and to what degree microwaves are a specific category of radio waves that can be defined as radio frequency radiation with frequencies from several hundred megahertz to several gigahertz or thousands of megahertz one of the most familiar in widespread uses of microwave energy is found in household microwave ovens which operated a frequency of about two thousand four hundred fifty megahertz or 2.4 five gigahertz sound familiar that's right almost the same frequency your microwave oven uses to heat your food is also used for most cordless phones and Wi-Fi routers technically Wi-Fi channels typically ranged from two point four one two gigahertz to about two point four seven two gigahertz right in that spectrum so you might think AHA that's where my Wi-Fi interference is coming from my microwave oven but not so fast most microwave ovens are well shielded and will not emit enough radiation to interfere with wireless communications even when they're on if your microwave is say very old or was trapped or damaged in a move it might have a damage shield to be safe it's probably a good idea to replace it if you have doubts about your wireless equipment and interference you could upgrade that wireless networking equipment man your cordless phone devices to the newer five gigahertz band which is way above the 2.4 as long as your wireless device is all supported research continues on the possible effects of exposure to RF and microwave radiation 2.4 gigahertz as we learned is far from radiation the type that can quickly harm human tissue and cause bad things like cancer but you can't see or feel any radiation and what's scary is the long-term effects of exposure to radiation might not appear for several months or even years it's widely thought the principal effect of non ionizing radiation like microwaves is an increase in the temperature of water in our bodies theoretically it would take an unlikely amount of microwave energy to cause harm to a human body but as scientists are beginning to study the effects more closely some people are beginning to change their minds in 2011 the w-h-o International Agency for research on cancer classified radiofrequency electromagnetic fields as possibly carcinogenic to humans based on an increased risk for glioma a malignant type of brain cancer associated with wireless phone use you probably heard about that in the news also two areas of the body the eyes and the testes are known to be particularly vulnerable to heating by RF energy because of the relative lack of available blood flow to dissipate the excessive heat laboratory experiments have shown that 30 minutes to 1 hour of considerably high levels of RF radiation now we're talking a hundred to two hundred milliwatts per centimeter squared which is a tremendous amount of energy can cause cataracts and rabbits temporary sterility caused by such effects as changes in sperm count and in sperm mobility is possible after exposures of the testes to high-level RF radiation so if you're thinking about having children fellows you might want to remove that cell phone from your front pocket the good news is that typical environmental levels of RF energy routinely encountered by the general public are far below levels necessary to produce significant heating and increase body temperature but there may be situations particularly workplace environments near high powered RF sources where recommended limits for safe exposure of human beings to RF energy could be exceeded more recently other scientific laboratories in North America Europe and elsewhere have reported certain biological effects after exposure of animals and animal tissue to relatively low levels of RF radiation these reported effects have included certain changes in the immune system neurological effects behavioral effects evidence for a link between microwave exposure in the action of certain drugs and compounds an effect in brain tissue and effects on DNA some studies have also examined the possibility of a link between RF and microwave exposure and cancer results to date have been inconclusive microwave exposure when you think about it is fairly new but it's growing quickly dr. Magda Havas makes some great points regarding our lack of experience with the effects of non ionizing radiation since it's relatively recent cellphones have been around for nearly 30 years but only becoming widespread in the last 10 since smartphones took off Wi-Fi has been a thing for nearly 15 years now growing slowly but now it's everywhere in smart meters installed by your local electric company have been transmitting pulses of pretty concerning power for about five years causing a lot of people to take notice it takes quite a while to formulate a statistically significant health finding and up to now there's not a whole lot of evidence or research also dr. Magnus notes that human exposure to radiation used to be intermittent but now it's more constant than ever Wi-Fi routers emit a beacon signal that is continuous as long as the device is powered on in other words you don't have to be connected to the Internet to be exposed to the radiation generated by a wireless router when information is either uploaded or downloaded the radiation levels increase both at the router end of the computer the same is true for cordless phones and wireless baby monitors voice-activated baby monitors and cordless phones that radiate only when in use are available in Europe but not currently available widely in North America now some people are more sensitive to EMF than others suffering from a recently discovered affliction known as electronic hypersensitivity they used to just think these people are crazy but now they're finding that symptoms including unexplained fatigue sleep disturbances headaches feeling of discomfort difficulty concentrating depression memory loss visual disruptions irritability hearing disruptions ringing in the ears skin problems heart palpitations and irregular heartbeat dizziness loss of appetite movement difficulties in nausea may all be symptoms of electronic hypersensitivity when electrically hypersensitive people go into an electromagnetically clean environment many of their symptoms seem to diminish or disappear studies predict by 2017 almost 50% of the population may be complaining of this illness some countries are already withdrawing Wi-Fi from public areas and even creating radiation free refuges for people with electro sensitivity the bottom line on RF radiation and its effect on us well the jury is still out but it's not looking great in the meantime until we all know for sure it might be prudent to take a few precautionary steps fortunately it's pretty easy to avoid most microwave radiation in high doses move wireless routers and cell phones further away from people the further they are away the less RF you'll absorb use headphones or the speakerphone when you talk on your phone to keep it away from your brain don't sleep with your cell phone under your pillow don't put your cell phone in your pockets and turn things off when you're not using them unplug your Wi-Fi router and turn off your phone if you absolutely don't need it at night so what levels of RF radiation are considered safe and what kinds of levels are typical we did some of our own testing with an X Tech 4 808 36 EMF meter in a typical home and office scenario and here's what we found so we took some readings at our store and on our home first we started at our store sorry for the messy workshop back here and we got close to the wireless router and found that we had some spikes up 2.6 micro watts per cubic centimeter which is pretty high so the question is we still don't know what this stuff is doing to us but there's some pretty cool charts at bio initiative dot or exciting scientific studies that have already happened and they have lots of easy-to-read colorful charts with the potential effects of electromagnetic radiation in the human body again they say aren't proven to be long term studies stuff still kind of new this is interesting too if you look at these smart meters that everybody's fussing about I didn't think it was such a big deal – I took the readings myself and looking at a peak of 30 7.28 and and that's pretty heavy I mean that's a lot of power now it's pulsed energy it's not constant but this might be hitting you in your bedroom or your place at work depending on the location of this thing and of course I'm right on top of it here but if you look at it you get immune system effects at that type of radiation so you need to be concerned if nothing else we don't know if it's causing any cancer or immune system effects with a pulsed rate like that your body does a really good job of healing itself also the microwave ovens if you get really close nobody would do this would stand in front of a microwave oven but there's a considerable amount of energy coming out of a microwave oven and you're looking at some of the effects that could here including altered cell membranes of course you wouldn't stand in front of a microwave oven most people have more sense than that although there is shielding inside if you get right up on it there are still some waves microwaves that do escape that shielding so you want to make sure your back down you see if I pull away and even leave the room it gets back to more of a background radiation again this is in our store we've got Wi-Fi waves and microwaves flying all over the place in here now this is just my laptop and you can see as it's sending and receiving information it's jacked up to about 0.2 0.3 and you can see that there are some advantage cool effects and that's constant that's what we're probably doing sitting at our desk every day or at home and even having these laptops on our laps for the gentlemen especially could affect sterility so if you have a problem having kids you might want to double-check your electronic devices now my wife was on a phone call look at this spiking it's seven microwatts per cubic centimeter and that's it's huge I mean it doesn't do it all the time we have a pretty crappy signal we have horizon in our house and unfortunately we're a little far off the beaten path so I understand the further argue away the more energy your phone has to use to to acquire that signal as I pull this away from her cell phone while she's on an active call this doesn't happen all the time just when you're on a telephone call and it's a little less for Wi-Fi you can see that it gets kind of jacked up periodically not all the time but I mean these are significant numbers here this three and four and you can see on the chart here what this does even up to seven and again this is more constant than the pulsed energy we're looking at so if you spend a lot of time on the phone you might have some questions about what is this stuff doing it's a relatively new phenomenon only the last decade or so so we don't have a whole lot of information we are the guinea pigs my friend so take some precautions and just be careful it's better to be safe than be sorry my name is Chuck fraiche please like and subscribe and tell your friends about this video too hey we might all learn something if we put our heads together and put your findings in the comments below please we'd like to know what you're experiencing with a microwave an RF frequency radiation thanks again for watching you you


