Chest and Triceps at Planet Fitness | Making the Best With What You Have

Chest and Triceps at Planet Fitness | Making the Best With What You Have

what's up guys it's IJ back again and it's a chest day and we're as you can see at Planet Fitness and if you're familiar with this gym you might know that they don't have any free way barbells there's no grunting allowed and the dumbbells only go up to 75 pounds so if you're if you've been lifting for a little while this might not be the best place to be hitting your workouts but it is convenient for me because on the weekends I usually go to the gym very early in the morning like before 6 o'clock so this works for me and you just got to make it work for you if this is the only gym available so as you can see I warmed up a little bit the rotator cuff needed some work and we I decided to start off with the smith machine incline bench so I hit 4 working sets here started off with 185 and went up to 205 for 2 sets and then came back down to 185 and I made sure to try not to set off the alarm so just try to be as quiet as I could so after four sets of that I decided to four sets of the incline dumbbell flyes as you can see here and a nice superset of that with a dumbbell press and I got this exercise from Chris Jones and it's pretty good so what you do is you start off with flies and you get around eight to ten reps and then you go straight into the pressing movement and then I like to just go as many reps as possible and as you can see for my flies which is kind of a different variation but I got it from Jeremy buendia and I find out it works for me so what you do is you kind of meet your pinkies at the top and then you twist at the bottom so you're going to be twisting the whole movement so moving on to the next exercise I started with an incline hammer strength here on the machine and I had three sets of this incline and then I had three sets of the flat hammer which is right beside it so like I said earlier the dumbbells only go up to 75 pounds here which is pretty light if you're going to start off with dumbbell flat bench so that's why I did all those pressing movements beforehand so anyways this is the flat dumbbell bench and I started with seventy-five pounds and they were actually very heavy so I actually had to drop the weight 265 after this and I only had three sets of this onto the next few exercises we're the cable fly's so as you can see I started with a decline here and I had three sets of the decline three sets of the incline and three sets of just at the mid-level so since I had some extra time I did decide to hit triceps after the chest workout which is what I usually do so I started with a one-arm tricep pushdown and I went with an underhand grip here you've seen me do this before start off with this angle here and then I switched the other angle actually this is one of my favorite tricep movements for sure and the second tricep movement I decided to do today was the straight bar triceps push downs and the last set I just had two sets of this and this is a super set which I actually haven't gotten on video before so this is the first time this is the skull crusher with the easy curl bar and then I super sided this with the close grip bench I hope you enjoyed the video like and subscribe and thanks for watching guys and don't forget to follow me on Instagram and check me out on snapchat if you'd like as well


  1. I agree with someone who commented you can get a good workout at PF. I love ❤️ PF for $10/mo to do legs, cable & cardio, and I have a free weight bench, squat rack and preacher at my house. It is the people that are annoying. Great starter gym, but every day you have people who are upset with anyone who works out that is in better shape then they are. It looks a lot better for you in the morning, but guys need to quit acting like girls at a party being mad at any girl who is prettier.🙀

  2. how did you not set off that stupid alarm thou? just by breathing near the dummbells seems enought to get it set off lol
    great vid by the way.

  3. I was gonna say,” this might be the only gym you can get to,because you look like you’ve been working out a while.”

  4. Judgement free zone. "Hey! He grunted!" alarm rings and everyone laughs at the person who struggled lifting weights

  5. I noticed you said you work out before 6 am i want to start doing that as well. I want to ask you do eat before a workout if so what do you eat speacialy that early in the morning or do you drink somthing or both?

  6. Love that fly press combo. Last month we turned it into a triset and added push ups at the end. Great job making the most out of PF. Awesome work

  7. No free weight barbells? Damn man!! The explanations throughout your workout was great, thank you for the tips on those incline chest flies

  8. I just started on YouTube and want  to connect with likeminded Youtuber like yourself. I wish to subscribe to your channel in hopes of building a #fitfamily on here where we continually support each other…good channel just subscribed, please return the support #fitfamily thanks

  9. that gym look amazing! wish i had a gym like that! you looking huge man, iv wrote your workout down and some paper demo trying this out!

  10. I hear you man I wish there was a 24/7 gym where I lived even if it was a planet fitness gotta get that training in !

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