We’re the Vagabrothers and this series is about new Nordic cuisine We’ll be traveling across three Nordic capitols Exploring the culinary revolution that’s turned this region into one of the most dynamic food destinations on Earth. Along the way, we’ll be meeting locals, eating, drinking, and having a great time Hope you’re hungry In episode two we’re diving into Copenhagen birthplace of the new Nordic cuisine Ok so it’s going to be a pretty wild day today we are going to check out a bunch of things around Copenhagen we’re starting out with this market we’re going to go to a local food market for some breakfast and then head throughout town so with some luck the weather will brighten up and it will be a fun day here in Copenhagen Marko:”Christian?” Christian:”yes” Marko:”Hi, Marko” Alex:”So where are we headed?” Christian:”We are headed towareds….the food market and we are going to have some porridge” Alex:”Perfect. Who doesn’t want poridge in the morning?” Alex:”Even though we just had breakfast, LET’S EAT” Mark:”So Copenhagen is one of the most bike friendly cities in the world. actually only less than 1/3 of locals own a car and people bike everywhere” Christian:” It’s here where the university was in the old days so people spoke Latin here at university it’s from around year 1500″ Christian:”It’s about three years old now, this used to be just a big parking facility and now it’s the hip and cool food place of the city we have all the cakes and chocolate and coffee and the porridge that you just had Alex:”Why is it so special?” Market server:”Because it has lots of different flavors it has licorise sugar and gooseberry compound which really gives it a twist” Alex:”This is the gnarliest looking porridge i’ve ever seen” Mark:”Goldielox would totally steal this and I would totally notice Alex:”You’d be the angry bear?” Mark:”I’d be an angry bear because this is a serious bowl of porridge” Mark:”My first coffee in 18 months I quit because after the BBB trip I was an addict i drank 8 cups a day so this is either the beginning of a huge decline of my life or I think i’ll be able to handle it so here we go… ooo it’s nice” we’re properly caffinated, we’ve had a good feed and now we’re going to head to the tower, the round tower where we are going to get a nice panoramic view of the city so… let’s roll Alex:”So fun! It’s actually turning into a really nice day the sun’s just come out could not ask for much more, good food, good cofee nice people, good weather, welcome to Denmark we have just arrived at our next stop at the round tower we are gunna get a panoramic view of the city up here It’s a beautiful place up here we’re getting a great view of the city and we learned that when Christian IV, who is the guy who built this tower, he also built a lot of the city and there weren’t a lot of architects in Denmark at that time so they brought in a lot of architects from the Netherlands which is why the city kind of has that Dutch feel in some places which is really ironic too because now Scandinavia and the Nordic countries are famous for design but back then there were not any architects Alex: look at the skyline there are like bell towers everywhere churches, right now we’re at the top of round tower and it used to be like an observatory Mark: It still is actually it functions two nights a week as an observatory apparently this is one of the best hot dog spots in the city, it’s called Døp Alex: Doope Mark: Sounds pretty dope to me Døp worker: Everything in here is organic Mark: all the food so far in Copenhagen has been organic we should just start noting when it’s not organic pickles, friend onions A whole grain bun awesome Mark: back on the bikes! Christian: Back on the bikes yes Christian: Nice meeting you guys Mark: Likewise thank you so much for everything Christian: Thank you, it was fun Mark: Alright, and onwards into Tivoli Guys this is Simon SImon: Welcome He’s gunna tell us what Tivoli’s all about Simon: Tivoli is one of the oldest amusement parks in the world it’s was founded in 1843 so it’s very old now alright guys we are going to go ride a roller coaster and I think it’s one of the oldest roller coasters in Europe Mark: Ya and back in the day they used to have a strong dude just carry you up Alex: Like Atlas just pushing you to the top Mark: And you would go down like manually there was no motor driving it and it was only 7 seconds long Alex: It’s a little bit longer today but let’s take a look It really reminds me