Cracked Heels Removal Treatment with CREAM and SERUM

Cracked Heels Removal Treatment with CREAM and SERUM

Starting with the name of ALLAH the most beneficent and merciful. Aslamu Alaikum, welcome back to my channel
Fashion tips. today i am going to make a cream for you guys which which will make your cracked heels soft and smooth. you will get its very good results on daily basis. if your heels are cracked, dry, or they have got very black or they look very muddy. so for that first you need to wash your feet in hot water after that scrub it with a scrubber or stone then apply this cream that i am going to make in this video. you need to apply it at night for overnight then put on socks and go to sleep. when you will see your heels in morning and wash it you will feel the noticeable difference. then you need to make a oil and apply on it but it is not necessary that you use both at the same time. you can sue one thing at a time as well. first you need an empty container then you can take any baby rash or nappy cream. it is quite cheap and easily available in any medical store. if you have a baby in the house then you can take that you use for your baby. baby rash cream has quite the moisturizing ingredient that will make your skin soft and smooth. you also need glycerin. after that you need to take any moisturizing lotion or cream. here i am taking dove silky. you can take any that you use at home. 1st you need baby rash cream and add it in an empty container. here i almost have added 3 teaspoon of baby rash cream then add half teaspoon of any lotion. you can also increase or decrease the quantity according to your choice add 3 teaspoon of glycerin as well and mix it. then mix it with the help of a cotton bud. our cream for cracked heel is ready and now i will tell you the method for the serum. to make this serum, first i need a bowl. this is quite powerful remedy . if you are very tense about your cracked heel then you should try it. in this i need Vaseline baby diaper rash jelly. it is just like Vaseline jelly. if it is not available then you can also take simple Vaseline or baby Jelly. i will take 1 teaspoon of it then i will take 2 teaspoon of Vaseline and mix it well. tea tree oil is best known for cracked heels and you can purchase it easily from market. it cost me around 220 rps. it is quite pure and has 30 ml in it. so i will put this 30 ml oil in the bowl. and i will keep mixing it with oil so you will see our wonderful serum will be ready. we need to keep it in quite thin oil like consistency. sometime people ask that making these at home can cost us quite much. as if we just get a cracked heel from a medical store and that will cost less. but it will not cost us much that the creams we purchase for cracked heels from medical store can used up very soon. which will be finished in 1-2 days. but when you will make these remedies like crack heels cream and serum, they will last for quite long. this is quite powerful remedy that you will not notice the cracked heels again. you can make it once and then keep using it for whole season. you can add it in any doper bottle. if you don’t have such bottle then you can add it in a simple bottle as well. if you want to keep it in a balm form then you can add more quantity of Vaseline or petroleum jelly in it. then it will get hard and take the form of a balm. our serum is ready as well. you need to apply it on your whole feet and after that massage it for 2-3 minutes. after massaging, put on socks before going to sleep. you feet skin will get very soft and smooth. so it was a way to apply serum now i will tell you the method to apply the cracked heels cream. you need to apply it and massage with it on your lower feet skin you should make it absorb it into your cracked heels. then put on socks before going to sleep and wash your feet next morning with normal water. viewers, if you liked my video, then subscribe to my channel and people who have already subscribed i am very thankful to you.we will meet with a new video.Allah Hafiz.


  1. Masha ALLAH aapi buht achi vdo hai hamesha ki tra πŸ™‚ mai apki vdo dekhny se phly he like kr leti hun aur apki ye crack heel cream zaroor banu gi in sha ALLAH……….

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