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    Dumb down the youth to avoid future resistance ✅

    Pollute and exploit the Earth by encouraging endless spending.✅

    Lastly, they must never know #1) that we fear them.  Especially if they remember how powerful each and everyone of them  truly are. #2) That WE are ALL ONE. That they are most powerful when they band together for the common good. For we are few and need to hide in secrecy, and they are many.#3) Keep them afraid, confused, and fighting amongst themselves at ALL costs!✅✅✅

  8. What happens if you use your Bluetooth? Are we still getting the same radiation effects as we would if held to the ear?
    Does anyone know? Got the answer, YES!

    I'm getting headaches, I have 4 lung nodules with ground glass opacity, and now my thyroid is causing me problems. I've had a cell phone only 8 yrs.
    I am 62 now.
    I used to put my phone in my shirt or seat belt while talking in the car. It's been a yr since I've done that.

    I think I'll be talking only on my corded landline from here on out since I finished listening to this video.

    Good luck y'all. 💕 Get rid of your phone, and WiFi, and go back to corded phones.
    again. Get your analog electric meter back. Smart meters puts high radiation inside your home!
    I hate to say this but they are trying to wipe us out. Depopulation by cancer causing radiation!

  9. https://www.change.org/p/uk-parliament-stop-the-installation-of-hazardous-5g-cell-towers-in-the-uk

  10. A huge Telus tower is being built on my neighbours property right now. We wouldn't have moved in if we knew that was going to built. I'm pissed.

  11. China keeps posting news & media to deceive people from knowing the truth behind the deadly 5G, screw em all!

  12. There is the possibility of protection of current electromagnetic radiation and FUTURE 5G TECHNOLOGY, through a device that generates clean magnetic fields, LEFT torsion fields, which annul the electromagnetic fields produced by electrical and electronic equipment and repeating antennas. The device has a modern Russian technology, consisting of a magnetic generator and an info-energetic reasoner. It has two modules.

    1) One module is for the protection of electromagnetic radiation from: mobile phones, televisions, computers, repeater antennas for mobile telephony and signal extension, microwaves, electrical wiring for home and office, electrical transport, wifi, wimax, bluetooth, 3G, 4G (also 5-G) radiotelephony, X-rays and not to forget the geopathogenic radiations of the earth, the Curry and Hartman lines, which can give INSOMNIO and disturbances without knowing the cause.

    2) The other module of this device is therapeutic, which restores health on a biological, energetic and informational level. Our DNA, the cell, contains "BIO-INFORMATION" that can be altered, due to certain factors, and one is electromagnetic pollution through modern technology.

    It is very versatile, weighs 40 grams, 6 cm diameter and 1 cm thickness, and generates a clean magnetic field, which neutralizes harmful fields in an area of 2.5 meters around the person, and has a 9-year performance guarantee.

    It is the easiest protection from technopathogenic radiation and is the simplest therapy to apply. The "Holistic" device can always be carried in your pocket, and at night is placed on the table or under the pillow.

    It costs 250 euros, but meets its purpose of electromagnetic protection and preventive health protection for healthy people and sick people improves their state of health.

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