Cooking with Tyrone….The Fitness Addict Makes A Protein Shake Without Supplements

Cooking with Tyrone....The Fitness Addict Makes A Protein Shake Without Supplements

what stopping you to be to boat won't and today I'm gonna show you guys how to make your homemade protein shakes thank you so much it's been right about that four-week period where I were generate enough IQ points to be able to watch a Tyrone from fitness addicts video and almost as if on fucking cue Tyrone yesterday released this glorious how to make a protein shake without supplements video it is un-fuckin'-believable first of all fourteen with almost 15 minutes and I know this video is probably go about 40 or 50 minutes but 14 or 15 minutes to make a protein shake without protein the way he does it I just lie again I've so wondered how this man actually functions in fucking life it can't it can't just be me like I mean I know I am a fucking horrible person most of time like I assume like really nasty horrible things about people but it can't this is not even be being mean about Tyrone this is me just fucking assuming from the evidence placed in front of me that this guy is an utter and total idiot and Tyrone just in case you're wondering all this stuff is in my opinion of course and if you go to try to have this video take it down like you did one of my other videos I am going to make like 30 fucking videos on on you and put them on vid me and shit like that put him up every fucking place I can't put him right on my website that'll be ten times as Brewer was this one so just fucking take it have a good day just like last time anyway let's get to it Tyrone is gonna run through how he's makes his protein shakes and uh he's gonna school us on why he's are you guys meat is the stuff I'm gonna show you it's that's it cuz guys I know it's expensive yeah look at that scene let's pull that scene up I don't know if there's anything to suggest that he knows how expensive anything is cuz I'm pretty sure he lives with his mama I don't stand how that fucking correlates like you know like you know sometimes like Tara what do you saw that noise mom I'm making a video you know like shit like that like called himself a shredded motherfucker while he lives with his mother motherfucker I I don't fucking get it I mean but look at the fucking pink shoes look at the fucking xxx wine glasses my good buddy Steve Shaw pointed out not too long ago what what the fuck I mean it does make me feel better however because that means that like he's being taken care of because honestly I'm a horrible vile person but I don't want to see anybody get hurt and his last cooking video it was but I look at his last cooking videos only a matter of time before you sliced a fucking finger off now with that you know the thing about this video this is just a protein shake so how dangerous can it fucking be right TCS I know they're expensive I go home two bucks and a hundred bucks for a fucking protein shake like not even if you're paying a hundred bucks for a fucking protein shake you're a fucking moron but a hundred bucks even for a fucking table approach like how big is this fucking type of protein like is it like one of the fucking bulk things you get from like one of the shooters like the 25 pound motherfuckers like what a hundred bucks like I mean I know I know that he lives in Canada and the conversion rate might be a little fucking different no at that but a hundred fucking bucks per protein shake is what he's fucking saying I mean I know he's probably speaking out of turn but I also just assumed that he doesn't know what the fuck he's talking about just like always these days I'm gonna show you an easy and on your 12 bucks under 12 bucks a protein shake with 30 grams of protein in it that you can buy from Costco like the like the bulk protein and stuff like that cost about 50 fuckin cents so I don't know what the fuck he plans on going however and this is just the fucking reality it would be ridiculous of me to expect him to fucking awesome develop math skills and shit like that I mean this is a guy that admittedly can't work a fucking calendar so I don't know if I'm just over assuming but he is putting himself in a position to actually be instructional people which is just fucking crazy but let's give him a chance to explain maybe he maybe he's got it all fucking figured out so why you got to try it out and trust me you guys will become shredded as a mother oh yes let's trust him I mean it probably still has our fucking curfew so he doesn't wake up the rest of the fucking family let's trust him okay guys so let's get straight into it so I'm gonna show you how I make my home may protein see and here we go let's see if he can avoid putting his hand into the actual fucking blender while it's fucking operating let's let's see so first thing I do is take ice so take ice pour it in your blender so we're gonna take raw berries ice and strawberries first of all I do find it kind of funny like he like starts talking to everybody else like they're fucking idiots like first thing I do is take ice and then I'm gonna take strawberries like dude like I will say I just know like I ever feel like I'm the fucking smartest dude in the room but I am fairly sure there's plenty of fucking times where this man feels like he is the dumbest motherfucker alive I mean you know and that's just my assumption that's just my assumption you know YouTube please don't fucking take this video down okay actually those are raspberries I'm sure it's just a fucking slip