of the Matterhorn at Disneyland and i bet Walt Disney probably copied this ride Mark: I think he probably did It wasn’t quite Ferrari world but you know I think that was really fun Victory Bye Hello my name is Maya Tsini and i’m responsible for the PR and external communications here at Copenhagen street food on the paper island we are located in old warehouses where there used to be storage for paper for the printing press so we took over the warehouses last year and opened up in May we have 35 stalls which are representing 13 different nationalities so welcome to Copenhagen street food so we are actually going to try the most Danish thing of all the open faced sandwich Alex: Smørrebrød? How do you say it? Local: Smørrebrød Marko and Alex: (with a terrible accent) Smørrebød that’s a potato, mayonaise, chives, and onion, fried onions cow cash, 75, 80 Mark: oh nice before we eat these there is one last thing we need it is absolutely essential Mark: let me guess let me guess together: Beer Mark: I knew it beer is excellent everything has been excellent and you guys should know this is only going to be here until 2018 potentially so make it down here while it lasts because it’s definitely a cool vibe we’re about to hop on a little booze cruise with Matilda take a boat through the harbor and show you guys Copenhagen from sea level I think i’m having one of the better days of my life right now we use the word epic a lot but this has been a pretty epic day Alex: It’s been seriously epic Oh my god you guys today has been a grub and chub marathon I don’t i’ve eaten, drank this much in my life ever but it’s been awesome but we’re not done yet we’ve got two more stops so keep watching we are going next to the Mad Mad Mad Bodega there’s three mad’s which is an ecological restuarant Alex: What does that mean? Mark: Well they say it’s about putting the joy into being green so you know like we said the new Nordic food movement a lot of it’s based on being organic and sustainable and that’s what we’re going to explore right now Mad Mel is a play on words Mad is the English for mad Mel is the Danish for food so we are crazy about food Mad Mel is a place that is inspired to create really down to earth food we have a feast on our hands here we’ve got fish we have chicken cabbage, cauliflower, and a tomato orgy but realistically it’s really cool what their doing here they’re taking all local sustainable products and their whipping them up in very creative ways so we have eaten a lot today but this makes me feel a little less guilty about continuing the feast well that was mad good Mark: super good Alex: And i’m stuffed bro I could not eat anything more Mark: We’re gunna have a little beer right now Alex: I couldn’t eat anything more but I could drink more We’re gunna go to War Pigs which is a really cool place with an awesome story Alex: Now the war pigs have the poweerrrr War Pigs is really interesting it’s a collaboration between Three Floyds which is one of the best breweries in the world out of Munster, Indiana and Mikkeller a local brewer here nammed mikkel who, he’s a gypsy brewer, he’s done collaborations with hundreds of brewers around the world and this is the first physical location where he’s actually produced his own beer because he just writes his own recipes Alex: And has other breweries brew them for him? Mark: Ya dude It’s a really global brewing company and so we’re going to try a little bit of American influence here in Copenhagen and try out the beer how many beers do you guys have on tap right now? Bartender: Right now we have 20 beers and 2 cocktails on tap what’s your favorite beer on tap right now? Mark: Is there a reason why it’s 6.66% alcohol? Bartender: Umm, you figure it out Mark: I’m drinking it man it makes you feel very.. Alex: Demonic Mark: Very devilish Alex: Uh oh watch out ladies, Mark’s on the loose I’m a war pig, man It’s been one of the better days of my life with no exaggeration we’ve eaten our way through Copenhagen So rotund right now but happily, happily bloated. Pleasantly plump I think it the word now we’ve got these beers in our hands and it is so strong that we’re just going to have to sign out right now before this gets really sloppy so anyways if you guys like the video give it a thumbs up, share it with your friends and subscribe to our channel for new travel videos every Tuesday and maybe more frequently In the mean time stay curious keep exploring we’ll see you guys on the road alright peace


