Cherise Elliott: Obese to Level 1 Seminar

Cherise Elliott: Obese to Level 1 Seminar

Truth is nobody really wants them in
their gyms except me and my affiliates. Nobody. I know they don’t at Gold’s. I
know they doing it World’s, at Bally’s. It’s … They want their money
but they don’t want them at the gym. Well the way we roll, we don’t we don’t make
money if you don’t come. And I want you to come and I want you to lose a hundred
pounds and I want you to do it under my flag, under my brand, my banner—that’s what I
want to do with my life is make you’s happen. What’s your name?
Cherise. Hi I’m Greg. Yeah, you what an amazing thing you’ve done. It’s a
transformation that that … I just, it’s an inconceivable transformation.
It’s a release from prison. (Cherise): I was morbidly obese I had well, you know, a
list of health problems I had a ruptured disc in my neck. I’ve had multiple
shoulder surgeries I had a heart condition that I was on medication for
so, and I didn’t know what CrossFit was. I’d never heard of it,
so I thought there’s no way that I could ever go to a gym where someone like you
know my nephew goes. But she kept bugging me about it and I gave her a list of my
health problems on a piece of paper and I said you show this to the coach there
before I meet him, because you know, he has to okay this first. He
read my list and he looked at me and he he said four words that change my life
he said, “I can help you.” I felt something in that moment say to me Cherise you
don’t have to do this, you can choose, but this is your chance to save your life. So
I put my trust in him never looked back. I’ve lost over a hundred pounds, but yeah
that’s it took four months to be able to do an air squat, took six months to do a
burpee. There’s a video of me doing my first box jump, but that was 18 months into, you know, this journey so .. there’s always-always something new, always
something and there’s another way to grow in CrossFit, always, no matter how
far we go. It’s taken a lot of work, a lot of effort change the way I eat
change how I live but it’s given me it’s given me a life, it didn’t just save my
life that that I believe that the time was winding down. You know, I thought
maybe I have 10 years left, I’ll probably have a heart attack in my 60s and be
gone. It didn’t just stop that downward progression, it gave me a life that I
didn’t even have, you know I I can do you know. I can hike mountains with my kids
now. I can, I can run I’ve done things that I never could do
before indoor rock climbing, you know. I can I can climb the rope in our gym, you
know. It’s just a dream come true everything that CrossFit has given to me.
I’m so thankful I’m so grateful


  1. Gives hope to some of us who might be discouraged about health and waning abilities. With self discipline, changing detrimental habits, and guided exercise and training, health and abilities can return and be better than before.

  2. Goodness, what an honor! The path seems long for those of us whose starting point is far below even moderate fitness. The beauty of CrossFit, though, is that any starting point is acceptable, and there is no end point. Regardless of where we are on this path there is always more to learn and discover about ourselves.

    My sincerest thanks to Greg Glassman, Eric Maciel and CrossFit HQ, my coach, Seth Berbert, who said those four life-changing words, and the wonderful people of Put It Up CrossFit, for making this a journey worth taking. <3

  3. Cherise is an inspiration to all the members of our gym! Not to mention she is incredibly kind, selfless, and always willing to lend a hand to whoever needs her help. She sets an example we all strive to follow.

  4. We love Cherise, not just for her inspiring story, but for her selfless giving and endless positive attitude. When I first started at Put It Up, after every grueling metcon (and they were all grueling to me in the beginning) she said, "That was fun!" After realizing that she wasn't always having fun, I resolved to be more like Cherise, change my mindset, and trust the process. Coaching is the natural progression for my friend.

  5. Cherise is a hard working, dedicated individual who lives by what she says. Her positive attitude and service in and out of the gym are inspirational to all who are privileged to know her. So glad she gave Put It Up Crossfit a go…and she is still going and now on to being a coach at the gym!

  6. I go to the same box (Put It Up Crossfit) with Cherise and I remember when she started coming. She has been always kind, fun and hardworking. I always love working out with her.

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