Chinese People Can’t Eat THESE 9 Foods *cries*

Chinese People Can’t Eat THESE 9 Foods *cries*

What’s up CantoMando squad. Today we’re gonna be playing the heaty or not foods challenge. In Chinese culture, foods are confusingly classified as heaty or not heaty. And they have different effects on your body. Growing up Chinese, we’ve always scolded by our parents for eating heaty foods. Son, don’t eat these. It’s heaty. But to this day, we still have no idea which foods are heaty. So today, we’re gonna see if Mike and Sheldon can see which foods are heaty or not. Without further ado, let’s go. So the way this game works is that I’m gonna read out a food, and then they’re gonna have to guess whether it’s heaty… or not heaty. And by the way guys, if you guys are not familiar, heaty is also yeet hay in Cantonese, and shang huo in Mandarin. So are you guys ready for it? Let’s go. Alright, to start, we have some really easy ones. The answer is in the name. You guys are right, because it was such an easy question, right? Soft. Chips are obviously yeet hay, everyone has heard their parents say don’t eat too much chips. Everybody knows chips are yeet hay. Wait, it’s easy. It’s easy, right? What? I thought this was easy. Duck is easy, dude! I thought you were going with easy ones first. 2, 1, go. Wait, which one? Pick one. Pick one. Yes, you guys are correct. Give me challenge, dude. Yeah, give me challenge, man. Okay. Challenge. Broccoli is good for you, Mike. Ready to get destroyed? Alright, you guys have your answers? This is a very tricky one. 3, 2, 1, go. You put cold? Yeah. But broccoli is steamed, how can it be cold? Answer is warm. You know how I know? Because broccoli’s Chinese name is Xī lán huā, right? Which means it’s a western thing. And any western thing is bad for your health, according to Chinese culture. If that’s the case… Edward’s choosing the next one where he put snow in front of the vegetable. So then we were leaning towards cold. Alright, 3, 2, 1. Definitely yeet hay. Edward knew that you were gonna put hot, so he tried to reverse reverse psychology you. The answer’s cold. I knew it! Sheldon, you got reverse psychology. Sheldon, you know what they say, right? Don’t play the game, play the man. I actually just ate this. Oh shoot The only reference you have is your moms telling you not to eat something. It’s the only way, you’re just guessing based on that. That’s the first train of thought. There’s two thoughts. Whether my mom told me, whether or not it’s Edward’s reverse psychology. Those are two thoughts. You guys don’t know anything. I already know the answer. You know the answer? Alright, ready? 3, 2, 1, go. Definitely not yeet hay. What? You guys are all wrong. Like oily foods, wouldn’t that be considered yeet hay? Avocado’s not oily. No, it’s very fatty though. I think what’s a good safe reference is anything fatty or oily is probably yeet hay. This is the part of Chinese culture that makes absolutely no sense. That’s not true, because grape is also yeet hay. And grape is not fatty or oily. I know, but I said anything fatty is yeet hay, but I never said everything– All fatty is yeet hay. Got it. Think about what would your mom say. Did you mom ever say don’t eat it? Son, don’t eat these. It’s heaty. Mike, maybe she did, I don’t know, I can’t tell you. 2, 1, go. For sure. Your mom said don’t eat it? For sure. Banana is a yeet hay food, hands down. But you know what? According to this graph, it’s cold. You guys lost again. Wait, are you sure you’re getting from the right source? Top 10 cooling foods to eat in the summer. Bananas are clearly cooling food. You’re obviously not searching it on Baidu, that’s why. You’re searching out of Google right now. Google gives you like the English western version. Mike, it’s seems like a tie game right now. Mike, can you stop copying my answers, man? You know I’m just trying to make it suspenseful for the fans, right? 3, 2, 1, go. Mike pulled out the heaty. You’re saying fish is bad for you? No wait! It doesn’t necessarily mean bad for you. Doesn’t mean it’s bad for you. Fish is the king in Chinese culture. Why is it cold? Cause it’s in water? My mom just always told me to eat my fish. Wait so, because your mom tells you to eat more of something, you feel like it’s cold all of a sudden? Well, clearly the Chinese people when they invented the yeet hay thing, they must have fished the fish out of hot water lake or something, because it’s hot! Sheldon’s so nervous right now. He’s like…sweat’s coming out of his… Oh. Raw onion’s easy. Raw onions? Wait, so… Why did you add the word “raw”? I don’t know. Maybe half-cooked is also like a different one, I can’t tell you. 3, 2, 1, go. You just copied my answer, right? I see you. Sheldon, we held it out at the same time. Because I’ve eaten onions before, and I got a nosebleed. Every time I eat really yeet hay foods, I get nosebleed. Oh really? Yeah. Wait, so that means there’s some logic to it. It’s a body thing. If I eat raw onions, it just feels very hot inside. You guys