Chicken Farm – Starting a Business Layer Chicken Farm and Layer Poultry Farming

Chicken Farm - Starting a Business Layer Chicken Farm and Layer Poultry Farming

press the Pelican on the YouTube and never miss another poultry egg farming is a lucrative business providing income for millions of people from all parts of the world however there are some essential things you need to do before you venture into the poultry egg production business you have to decide on the size of your check and egg production project ie the number of layers chickens you wanted to keep per cycle location of the business for example a layers chicken farm and your target market these choices will be affected by the amount of capital you have and the size of your target market if you do not have a lot of capital you can always start small and grow your poultry egg farming business over time lair poultry are such a special species of hens which need to be raised from when they are one day old they start laying eggs commercially from eighteen to nineteen weeks of age they remain laying eggs continuously till they're 72 to 78 weeks of age they can produce about 1 kg of eggs by consuming about 2.25 kilograms of food during their egg-laying period a good layer poultry housing system keeps the bird safe while growing and productive housing is also very important for raising layer poultry commercially and in small scale a good poultry house protects the poultry birds from adverse weather condition injury and predators poultry birds require a draught free and dry house proper ventilation system and temperature management is needed you can raise layer poultry in both deep litter and cage system cage system is suitable for commercial production purpose in cage system poultry producers use to keep thousands of birds under a single shed if you want to raise your birds in cage system then build a large house compared to the length widen height a broiler house lair poultry feeding you have to be sure that the feed you bought are enriched with essential food value protein and mineral are very important for laying heads provide 2% of calcium for two weeks after their birth if you notice they are not gaining expected weight then you have to serve starter feed for eight weeks serve feed two or three times in a day till they're 18 weeks of age demand of feed increase very fast when the birds start laying serve them layer poultry feed according to their age and weights don't decrease the amount of feed while laying or even if their weight increase water management chickens health depend on the supply of pure clean and fresh drinking water you have to provide adequate water according to the demand of your laying hens for purifying the water mix 0.3 grams bleaching per litter supply cold water during summer season and hot weather and slightly hot water in cold weather or winter season in accordance with the age and species of chicken's food providing can control the weights of chicken use sufficient calcium phosphorus vitamins amino acid and other mineral substance in their food for purifying water use bleaching powder or chlorine if you follow the methods mentioned above then you can make better profit from your lair poultry farming business vaccinations and its importance vaccination program is a must for chicks for keeping them free from all types of diseases timely vaccination makes disease resistance power in the body of chick help to keep the hen free from invective poultry diseases disease prevalence will be less mortality rate will reduce and low mortality rate equals more production equals more profit there are many types of poultry vaccines are available for layer hens Mar X R anagen gambarro Bruce Shady's ba Santo Salmonella etc are used for layer chickens before vaccination hold the chickens very carefully vaccinate the chickens without any strain there is no need to vaccinate the ill hen watch the vaccination equipment with hot boiled water a germicide medicine or antiseptic do the vaccination program in cold weather condition preventive vaccine is always applicable to healthy bird never vaccinate an infected bird cutting the lip of laying hens is very important you have to cut your chicks lip at their age of eight to ten days cut the lip of growing chicken at their 8 to 12 weeks of age cut the lip of chicks 0.2 centimeters from their nose cut 0.45 centimetres in case of growing chickens cut the both upper and lower lips don't cut the both lip together cut one after another use block chick trimming machine to cut the limbs don't cut their lip two days after or before vaccination after or before using some medicines like sulfur don't cut the lip if the hand in a strain and during adverse weather conditions and if the hem start laying eggs egg production from commercial layer farm winding the first 20 weeks of age about 5% of hens start laying eggs about 10 percent Birds start laying it they're 21 weeks of age when they reach 26 to 30 weeks of age they produce highly although it may be different depending on their strain after laying a maximum number of eggs they usually stop laying for a few days and after this period their egg production might reduce as slowly egg laying rate and size of eggs increases gradually the hens grow till they're 40 weeks of age weight and size of eggs increases till they're 50 weeks of age egg collecting and grading mechanical collection of eggs is common in modern layer farms it takes about 26 hours for each egg to develop and each hen lays an egg a little later each day this is not an exact thing and most eggs are late in the morning eggs should be collected regularly and transferred from the henhouse to an egg room where they are graded or checked for weight and for damaged shells eggs are packed into cartons for 12 eggs or trays of 30 eggs for sale prices vary with egg size so eggs must be separated on the basis of egg weight [Applause]


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