Chris Pratt ★ Fitness Body Transformation | From Fat To Fit

Chris Pratt ★ Fitness Body Transformation | From Fat To Fit

I haven't always been fat but like but I've been fat for a lot of like probably last eight years some which is really fun and really great I love eating food and drinking beer and having fun with my life but uh but I was also kind of depressed a little bit when I was nothing like I think there's probably people out there who can agree and I understand what that feels like and there are moments of pure joy in life and before when I was chubby and living life I had several of those moments every day they usually existed around eating something and those points through the day were my highlight and then it would be drinking something then the rest of the night it'd be pretty high Wow and then the valleys between those peaks were pretty low I didn't feel too great about who I was or how about myself I was emotional I physically I was dull mentally I was dull I didn't feel sharpen and feel good so now that scale is just reversed so those valleys I actually feel really good but it's the moments that I'm eating my like basically cucumbers my life is terrible I mean life is beautiful [Applause] [Applause] transforming yourself is really not hard it just requires consistency and dedication and you have to be willing to sacrifice the things that you want some to trade things that are fun like alcohol consumption meals at restaurants things like that for long arduous period time exercising physically exhausting work I was capable of doing I think anybody could do it if they wanted to oh my god that's so hot I'm going to die I'm so tired hun everything hurt running it is possible so people want to know what the secret is the secret is you can't do it in a month it takes eight months and more a year or a lifetime hey if you dislike bust plus you're asking and get after it all takes like six months really six months applies by whether you're working out every day or whether you're not and so you'll compel the try to do something about things I'm actually getting sake do it time is going to go by just as fast whether you're doing it or not so who you want to be eight months from now that has the coolest sentence I've ever heard somebody talk is there anything to say black blood by bathroom was it over drop and give me twenty two consistency working out every single day and eating properly and truly feeding yourself not starving yourself but giving yourself proper nutrition to heal you have to burn off all the crap you put in your body and then you have to replace it with really good your fans are saying crisscross peace no fat is that true no I tell you fat are you playing if a Chris Pratt eats no sugar that Mort Ramona apologized to the hundred thousand chickens I've eaten supported this that's it I only ate turkey just eat turkey every day with gravy no banana Chia cucumber wrap assorted sashimi you follow me on instagram at sack snack snack no you can't I'm just kidding but maybe someone should grab that I don't care for what I eat because I'm fat guys I have to replace food alcohol yeah cheers everyone yeah I used to drink so much that my my idea of what I can consume is way wrong no I'm like hey you guys doing shots and I'll be like I'll take a shot don't be like I'm wasted 300 calories yes yeah and now I'm completely bought on and I'm the first guy dancing and I'm the last guy there oh I have no idea what I'm doing but I know I'm doing it really really well he didn't give me the father to either human being he wants to be healthy he didn't do it because he wants to make the cover of peeple the most sexiest man though when that happens it'll be the absolute fullness of it all I think that's coming a recall every I'll you only live in that impeccable shape for maybe 24 hours no seriously it's like several months built up to like the it's like a it's like an orchid that blooms and dies on the same day you know if I care and concern watering and the perfect amount of sunshine for six months and then it just can you take a selfie make that change for the right reasons not because of vanity but because of health you are healthier when you eat healthier when you exercise and therefore you're giving your brain better fuel [Applause] all your book Marvel movie and have a deadline in fact if you don't give fat that you might get wired a minute and then MCZ


  1. Chris Pratt is such an inspirational dude. He is someone to look up too. And he just shows if you put hard work into something you can go far.

  2. Having epilepsy is just so annoying. I can’t watch any video with those white transitions from scene to scene. No movies, tv and barley any YouTube because of videos like this. I swear there needs to be a mass education on those fucking white screen transitions. I really get sad man. I’ll just listen to the video.

  3. Thats awesome. I really like when he talked about 8 months going by if your working out or not it still goes by. Tbh I'm inspired by this 👍

  4. Hopefully he stays fit, eats healthy, and stays humble and fun.. forget about what other people think.. take care of yourself and others, that's it

  5. I love your Cris Pratt!! Te amo Cris Pratt!! Delgado o gordito eres tan simpático y lindo 😍 y tus ojos!! Ay qué afortunada es Anna faris

  6. Only in Hollywood do I hear people complain about the food they eat while looking good. I don’t understand it. Yeah you can’t have pizza and beer all the time but that doesn’t mean you have to hate what you eat and eat fucking cucumber rolls. I don’t get it

  7. As good as "Eye candy" He is now…he and his wife (I believe they are now separated??) looked so much happier in his "fat" pics 🙁

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