1. Круто. Вы молодцы. Желаю вам счастья и поддерживайте друг друга так всю жизнь.. ☺

  2. If they have gotten fat,they also had been up with thier life using as much brain as they can that is why we get less active physically by focusing on something else
    & making money that caused them to look so.now they have earned everything, thier only focus got into fitness.🙂

  3. What a great transformation. My boyfriend and I started workouts and eating more healthy. It makes me feel great and helps my anxiety attacks! Keep going:)

    So my wife and I are in your gf (probably wife now) and your situation when you weren’t fit. We both want to get fit together as a power couple. Basically exactly the same way you two did. But we really don’t know where to start. Could you give some advice to help us out?

  5. This video is amazing but only about 1/7 will experience this because it’s about teamwork and communication which unfortunately most people don’t have because of pride,and past insecurity.

  6. Me and my husband are having hard time finding days to work out but we are both helping each other out with loosing as much as we can

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