1. link: fate has chosen for me

    me: link nooo… you were so close..

    link: and you know what i think about fate


  2. I've had snail before. It was really good actually, it was similar to chicken in taste. I've also had rattle snake sausage which was great but mine was probably prepared a little bit better than links

  3. Oh geez link snail isn’t that bad eden though I was bribed to eat it was wasn’t as chewy as alligator or calamari and it just tasted like garlic butter

  4. That smell that snake gave off was it's defense mechanism snakes will give off a putrid smell to scare off predators or something it thinks is gonna hurt it i would know… I've picked up and regretted picking up enough snakes to know by the way it also stains clothes. Because its a semi damp and disgusting liquid.

  5. I remember when I was about 7,8 or 9 and I used to watch your videos every day.I just remembered that you guys still made videos so now I am kinda binge watching the videos.

  6. They should mix up the chocolate and real foods. So for example, link had got it what he thought was right, the outside would be chocolate and the inside would be something disgusting.

    And if rhett bit his thing, it's have a disgusting outside but the inside would be like chocolate or something.

  7. Link: “I will let fate device.”
    Fate:….. 🙂
    Link: “and you know how I about fate.”
    Fate:….. >:(
    Rhett: suffers

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