Coffee & a Chat #4 In sickness and in health

Coffee & a Chat #4  In sickness and in health

today welcome back to the channel welcome back for a coffee and if I sound a bit difference because I'm sick well I've been sick been sick had the flu the man flu the worst kind of flu anyone could possibly get Gurley flu it's nothing man flu serious stuff I was actually in bed for two or three days and yeah Ike's and pains and shivers and chills and you know not just a cold no not just a cold not just one of those you know easy to get over calls was the flu influenza kills people every year but I survived and I also survived a marriage yep people have been asking did you really get married did you really get me yes I did look here are other pictures well here's a picture to prove it that's me the handsome looking guy holding up a tree on the right hand side and there's my gorgeous blushing bride on the left there with the brightly colored here and the Steampunk gear yeah you see why Josie right she's like me not a not a follower she's a trend setter right 37 38 years we've been living together and we decided on an impossible let's try this marriage thing let's see if that's going to work we don't know it may not last may not last but at least it D bastardize the kids which is gonna be a bonus for them right what I want to talk about today I've made notes because I'm still old and frail and feeble first of all got sick got married yep Oh lots of people emailed me about their BBC documentary what is it called the Britain's next ear disaster did you see it if you haven't been going over look I think it's on dailymotion if you go look for it I would put a link in the description of this video but yeah Jim's a bit funny about things are there and sometimes if you put a link to somewhere that's a competing site they basically your video never gets seen by anybody it's stuck in the back closet somewhere wrapped in brown paper with tape or saying never open so I'm not gonna put a link to of it you can find it if you live in the UK you've probably seen it so kind of look see if you haven't otherwise now oh no I'm not gonna go in and depth because this is just a coffee chat short and YouTube doesn't like short either Oh apparently apparently I've been finding out all this detail if you want to make money out of YouTube you haven't videos that are at least 10 minutes long because then you can put the mid-roll ads you know when you're just when I'm talking I certainly uh interrupted look there's an Ed got to watch it click click click skip skip well I don't I don't use those I don't care how long my video is out my videos can be an hour long I'm not putting the mid-roll ads and even though apparently they triple the revenue from your pausing through Adsense but hey I've got patreon supporters I don't need that crap you guys get the benefit of my patreon supporters who subbed me a little of money every month yes great anyway um yes so they put a drawing in a pneumatic cannon fired at an airplane part still been done before and because the drone wouldn't fit in the cannon they'd beat the snot out of all the hammer it was really hard to break now the interesting thing is that they took the heavy bits the hard that's the motors and the battery and stuck them in this Sebo Sabo Sabo so they could fired out the cannon but they put some carbon rods in there great big booty Fett strong super thick carbon fiber where did they come from I don't recall the Phantom for having carbon rods in it anywhere no doesn't a chick mine doesn't have any carbon in it but they put carbon in the air for whatever reason and then they put some foam around it and then they fired it at hundreds of miles an hour at this old-fashioned jet airliner tail plane thing and it was made a hole in it what would you expect but it's like excuse me this is kind of like imagine trying to test crash test Volvo's how would you feel if the crash test people said well here's a Volvo in their boxy but they're good but so we're gonna dis and see how well it holds up in two crashes let's take the motor out wrap it in carbon rods and fire to the concrete wall and see if people would survive if they were trapped between the two that's the kind of lunacy that the BBC engaged in with this mockumentary and it is a mockumentary it's not a documentary it's a mockumentary they just made stuff up it's a design to to sensationalize and to scare people effect I looked up the definition of terrorism because I thought this is a terrorist act this is in the documentary it's an act of terrorism so I looked it up on Wikipedia and Wikipedia taught me that terrorism is using violence and intimidation especially against civilians in the pursuit of political aims or doesn't it describe to a tee exactly what this mockumentary documentary does it uses the implied threat of violence or people are going to die drones are gonna bring down airliners the threat of violence and intimidation so people are scared now even the guy Aldo they're rough tough hipster guy that you know it's sniper and whatever army guy from Afghanistan he said I'm I'm scared of flying now basically so even he was intimidated by this document and it's especially get civilians because this is talking about how few Joey average public go on an airliner you could be killed to death by these evil drawings in the carbon rods which appear out of nowhere so yeah and it political aims course its political aims the BBC is a government-funded broadcaster and their political aim is to make a snot load of money by getting more people watching eyeballs on screens so it's it's terrorism by definition the BBC has engaged in act terrorism I call in the UK government shut them down shut them down sell this stuff off and give you everyone Netflix and Steve that's what I say this should do them anyway this is a rent isn't it it's not supposed to be Prince a coffee check anyway I'll back off I'll back off a little bit anyway I'm moving right along the the other thing I saw this week what's going on in the UK there's a professor who recommends that you know drone operators you shouldn't be able to go into a high street store and buy a drone you should have a background check fish you should be check to make sure that you are fit and proper person to own a drone so if you're gonna want to go and buy self americorps a phantom here's something you should be checked to make sure you're not a terrorist like the BBC I should go into your background and seek for criminal offending and talk to your wife and your sister and your mother and all your best friends and make sure you're a straight-up guy seriously sue but I mean he rehearse a point it's if you've looked at the UK papers I mean they've got a huge problem with violent crime and I'm telling you now it's only a matter of time until someone has stabbed to death with a drone in London because they've been stabbed with knives but you don't need to be a grand chick to buy a knife now you can walk into any department store and buy a knife that's okay even though hundreds of people are stabbed to death every year in London now it's not the same as a drone is it she's never killed anybody I really seriously the people in charge of these regulations and the consulting to government in the UK do they all come from the same parents is this like massive and breeding is a slight Appalachian mountain people of the UK it seems like it because they all seem to be quite a few sandwiches short of a picnic they really do seem to vim bread to an inordinately large degree and it's resulted in this craziness coming out in the regulatory process I don't know what do you do so there you go anyway and speaking of the BBC programme they made mention of the get work situation you know we're played planes were grounded for three days because of the drones that nobody ever saw and at the time there was a lot of speculation that this was a cover of I cover up for something even more mundane such as maybe the air traffic control system at get went down and maybe they're trying to cover that up because at the time they were selling the airport the airport was for sale and fridge people were gonna come on and go is that the Lord money mean we will buys the airport but your air traffic control she's routed so we're not to pay much money that may have been what they had in mind when they said well what do we do cover up bits but it down to drones people who believe that evil drones because just today I see that the air traffic control system it get whicker's fallen on its face and flights been grounded exactly what happened back during the Christmas period when it was supposedly drones I wonder if this is a systemic problem that's resurfaced and they can't blame drones twice because now they got the gear there and people go well where's your drawings so now they have to fix up besides they've already sold it they got the money in the bank got to give a damn that the air traffic control systems falling over is not going to affect the purchase price never Occam's razor Occam's razor that's the secret to working out what's going on behind the scenes here Oh terrible and despite my illness and Infirmary and marriage rights and visitors to the studio this week and I'm a poster boy yes I'm going to be a poster boy I'm going to be the ultra-fast broadband we have a new zealand's pretty damn sure mark actually I'm just upgrading from the 100 megabits per second to my house to the one gigabit per second to my house so I can upload YouTube videos more quickly because even now if I do you know half hour video it can be like 2 gigabytes and that even at a hundred watt upload is 30 megabits still takes a long time to upload so I'm going to the gigabit plan and it's all like 100 bucks a month as much as you can eat it's amazing we have some of the best internet in the world here in New Zealand in Australia they're still using which shoelaces and stuff and they everyone's moaning and grizzling about how slow the internet is and then they're using wireless over the last mile and it's all collect everyone watches a Netflix at night and nobody gets to see anything because everyone's trying to use the same little bit of spectra Australian stuff stuffed it up just like they've stuffed up their drone regulations now New Zealand ooh we've got it all anyway yeah so it's some people come they're doing a commercial I'm in the commercial look at me I'm a youtuber and I have an audience of dozens of people around the world and I do it all from workshop in the middle of nowhere in rural New Zealand say that's how broadband work so I'm the poster child for that oh so they came in they got the cameras out and they made me talk to the camera to pretend that I was working which I never do and they filmed it all and that'll go up soon so if I if when they go online I'll send your link to and you can have a look and mock me relentlessly which I'm sure you will there you go now I'm gonna leave you is it gonna be a link here I found a music video that somebody in the UK I think did about that the hobby if I can find it again I'll put it in a link to it at the end of this video and it's brilliant it's it's like putting all their woes into a song and there you go so I go never look at it see what you think leave a comment on that video tell them where you came from tell them XJ sent you but I mean this is what we need to do we need to get this positive thing I mean what's more positive then a little bit of music and a sing-along it's brilliant fantastic so we need to fight back we need to fight back against the BBC and its terrorist actions and we need to fight back against this public perception that were so evil which that background checks because who knows only pedophiles fly drones right Oh anyway that's enough for me coffee it was it was around I can't tell the difference these days I'm tip Alden informed there you go thanks for watching thanks to my patreon supporters really appreciate all the help you give us so I can make these ads without those mid rolls yeah and by the way if you want to support the channel our links in the description to my patreon page and to the generic banggood link where if you go and click on that we buy stuff from banker get a tiny little amount it's it's over a hundred dollars now oh so I'll be buying some stuff from Ben Gordon reviewing it on my other channel RC model reviews speaking of which got lots of stuff in the can at the moment you meet in the averages why I'm home today and I've got my editing computers on and I'm trying to splice together bits of video to make stuff interesting and informative it's a waffle don it's a rent it's a waffle that's all it is no coffee M next time thanks for watching guys bye for now thumbs up or thumbs down but if you give me a thumbs down tell me why I need to know so I can make this better see you later