of the tongue but those are raspberries let's just let a lot of continue cuz what moron wouldn't be able to know the difference between a strawberry and raspberry right throw a couple strawberries let's do it ro hopefully that's just a fucking mistake even though it's got to say fucking raspberries right on a motherfucking container so let's look it's it's raspberries Tyron raspberries and these are all natural okay through the strawberries inside throws a fucking raspberries in Scott he's making my fuckin eye twitch throw the fucking raspberries in the fucking thing it's about a two cups worth of fucking raspberries too but throw them in there fucking probably like literally like fucking four dollars where the fucking raspberries throw the fucking raspberries in there it looks juicy yeah the fucking raspberries look fucking juicy they're fucking raspberries I'm fucking he's either one of the dumbest people on YouTube or he's the world's best troll like he's probably like oh the old Sunny's gonna like come out and be like a fucking rocket scientist some like that it's fucking raspberries and now we're gonna take our peanut butter okay strawberries ice peanut butter raspberries ice peanut butter raspberries ice peanut butter okay you open this peanut butter is it just me or is he struggling like a motherfucker to get that fucking peanut butter open there we go congratulations genius take two spoons of peanut butter just only two spoons all right two spoonfuls of peanut butter though it to be about two tablespoons apiece okay let's but could keep going yeah that's why norm you have to that's it I don't believe this is what he normally has I don't believe he normally makes this shit I believe I don't I think this is the first time he's whipping this shit together I fucking really do I think he may if he does have this I think somebody that he lives with maybe his mama puts it together for him only two spoons all right yeah only four tablespoons of peanut butter holy fuck this is why I'm always like every single day all right call bullshit see the other thing is banana guys what the fuck is it with this motherfucker and knives you need a knife to open a fucking banana banana how are you guys open your banana okay for the people that are Tyrone fans are over here to fuckin be pissed at me please listen to this one fuckin thing if you're gonna make Tyrone's magical fucking protein shake without sub ones here just open the fucking banana like any fucking kindergarten kid can jesus fucking christ for fucking real do not hold a banana in your hand with a fucking knife in your hand and cut it towards your fucking crotch I mean that is like fucking natural selection if there's a fucking accident if you ask me but holy fuck that is so fucking stupid I can't even get the fuck over what how does this motherfucker have all his fucking fingers I mean you know the people his family probably watch this fucking video like what the fuck first of all why is he on our fucking couch making a fucking protein shake and secondly why the fuck is he trying to cut himself again so take your banana chop it up yeah it is a true statistical anomaly that this motherfucker has all his fucking fingers what the fuck I mean why what is with him kind of shit his fucking head with a fucking knife is it like I know he this was people where the fuck are they stop this motherfucker now so I'm gonna use two bananas by the way why not you survive the experience and open up the first one go for fucking two like I said so I don't want to hear no more excuses guys no more excuses a lot of people have a lot excuses like and I understand it protein shakes are expensive I understand that fucking real no you dope cuz if you understood how expensive protein shakes were you'd realize that they cost like thirty to sixty dollars for a fucking month supplies you're gonna have fucking every day so maybe one it's a $2.00 a fucking day or a fucking dose for fucking thirty to sixty grams a day of protein you don't understand shit dude I mean this is somebody needs to fucking reach out to hit this motherfucker and say stop making idiotic videos cuz here's the fucking thing he's had a good run he's got like two hundred twenty thousand subscribers but his comments section start key little fucking ugly and when that fucking happens to the fucking people that got popular real quick for no fucking reason at all because he got popular for no fucking reason at all that get that shit gets ugly really fucking fast really fucking fast so someone needs a fucking retard he'll you stick the fucking what you know do your fucking body weight workouts and your bar workouts and all that fucking shit this cooking shit is just making is there's it's not even a fucking question that you don't know this shit okay I mean but it makes it appear and I could be wrong maybe you do know about others ship and it makes it appear that you know nothing about nutrition therefore you know nothing about fucking lifting because I mean it makes it appear to here a scrutiny fucker by accident bitch so all the people that want to know what supplement I take is what I'm making right now bananas strawberries ice there raspberries two spoons a peanut butter yeah two spoonfuls of peanut butter about four tablespoons of peanut butter from a jar that took him more time to open that some kids can solve a fucking Rubik's Cube in these are Greek yogurt that's it that's it that's all that's all the ingredients he's gonna suggest I guess like I always told you guys it's