are both right. One thing you’re missing is the ultimate yeet hay detector, which is the body. Your body. It’s only logical to go for the next one… Is this a triple reverse psychology? You want us to say it’s cold, because based on the previous patterns, it’s always been the same. It’s only logical to say it’s cold. But you probably think that we’re gonna say it’s cold, so you reverse reverse psychology, it’s warm again. There’s no way that by adding heat to something, you make the food less yeet hay. It’s cold! Are you serious? You’re lying. No, I’m serious. You’re lying. I was…I knew it was that. I knew it was cold. One thing you guys don’t have… Sheldon, if you knew it was cold, why did you put hot up? No, I knew that when I ate it, it’s not hot anymore, but like… I just want to give Mike a point. and make it…more suspenseful. There’s just absolutely no logic behind these answers. In your head it’s this thing. Flip. And then on camera, we’re like this. We’re like… The leaf? But the cool feeling you get when you eat a mint, is not an actual cooling though. It’s a hot cool. What’s a hot cool? You get it? Like… It feels cool in your mouth… Sheldon, stop… …but actually in your body it’s a heat. I know what you’re gonna do. You’re funny. After you say all that, you know what you’re gonna do? You’re gonna put the cold one up. I’m not. He got you. The answer is hot! Mike, I told you. What were I trying to tell you? I know, but why did you go with this then? This one should be very easy, the answer is already in its name. Oh great… But you don’t know if it’s hot water or cold water. Alright, ready? Sheldon is right! I told you the answer is so obvious! I don’t want to hear your “I told you the answer is so obvious!”, okay? I said it’s in its name! Edward, I know, but you keep on saying that, and you keep on confusing me. Mike, have you ever eaten water chestnut before? It’s easy, Mike. I’ve saved the best for last, alright? Alright. Mike, come on, Mike, you know it’s done. I’m actually gonna try now. Game is tied. OhHh, i’M sCaRed. The last one is… Lettuce cooked. I’m so confused. It’s easy, it’s easy. Just think about the amount of water content in lettuce. But also it’s cooked. Alright, I got my answer. Do you have yours? You know what this is? Sheldon, I know what’s happening in your head. Nothing. Nothing’s happening in your head right now. This is the advantage of… eating home-cooked meals all the time. It’s that… my parents have said this to me before. Luckily, you don’t know my grandma’s vegetarian. What does that have to do with it? What does that have to do with anything? Alright, I’m gonna crown the winner right now. I have never… I HAVE NEVER been scolded for eating too much lettuce, Is your logic because it’s cooked? No, logic is because… Your grandma’s a vegetarian? That’s the logic? Wait, what’s your logic? My logic is I’ve eaten so much cooked lettuce before, and my mom has never… Wait, why are you giving me that look? Because you don’t listen to me, man. Oh, it was…it was cabbage! It wasn’t lettuce. It was cabbage. Put this back. It was cabbage. Ready? I’m gonna crown the winner, okay? Hold this one back. You picked this. Alright. I wasn’t even trying, okay? The winner… It was cabbage. The winner of CantoMando yeet hay challenge series is… It was lettuce the whole time! Oh my god. This is a very good depiction of why he… they have no idea what they’re doing. He just switched his answer like 3 time after… I didn’t! No, I switched it just to see if Sheldon will switch it, and then I switched it back. Dude, you switched it just because I looked at you like this. No, it’s because of theatrics. Okay… I’m trying to make it theatrical, okay? It’s okay, you were really close. My god! It’s very intense. How is cooked lettuce not yeet hay? Sheldon, your grandma is a vegetarian, remember that, okay? Don’t forget that, remember. Next time you play this again, just think about it, your grandma’s a vegetarian. You’ll win a challenge one day, Sheldon. Thank you guys for watching today’s video. Also if you guys have been paying attention, we’re actually rocking our yeet hay gang, m4 pa3 jit6 hei3, bú pà shàng huǒ collection. A lot of you guys have been asking about it in the previous video’s comments, because we’ve been wearing it. It actually is because our parents, growing up, they’ve always told us not to eat yeet hay foods. But now we’re cooler, and we’re older, and we don’t care. So we…we eat them all the time now. Yeet hay gang. So if you guys have had similar experiences growing up, then check out the yeet hay gang collection in the description box below. And join the yeet hay gang. It’s available now. Now. Like always, remember to smash that like button, and comment down below what is your favourite yeet hay food. Yes. And if you haven’t yet, hit the subscribe button, and notification bell, otherwise you’ll miss the next video where Edward eats 5000 chips in one sitting, making him the most yeet hay person on the planet. Dragon! Until next time, goodbye!


