Chilling in Thailand | Johnny’s Communication Center (JCC) Ep.4

Chilling in Thailand | Johnny’s Communication Center (JCC) Ep.4

Hey guys, welcome to another JCC Johnny’s Communication Center with, featuring TAEYONG Featuring TAEYONG We’re in Thailand A hotel in Thailand I think, you know what you gotta do in the morning You just got to go relax And I think we’re gonna do that We gonna do that! Yes, we’re gonna do that We’re going to the poolside to relax / We’re gonna be swimming I don’t know if we’re going to be swimming But if you want to swim, we could do that We’re gonna see you at the pool At 3, 2, 1 May I take a picture for you? Okay 1, 2, 3 Look at how much effort he is putting in Okay, and then wait a second 1, 2, 3 This is the effort that goes in when we take photos That was great, thank you TAEYONG Thank you We’re gonna look at the outcome Yes, that is nice Very good, very good That’s me hiding the camera But you can’t tell I can hear birds chirping from there Did you hear it? Guys, look! Look! Look! It’s really great This is really nice Okay, now we’re in the sun TAEYONG, vitamin C! Vitamin C! Look at this tree right here Unique tree Inside the tree… I am inside the tree Unique tree Do you guys want some music? Yes! What kind of…? Sunflower! I feel like we’re filming a music video Feels like we’re in a music video right now Johnny’s… Johnny’s Communication Center Whoa, they look like they’re having fun We’ve got some kids coming into the pool This is what you call a vacation Vacation in Thailand Sunbed Is there any English slang to say ‘The weather is really perfect’! The weather’s just right The weather’s just right! And… feeling just right Yes Black coffee You gotta make time to relax sometimes Yeah, we probably don’t have that much time but… Really, that little time is what… that makes the difference You know, that’s what I mean I feel great! How do you say it in English? Come visit Thailand Come visit Thailand Please come to Thailand Come visit Thailand! Welcome to the Thailand! Let’s get it John-cam, John-cam Do we have to return it? Where shall we go? We should have filmed inside here too Oh, right We look good on the screen here There is a gym there too JCC, bye! Bye!


  1. Dear Johnny,
    PLEASE take Taeyong in your next JCC to a dog cafe.
    Make Taeyong Mommy (that want's to have a date with you) happy!:)

  2. Taeyong looks so smol next to Johnny but Johnny is just hella tall. I'm only 5 ft tall so I probably look like a midget next to both of them. LOL.

  3. this vid always makes me happy. You both should make more content together and i hope another JCC with Taeyong will happen soon (:

  4. i think the unique tree ya'll saying was plumeria/frangipani and here in Philippines we called it Kalachuchi or Bangkok Kalachuchi

  5. OMG Taeyong, he's so cute when he sleep😢😢😢
    By the way what is the title of the song that was played when Taeyong fell asleep? Comment if u know, pls

  6. I love you my husband lee taeyong 💖💞💘💚💝😘🐺💯⚡🎂🍾🥰😍💎💫🎆🎇🥳✨🚀

  7. 4:37 The time when Ty asked Johnny how to say in proper english but he still doing it in Korea even he already now.

    I'm laughing😂😂😂

  8. We need more johnny and taeyong vlog

    They looks so good when together
    Taeyong is the cutest when he's with johnny

  9. I enjoy JCC. Whenever I watch JCC’s videos, I feel relax and happy. I watched all the videos of this channel. Make more interesting videos plz ❤️

  10. I enjoy JCC. Whenever I watch JCC’s videos, I feel relax and happy. I watched all the videos of this channel. Make more interesting videos plz ❤️

  11. Even though I’m stuck at home sick during winter seeing them relax by the pool in the sun it makes me feel like I’m there too it almost feels like I’m there with them feeling the sun on my skin 💚💚

  12. i came back to watch this video and i just realized Taeyong has 7000 photos on his phone i just noticed that 0:57

  13. Setau ku sinar matahari vitamin D deh beb😘
    Gpp lah apapun yg km bicaran aku tetep sayang😁😁😁😁😘😘

  14. Never bored to watched. Taeyong why are you so adorable. And jhnny you are so kind. Taeyong best leader and friend ever seen.

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