so simple I say this every fucking video about the only thing simple you're Tyrone is you and we think I'm showing you cost on your 10 bucks so earlier you said it's under 12 now you're saying it's under 10 I have a hard time believing you know what any of this fucking shit cost because frankly I don't believe you buy the groceries at your fucking house I mean I'm sure it's part of your chores to put them away and everything like that like along with feeding the fucking cat and you know vacuuming the fucking carpet and making sure your room is fucking tidy and shit like that but I don't believe that you buy any of this fucking shit I don't think you know what any of this fucking shit cost at all I really fucking don't I just I don't believe that you know what the fuck you're talking about it here's why I don't think you take this at everyday here's why cuz here in ice about two cups of raspberries raspberries a whole thing of fucking Greek yogurt two fucking bananas and two heaping scoops of fucking peanut butter I don't think you take this in everyday because this whole fucking thing is gonna be about fucking 1,200 fucking calories for fucking Rio's gonna be about 12 it's gonna be a lot a thousand two fucking twelve hundred calories right the fuck off the bat and probably cost around were your fucking saying but that's one fucking protein shake this one that's one you fifty cents a day ten – fucking $12 you're who fucking ties the shoes who does which family more ties this motherfuckers shoes Greek yogurt see you guys Greek yogurt he seriously thinks he's fucking teaching people like he's fucking destructive people if there are people that actually take his advice especially these fucking cookie videos advice somebody should step in in their fucking life they don't belong in a fucking gym they're gonna kill themselves or kill somebody else they're the fucking type of dude it tries to fucking stack you know three plates on one side and one plate on a fucking other side just to hit the fucking weight right because or one leg is stronger than the other stupid fucker Nico's bullshit like that these are people that believe that you can do whatever Tyrone does and become a shredded motherfucker yogurt banana strawberry raspberries two sons of peanut butter a lot of people now a lot of people know why I keep getting ready know they fucking don't and I certainly hope people don't take this dumb ass motherfuckers advice IRA I say this every fucking video and again I always fucking think back to the twenty push-up fucking scrolling through my fucking emails to find out who fucking sent that to me cuz I was gonna fucking send him a fucking nasty message but I cuz these are some of my most successful videos they really really are but I fucking shit you not they fucking haunt me they fucking haunt me this motherfucker is such the fucking epitome of what people think the fitness industry is that it just fucking it hurts me it's fucking hurts so fucking bad because when people think of fucking weight lifters you like that they think of Tyrone and it's it makes us all look like we fucking barely can manage the fucking tie our own fucking shoelaces and walk down the fuckin Street without walking in the fucking traffic does this wait on me huh I call bullshit again this is probably what ever was left over in the fucking refrigerator when his family went fucking grocery shopping so he's home alone so it's time to fucking film and he didn't get a fucking video out so he just like ah I'll make a protein shake I fucking don't buy that he fucking drinks his shit at all I mean I think this is the fucking first time this motherfuckers doing it he wouldn't have act like the fucking peanut butter jar was for fucking Knox if he does this every fucking day I mean for real he just wouldn't fucking it's unbelievable that he would have a tiny ass little fucking peanut butter jar I mean it's fucking insane to me that this dude is just fucking bullshitting everybody and their buddies I got Iran so awesome he's so great he's a shattered motherfucker he is fucking idiotic hey guys Oh everything so the whole cup of yogurt all right next thing we're gonna use is milk okay guys but if you guys want pretty much you guys can use water so we're gonna add no for calories but if you guys want you can use water um so sometimes I like to add oatmeal so if you want you guys can go meal now I'm sure he's gonna fucking split this shake-up into a couple days cuz I've actually watched this fucking video right but uh at best I mean at best the shake is already like 350 to 400 calories per fucking day way more than fucking any normal protein shake and if he does split up what do you fuckin ends up with by the way it'd be like fucking 18 grams of protein in a fuckin day for a protein shake that cost fucking like thirteen fucking dollars I mean it's fucking insane but uh yeah add oatmeal to it too but one to add a little bit more fucking expense but to dad a little bit more fucking calories I don't buy this motherfucker saying he fucking drinks this every fucking day fucker he doesn't he is not fucking drinking this every day that's just fucking bullshit it's total fuck it's a fucking lie and I normally never call this motherfucker a liar but this is a fucking lie sometimes I like to throw old mule in it sometimes I don't today I'm not gonna put an old mule in cuz I don't want oatmeal because he doesn't want oatmeal today like I'm sure when he doesn't want the crust on his fucking peanut butter and jelly sandwiches