Chest Workout For Beginners At Planet Fitness

Chest Workout For Beginners At Planet Fitness

I know it's been about seven months before I drop the video when I'm back today we're gonna hit your chest this is gonna be a beginners workout do three sets of fifteen every workout let's get I'm bad it feels good to be back you're gonna start it off the right way with the incline chest press with this exercise actually targets to upper half of your chest we're going four reps so 15 reps I'm doing 50 pounds that's the way that's comfortable for me do a weight that's comfortable for you it's only the first set and make sure you keep it tight and controlled this is the new exercise that I incorporated into my workout this actually targets your whole chest now I actually superset this with the incline chest press so as soon as you get done with that you jump right into these the most important thing about this exercise to keep enough form right don't fling the weight make sure it's tight and control you come down and you squeeze that's the most important thing if you do it right you'll love this exercise I was reading in the comments and a few of my other videos and a lot of people were saying that I don't use any machine so here you go here's a machine this exercise actually targets your entire chest the most important thing is making sure that you keep it tight and you can track the muscles now there's a few different variations of this exercise like cable fly's that she'll see later on in this video if you try this exercise I guarantee you'll love it alright so now we're gonna happen to one of my favorite chest exercises the incline bench press now normally I start off with this exercise but I thought I just switched it up the first set you always want to go light so I started off with one 15 for 15 reps do a way that's comfortable for you that's a way that's comfortable for me and I know some of y'all just can't wait to go heavy slow down we're gonna go for the last two sets first set is just some warm-up just to get the blood flowing all right so now we're gonna hop into cable flyes now this is kind of similar the similar exercise and it targets the same muscle as the machine fly but I feel it a little bit more when I do the cable fly's the most important thing with this is the form I see a lot of people doing this wrong when you come back keep it tight control the weight all right so we did incline chest press now this is the decline chest press this actually targets the lower half of your chest now I kind of question if I should have left this in the video because it's way too low it should be right below your sternum I knew it didn't feel right I just set it up the wrong way but I left it in just so you can get an idea of how to do this exercise all right this is my last set I like to go as heavy as I can with this set I'm doing 75 pounds but there's a few things I want to point out the first thing is what I look so mean the second thing is you see how I have the weight on my knees I use it to kick it up as leverage to lift the weight because if you do it any other way you can actually injure yourself and hurt your shoulders third thing is don't be that guy please don't be that guy everybody wants to be Hercules I bet you can't guess what I'm gonna say next yup you got it right do a weight that's comfortable for you you know I had to finish it off with some dips dips actually target your chest and your tricep muscles I believe Planet Fitness has a machine if you can't actually lift your body weight for you to work yourself up where you can add and take away sex between 12 to 15 reps depending on the weight if you go heavy 6 to 8 reps so I appreciate you viewing this video make sure you comment like this video subscribe make sure you comment just to let me know that these videos are benefiting you and that you like what I'm doing and stuff like that for me to start creating more content but I try to be more consistent way we finished checking out [Applause]


  1. Thank you so much for this video it really helped me out. In the past I didn’t do much for my chest so I needed a little help finding exercises and this video helped greatly!

  2. Enjoyed watching your videos question I do cardio on the treadmill about 20 minutes every day. How long does a work out takes I do about 45 minutes every exercise on certain days.Thank you for sharing.

  3. I found your videos by looking up beginner workouts. Your videos have helped me to get a routine together when I hit the gym. Looking forward to more videos in the future.

  4. I’m so glad I found your channel. I’ve started to attend planet fitness for a few months and I’m trying to incorporate new exercises into my routine

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