Crossing The Border to Pakistan & Eating Beef (+ Hindi Fails)

Crossing The Border to Pakistan & Eating Beef (+ Hindi Fails)

Today, I'm at Wagah border because we are going to Pakistan. And I know people in India will be thinking… And that's what everybody is saying to me in the West as well. So my Pakistani friends said the same thing to me about going to India. They said, in Pakistan there is a saying.. "you go to India by bus and you come back on the newspaper'. So there's that fear about going to each other's countries on both sides of the border. Why am I visiting Pakistan? Well, I'm on a mission to visit every single state and union territory in India. and India before partition. So that includes Bangladesh and Pakistan. I also want to go because everyone's telling me not to go and when people tell me not to do something, it really makes me want to do it. This is the queue of people waiting to cross the border into Pakistan. Buses, trucks, motorcycles And this is the border right here where we are gonna cross now. The process of getting through the Indian border is really easy. It's basically like a small airport you pass through. You have to go through security, you have to go through immigration and you go through customs. Then they put you on this bus which takes you over to the Pakistan border side to do the same thing again. I couldn't film back there around immigration because of these signs and guards preventing it. They even have the buses' windows covered so you can't see outside. So we just got off this bus and it has taken us to the area where they have the closing of the border ceremony every night at 4 pm. And on one side sits the Indian and then on the other side, across this border here, where the Pakistanis sit. So we are just walking up to the border now, the Pakistani border. and this is the very borderline right here. So now we are across the border in Pakistan right now. Karl: IT. Computers. Officer: Why have you come to Pakistan? Karl: Travel. Officer: Travel, tourist? Karl: Yeah, tourism. Salaam! Officer: Welcome to Pakistan. New Zealand? Officer: You can speak Urdu also? Officer: Is that a camera? You're in Pakistan for how many days? So now we are gonna go through Pakistani Passenger Immigration and Customs Salaam Pakistan! I'm here. So now I'm just walking to the bus. It's about 1 km from the border and we are gonna go get some food in Pakistan, man! Been waiting to have some Lahori food. Driver: What's your problem? Driver: Which place in Lahore? Speaking Urdu is good. Very nice. Which place in Lahore? Karl: No, it's okay. I don't need auto rickshaw. I'm going by bus. Driver: Where are you going? Which place in Lahore? Karl: Doesn't matter na. Driver: You don't know? Driver: Which place? What's your name? Karl: I'll go by bus. Thank you. Wow, so just off the entry in Pakistan, within like a couple hundred meters, I had this rickshaw driver hassling me to come with him asking me what my problem was when I told him I was going by bus. And then a guy pulled over and offered me a ride so… that was really sweet of that guy but I thought about taking it but I just got here and I'm gonna kind of learn the ropes here first before I take any rides from strangers. So I've got across the border and there's no money exchange like people were saying online there was. So I'm gonna take a taxi and stop at an ATM to get some cash out so I can pay someone, pay a driver, and get us more money to get on a bus. I'm going Lahore now. So the first thing you have to do when you're in Lahore is eat. So we are gonna have my favorite food right now: Beef Haleem. I've written about it on my blog before and what haleem is is it's dal, lentils.. it's meat and it's all mixed down and stirred around for five or six hours and it turns into this kind of meat soup. It doesn't look good but it tastes amazing. This is the mighty beef haleem. It's been cooked since morning in a big steel pot as you can see behind me. It comes with these Pakistani style naans and a bunch of condiments that go on top. You add a ton of coriander, fried onions, lemon and it's the greatest tasting soup you can ever have.


  1. Used to like untill this vedio about praising the the B* Indira who has ruined this whole country beyond repair. Her and her father and son are the main reasons fof Indias problems.just a sime advise for the future do not bring politics as you did in this vedio regardi golden temple .if you know the whole truth u will come to know thr B* was the one who created the problem .

  2. 0:57 watch from this point on! Just look at the people on the bus stare at him and the camera! Especially the dumb guy in the back

  3. Ok let me start off my saying i’m Indian.
    Everyone needs to shut up and stop saying one is better than the other.
    No one wants to here India is better than Pakistan or Pakistan is better than India. We are all people and I love my country. But I have no doubt in my mind that Pakistan is just as lovely beautiful and wonderful. And honestly I would love to visit one day. So stop fighting y’all. Peace. 🇵🇰🇮🇳

  4. 1:08 was so awkward the people were just staring at you and you pretend like its normal lol btw does anyone know how to get unconstipated IT HURTS

  5. some places i little white guy shouldent go but your balls are probably bigger than the camera. real sketch shit

  6. Karl Rock- The Pride Of India. (I do believe it now with all your works.)
    Sir actually we are not scared to go to pakistan but its just that we are practically and logically inclined to the fact that we wont spend a penny on a country which puts all of its resource on exporting terrorism. Moreover, they don't want you to spend here in India because its like a foreigner investing his money of impure people. Pak means pure and Pakistan was separated from us on religious grounds.
    Clearly on background of Hindus and Muslims. You can verify that anywhere on google.

  7. I've been to Pakistan in November of 2018 and what shocks me the most is the amount of waste that people don't even bother to dispose properly and when you go anywhere, the waste is everywhere. Still, they have nice food there.

  8. That rickshaw guy at 4:16 saying "what's your problem" was due to language barrier. He translated urdu directly into english as he doesn't know the language. Tho it might sound like very arrogant but he was literally asking you "do you need help " or something. This is very common in our subcontinent.

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