they magically get cut off for him too so the first thing the first thing is bananas ice two spoons of peanut butter okay Greek yogurt milk okay and I said the old meal if you guys want you guys can put it in but I know me don't sometimes I do sometimes I don't so now after this pretty much we're gonna blend it didn't he forget to mention the strawberries raspberries doc so lets blend this bitch up and there we have it like I always tell you guys it's so simple to go yeah blend that bitch up I look for my fucking ginkgo to fucking you'll try to recover some of the fucking brain cells just seeped out of my fucking ears and a lot I know a lot of people gonna add some your tongs so why do you put the ice in it the reason why I put ice in my shake is because I I want it to be cold well at least he knows a difference wean hot and cold uh you know I'm glad he uses the word simple lot because for fucking real um it suits him show of hands like actually in the comments section below who actually thinks he bounces his own checkbook like a fucking real like and from the evidence view scene I buy any other videos you watch that he makes and the videos I make about him what evidence could possibly be out there that he is a self-sustaining human being okay again I point back and I'm actually not even making fun of him I think he lives at home with his fucking parents and I'm really happy about that because I don't dislike this dude although he just did fucking bullshit and say he fucking needs to shake every day that he doesn't fucking drink but I don't dislike this motherfucker he's just a fucking easy target because he's so fucking stupid but for real in the comments section below who actually thinks he fucking he actually can sustain himself in life like he could be an independent an independent individual comment below I'm interested to see so like I said I want you guys to try it out and this is what I have every single day that's why I don't waste my money on buy protein shakes cuz I can make my own at home and this whole thing costs under 12 bucks okay Tyrone or whoever is actually you know in charge of Tyrone I know you're probably watching because you know otherwise would be no way for you to take my other video down way back when but if you're watching let me break this down for you real quick first of all if you drink that $12 fucking protein shake every day that would be $360 I I'm sure he gets to the point where he fucking breaks it down into two or three days so let's say it's three days so that means it's four dollars a fucking day four dollars a fucking day times fucking 30 here's 120 you can buy good fucking protein for the fucking month for 60 fucking dollars and that will give you about 60 fucking grams of protein every fucking day where this will give you about 18 grams of protein every fucking day what the fuck so I mean for fucking real we're looking at twice the price for half the fucking effectiveness at best this is fucking idiotic I mean like I I get I really fucking get that you're just trying to fucking get videos out whoever is in charge of Tyrone because that's who I'm talking to now because I certainly don't believe he's in charge of his own fucking life ever which by the way motherfucker whoever is in charge of him keep the fucking knives away from him here if that's fucking irresponsible but for fucking real for fucking real don't let him make himself this big of a fucking ass in front of the fucking world I mean this is fucking ridiculous I feel bad for him not the bad enough to fucking stop doing this but I feel fucking bad for him that's it why do everything and clearly it's working Oh Tyrone in my opinion of course I think there's many doctors and therapists that would disagree with you that they would actually think that you indeed are very fucking special goddamn motherfucker I don't try to fucking steal your shit I don't fucking try to cut my own fucking fingers off or say it's fucking easy or anything like that I don't fuck a lot of these fucking people I don't fucking take your fucking stick it's like acting like it's all super fucking easy to be a fucking fit and she'll like that I'm fucking realistic with people so don't please fucking stealing my goddamn motherfucker that's fucking bullshit anyway my name's Alan Roberts is every damn day fitness like it subscribe hit me up on Instagram never named a fitness to me upload 20 of them they fit I'm also on Facebook every day fitness on the internet every day I'm a fitness icon where we get fine weather channel every damn day life Tyrone put the knives down goddamn


  1. When you are so desperate for content you use other peoples thumbnails as click bait and then try to diss them in the same video. BiG L buddy. Lets build not divide.

  2. This is the funniest thing that I've seen on YouTube since that Total Eclipse Of The Heart literal parody video.

  3. You really mad at him… you must have a small dick to be this mad不不不不 I hope its not because he see your woman in the club.

  4. I'm fucking dying with laughter here. I haven't seen Tyrone since he chipped teflon flakes into his Tuna and now this. You know that scene in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels where Steve Martin plays Ruprecht and he has to have the cork on the fork to stop him poking his (other) eye out? That is Tyrone…

  5. Actually a 5lb tub of protein powder is like $60 to $80 here in Toronto. That doesn't mean Tyrone isn't plumb retarded though

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