  1. [POLL] WAS YEET HAY OR SHANG HUO A BIG PART OF YOUR CHILDHOOD? My mom would basically stop me from eating anything tasty by saying it was Yeet Hay 😂😂

  2. Dad : I told you not to eat any yeet hay foods. I also told you not to stay up late. Look at your pimples. I want to see my son's lengzaii ( handsome in Cantonese) face.
    Also my dad : here's a cooked duck meat, it's good for you.
    Dad: AhZaiiii!(which mean son in Cantonese) I bought you some fried rice, come downstairs and eat.
    Me : ah shit, here we go again.

  3. You should ditinguish the food is heaty or not from Chinese medical perspective, like lychee, mango, durian are well known as heaty. Not every food can be dinstinguished as heaty or not, some are just neutral. It also depends on the body condition of the person, some food are neutral but can be heaty for a weak(虛) lady.

  4. I was today years old when I found out that people call it 'heaty' in English.
    I have always said 上火 even in English. Or I'd just say that the food has a hot element… Interesting (but I didn't learn about the concept of 上火 until six years ago, so…)

  5. But it all depends!!? Duck is not heaty if you boil it.(but who does that…) Banana is not heaty either. And fish is not either unless you fry it hahahahah. Do search on Baidu honey hahahaha

  6. The last round of the episode was so tense😂 The add started to play right before Edward announced the winner. It was so similar to the "To be continued" part😂 That really caught me off guard

  7. 唔知道你哋睇唔睇得明中文
    但係作為一個香港人我認為你們將上火就是不健康 而寒涼就是健康這個觀念帶出來是錯誤的

  8. Everyone being like western food is the worst blabla like the 'west' is only one country and way of eating and cooking, like y'all ever heard of the facts that there's tons of different cuisines and not everything is just greasy and fatty like American fast food..

  9. in fukien we call it "ya dyet" if its hot. i used to think it was some bs chinese parents use to make me eat healthy but too much ya dyet foods actually gave me rashes and nosebleeds lmao. listen to your parents haha

  10. You guys should react to the untamed ost , wuji , sung by xiao zhan and wang yibo , the actors of the main characters and the ost for their characters that they individually sung too .

  11. there was logic behind what sheldon said in round 3 tho. when you eat mint you get a cold burning sensation not a cool cold sensation. like you burn yourself with liquid nitrogen even though it is cold. 🙂

  12. SAMEEE!!! I think it's not just China it's most of Asia – we even have a special word for it 'taseer', so it it's not we'd say 'hot taseer', e.g papayas.

  13. any fruit from tropic area should be considered as heaty food!like lychee mango durian or even coconut. so does banana!来自一个土生土长中国人的宝贵人生经验!

  14. 西瓜没有热气,但是有种东西叫湿气,所以西瓜也不能多吃,有湿气。湿气和热气都会导致上火,所以一般这两种东西都不让多吃。

  15. I got the same thing like Mike: I sometimes get nosebleeds when I eat hot food. I thought I was the only one with this reaction so I'm glad that to discover it's not that weird 🙂

  16. 上火最常见的问题就是长痘痘。其实中医讲究的是balance,当受寒吃带热量的食物,本身热气重,就少吃上火之物

  17. btw Cantomando, if you add 'heaty / yeet hay challenge' to the title i'm sure you'll get even more views from Singaporeans, Malaysians, HKers, etc! 😊 I almost didn't click cause I thought it was an informative video and we already know all this stuff. glad I clicked, it was entertaining!

  18. For my mom, everything that fried, oil, sweeter, ice cream/popsicle is heaty because most of them can make you sick, so mostly depends on how you cook them, but all the vegetables are not heaty, they are healthy.

  19. lol apart from yeet hay(热气)and cold(寒凉)we also have the concept of them combines with “poison” (湿毒). Every time I have roast duck when I was younger I was always been told not to have too much because duck meat is more “poisonous” compared to goose meat.

  20. LOL I love how the benchmark test is what your mum says bc same 😂 thanks for making a video on one of the biggest parts of my childhood! Definitely had to explain what yeet hay is to friends before haha! Also legit laughed at the triple reverse psychology and every time Sheldon laughed nervously lol

  21. 香蕉的确是寒性的,因为我吃了三根香蕉以后从此来大姨妈都是肚子痛了。。。知道这个事实的时候我也惊呆了。。。薄荷是凉的啊!生菜熟不熟都是凉的啊!

  22. Or when you said you feel unwell and apparently it’s because you’ve eaten too much heaty food hence you have to drink a ton of herbal tea…😂😂

  23. I’m your fans. Since Hong Kong is in deep water now, I’m wondering how you two HongKonger and one Mainlander think of the protest


  24. hahahah love it! I learned a lot of things today.. like avocado being yeet! like whatt? I'm still gonna eat whatever i want though except cut down on chips and fried foods

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