1. Hi i have no anterior pelvic tilt but still my lorsdosis hyper i realised that i have fused joint i worry so much cant it fix by exercises ?

  2. my intire spine is fused!! top to bottom. I have muscles that are so tight…….i walk like im 90. I cant bend over waist over. i have had 4 major surgerys first was when i was 14. I have found it very hard to exercise. my weight is crazy do to lack of. Having troubles now walking and just any lengths…..my hips and down bind up so bad i limp and wabble and lean to the right. I hate it. I recently found out my spine is crushing my lungs My lung capacity is at only 64%. I want so bad to find some moves…..I cant do the last one in this clip, my hips wont raise from floor. Any other exercises Im open too. Please help!! I did do the others Thank you

  3. I don't have fusion, as my back is too complicated for simple surgery. I really appreciate this video and the practice actually felt good (not always with such practice). Much thanks!

  4. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! I have a herniated disc and fractured vertebrae. This is the ONLY video I actually felt my abdominal muscles working out. I can’t do many exercises to work out that area but THIS is golden! Thank you. You’re amazing ❤️!

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  6. Good info, but did you forget that rising from the floor is next to impossible? Mainly because these type surgeries are often sought because the nerves begin to affect the limbs, which is often not corrected from surgery

  7. Can you make a video that is cervical spine specific? My C5 and C6 are fused and I have two more bulging cervical discs.

  8. I`ve looked for a back pain treatment for couple months and this back pain guidebook, "Kemzαnο Loni" (Google it) suits me flawlessly. Definitely helps with back pain throughout sleep. I really like this guideline. It is firm and just what I was searching for..

  9. Thank you so much for this video. I had L5-S1 fusion surgery 3 weeks ago and your video is the only one that covers what I need. What a difference!!!! THANK YOU!

    Btw, not only are you one of the best I've seen with Physical therapy, but are also one of the best looking YouTube personalities I've ever seen.

  10. This felt really good and i can feel the work out. This is what I have been looking for. My fusion in 2016 was L4-L5.

  11. I am 58, had spinal fusion from C7 to L5 to correct a 75-35 degree "s curve" (the doctors straightened me and I'm 4 inches taller than before surgery!)…I am SO grateful for these exercises! I have been searching for something like this for a couple of years now, as I've seen my core move into a more "relaxed" state. Thanks so much!! Looking forward to getting into this routine!

  12. Fused t3 to l3 I had 94 degree scoliosis and the surgeon was able to bring down to 20s! Plan on resuming sports and football and will be doing this thanks!

  13. Do you have any other exercise video for the Spinal Fusion patients? I had my spinal fusion about 9 weeks ago on Feb. 20, 2019. Do you think this video is suitable for me?

  14. I have severe scoliosis (S curve), and had surgery as a teen to halt the curves as they were already at 60 and 60 degrees. The surgeons could only correct my spine to 20 and 20 (any further and the risk of paralysis was too high). I am fused right from T2 down to L2 (give or take, it was over 20 years ago), plus a natural fusion I have had since birth (C4-5) and torticollis. On top of that I have hypertonic muscles and a host of other issues that affect my day to day abilities. Thank you for this, as I am tired of not being able to function!

  15. Had a HUGE spinal fusion that failed the first time they tried and left me in the ICU for three days. I have not been able to do most workouts out there. I have also not been able to find a good workout…until now. Thank you sooo much!

  16. Thank you..will try these..had fusion (L3-L5) in 2016..and back to my “new normal”..but struggle with core exercises that do not involve crunches, etc

  17. Dr. Bri, thank you!! I'm having surgery in April to fuse 3 maybe 4 (doctor hasn't decided yet) vertebrae in the L area (I forgot exactly which ones). Last May I decided to start losing weight because putting off my surgery was no longer an option (my body not the doctors decision) and I have to keep my BMI under 35. Right now its 32.something. This past October we had a new rec center open within walking distance but I can't walk that far so I drive. I ride a seated bike and that's it but it helps. I've lost 20 pounds so far In November I decided to try and build my abs for after surgery care. Then I came across an app on my phone called "Flat Stomach Workout for Female" and I've been doing that for 2 months. I love that app. And although I have too much fat still I'm doing a weight loss and ab build up, but its making a difference. So I'm getting close to surgery and wanted to find something that I can do after. I don't find an app for that but I found you and I like it. I'm going to start now in addition to all the other stuff I'm doing. thank you for the help!! Do you think you can make it into an app? I can take it with me to the rec center or wherever. I can take the youtube as well but the app has less instructions, times it for me and calls it while I'm going the exercise and illustrates it. That helps me so much!! It has levels but the most exercises done at one session is 14 and the number of exercises is 20 (toward the end) or 30 seconds (abdominal stretch) If you could do that it would be so GREAT. Last time, THANKS.

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  19. I started doing tae kwon do when I was 14 and did it for about 16 years until I was around 30, all the exercises you show are all part of our warm up routine that we did every time without fail so I did these exercises for 16 and I developed back problems like fused vertebrae and scoliosis from age 18 and onwards and weather they developed as a result of working or the tae kwon do doesn’t that kind of proof that these exercises don’t work?,
    because I did these exercises before the back injuries, during the back injuries and after the back injuries, I did all these exercises for 16 and my back only got worse.
    Isn’t it then safe to say these injuries are a result of working doing heavy lifting type jobs 10 hrs a day which god never designed nor intended us to do.
    We are not machines or robots and I believe it’s because of the fact that we are forced to work this way like slaves that my back is the way it is.
    The doctors are trying to force me to go and do Physio again but I know it’s a waste of tine.
    By watching this video I hoped you might of been able to show me something new I could do for my back but as I said I have done all these exercises for 16 years and my back has gotten worse not better.
    The last 2-3 years it’s better than its ever been and do you want to know why?, because I stopped working, I do things around the house and when I back gets sore I take a break.
    If I did that in a job I’d be fired.

  20. This is the ONLY video I’ve ever found that I’ve been searching for. Thank you so much 😣❤️ I am lost when it comes to finding workouts for my situation (of needing to strengthen my core without straining my spine due to 2 spinal fusions) I am literally considering investing myself to becoming a fitness coach for women & men who need workouts for spinal limitations. Thanks so much❤️

  21. I had surgery L1,L2 please tell me how I doing exercise?I have spinal cord injury since a long time I have still using elbow clutch one room to another room I couldn’t walk without two elbows

  22. Hi I had spinal surgery when I was younger and have my back fused, as i'm getting older my back is getting weaker even though I exercise, and it seems lately most excercises are pulling my back out. I tried this workout today my back did not hurt. I will continue to do these. Thank You.

  23. Thank you so much!!! This is the first video I've found that helps me! (Obviously I have a fused spine haha) I have extremely tight muscles and am on a journey to find exercises and stretches that fit my body considering most stretching and yoga involve being able to bend your spine

  24. Eight days into my recovery for severe arthritis and severe stenosis spinal fusion surgery. I also have Scoliosis. Having a tough time too. I'll check back when all healed.

  25. whenever I try to sit straight it gives pain to my backbone I am gonna try your technique hope it will help my thankyou😊 for the video cute doctor


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