  1. did you know they have found that the common cold attacks bladder cancer. I don't know who they are but it was in the MSM so must be true.
    bbc is just distracting us from the fact that Boeing has lost airliners to sensor faults,
    they are admitting to 2 jets.

  2. Good video, thanks for keeping the community up to date and congrats on the marriage.

    We are starting to stand together in the UK, check out Association of Responsible Drone Users (

  3. The Gatwick incident, Every time the polieputupp a drone to look for a drone, people were complaining that they were seeing a drone. The police were saying where,we will find it ?
    talk about chasing your own tail.
    The police did later admit to a complete fuck up

  4. In aviation, they fire a chicken ( yes, a dead one) at the windscreen to test for bird strikes. Way back when when Bill Lear was trying to get the first biz jet certified, he did the test like an airliner was required to do. One problem, they used a frozen chicken! Not only did it go through the windscreen, it came out the back of the aircraft.

  5. Hi Bruce. I lost my wife of 41 years last Saturday after an operation. She just had turned 59 a month before. I don't want to bring you down but I want to make a point. TELL HER YOU LOVE HER EVERYDAY.

  6. Congratulations mrs Bruce and Bruce doin the same in couple months after 10 years 2 beautiful kids
    I m surprised they did add a bowling ball to the phantom 4 and said look how damage this “DRONE” has done what a bunch of dickheads lol
    Oh they forgot the “the drone stolen my baby” just to put the cherry on the cake lmao lol

    It’s true your really can’t win with STUPID 🤪

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