  1. Christian is so not right about "Torvehallerne" there used to be tons of Fruitstands there every weekend, untill the politicians and other bastards decided to make a shit ton of money on turist.. very few danish people go there to eat, its so overprized compared to the quality

  2. Nice to see that you enjoyed Denmark, im 100% from Denmark and I am really proud of being from Denmark 🙂

  3. TorveHallerne was in the 90" a big open air fruit market …. it was fun as a kid… why?? they shouted at once , all their offers / prices from all the small "shops" . . . i miss that but the new market got quality stuff and it keeps you dry in a rainy day 😀

  4. The "most" Danish thing is actually the mock-praising you when you try to pronounce Smørrebrød 😛

  5. Uuhm, "mel" is not the Danish word for "food". "Mad" is. "Mel" means "flour". Dunno what that lady was talking about. But glad you liked our city 🙂

  6. we just got back from Copenhagen and visited a lot of the places from this video. Beautiful city. Will need to go back and spend more time in Denmark. Thanks!

  7. How big are your backpacks? Do you ever have problems getting them through airport security as carryons? Because my boyfriend and I are backpacking next summer and tent camping so we will have our packs and tent and sleeping pads

  8. Great video guys, but I think that the woman presenting the second last food place said "mad mad" not "mad mel", because I know that Mel is not food in Danish 🙂

  9. One of the coolest city in the world.
    For info, the street food festival place will be destroyed in 2017 (not 18) 🙁

  10. Great video.. I will be traveling to Copenhagen in 2017. Question, did you all hire private guides or just meet people along the way to show you around?

  11. varför är det så många svenskar som tycker att danskar är korkade , och danskar som tycker dåligt om svenskar?
    Jag är svensk jag har inget emot danskar.
    det skulle vara kul att lära känna någon dansk. 🙂

  12. there comes a time in everyones life where you want your goat to join the military, thank you bro vaaag for the puni people

  13. mel doesn't mean food in danish, it means flour. She said the danish pronounciation for 'mad' which means food. I focus way to much on the subtitles… :I

  14. Just tripped over this video, so fun i actually used to live at the square where Torvehallerne is now, and saying that it was just parking prior to being Torvehallerne is a huuuuge understatement! Used to be one the most charismatic old school fresh fruit, flower and vegetable markets. But torvehallerne is a huge improvement to the area and made the inner city feel rejuvenated but it sure had charm before that aswell. Nice to see that you enjoyed Copenhagen!

  15. Went to Grød for breakfast while in Copenhagen, for the price, it's definitely filling and worth it. They didn't have the porridge you had at the time, so I was left to eat the vegan version… While delicious, I could've preferred the creamy taste. 😛
    Also, smørrebrød, especially with remoulade… I just can't get enough of it. It makes me sad that remoulade doesn't exist in the States.

  16. I can't believe I am actually saying the porridge looked good but it then O would love to try it some day. The coffee looked tasty as well. Yum!!!

  17. I live close to war pigs in kødbyen. I have to say this is the best and most representative travel videos I’ve seen from Copenhagen. Your guide was great and you went interesting places. Thanks for making us look this good. 😉

  18. Hey guys, fyi, Walt Disney, DID infact copy of Tivoli gardens back in the day – The story goes he visited, fell in love and said he wanted his amusement park to have the same fairytale feel to it.

  19. A slight correction.
    Torvehallerne wasn't parking lots, they were actually a farmers market. You'd get your produce and flowers there. The vendors would "shout" out prices on their wares, and it was their own unique thing. Then a bunch of assholes thought it was too much noise to have these vendors shouting out prices and had a petition to have it closed, thus killing a lot of small businesses because a few office asshole workers didn't like the sound of life but rather loved the sound of traffic. Slowly, Copenhagen is becoming a sterile concrete jungle, where there is no soul left and everything is a facade. Torvehallerne is exactly a very unique and telling piece of this development. Over priced tourist trap behind a fancy concrete, steel and glass facade.
    Thank you for killing Copenhagen, and what made it charming and full of life, and replacing everything with kebab shops and little cafés where all the bloody coffee taste the same.

  20. you nailed it when u said maybe walt disney copied the rollercoaster from tivoli for his own amusement park. Walt disney went to visit copenhagen and tivoli dozens of times and was impressed and inspired by the old wooden rollercoaster, and the natural/relaxing mood and beautiful scenery of tivoli gardens. And the rollercoaster is one of the oldest in the world. We also have "bakken" which is an even older amusement parl than tivoli and is the oldest amusement park in the world still open to this day 😊

  21. Vdo title is about street food but half way down…i still see u both faces on the screen and like a guide talking about the city. Topic Street Food? Watch few other street food vdos for suggestions.

  22. It's so weird yet fun to watch you on holiday to Copenhagen. For me, Copenhagen is just the big city 20min away from home, but I realize there's quite a lot of things to do.

  23. Which hostel were you staying in , Urban House or Steel House? I've stayed in both and have to say Urban House is my favourite.

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