CJ fat level 100%

CJ fat level 100%

Let us dump on some bustas, come on! I’d rather do a drive-thru than a drive-by. How about a little coffee? No, I like ice cream, not coffee. Woo! C-CJ! Remember that name! Yo, taxi! Over here! [gong hit] How the fuck can you can pull me around? Santos Official– You’re busted, sir. Oh, damn. I lost my waffle. I know I need more exercise, but not like this! That car looks very good Wanna learn some dirty Spanish? Uh-uh. I like soft-shell crabs, not genitals. Get the fuck outta here, Grove Street! Please… You put me off the thought of food. [squeaky noises] [record scratch] Jesus, my heart! I gotta take it easy. Wait up, fool! That’s all I get? I gotta do lunch, not do you. [whistle] Back of your neck look like a pack of hot dogs! Yeah? Well, you look like some I leave in the toilet. [knocking] Why you got to be like that? Bitch! I bet you need some action. A’ight, girl. Hope you won’t mind a bit of sweat. Help! [drowns]


  1. CJ:Deez nuts……………………………got too fat so when I piss it goes all over da damn wall

  2. Stranger: The back of your neck look like a pack of hot dogs.
    CJ: *You look like somethin' I'd leave in a toilet.
    Me: * pikachu shocked face * OHHH

  3. "Back of ya neck look like a pack of hotdogs"

    "Yeah, well you look like someone leaving the toilet

    Top 10 comebacks a 7 year old would use

  4. Hey man, i am subscribed to you for a long time. Can you tell me how do you make these videos and what programs you use?

  5. Denise: what food do you like?

    CJ: what's food?

    Denise: it what you eat

    CJ: I don't eat food, junk is my last name

  6. Back of ya’ neck look like a pack of hot dogs! 😂

    Yeah? Well you look like something I’d leave in the toilet. 🤣

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