Curd Rice For Weight Loss – Diet Plan To Lose Weight Fast – Indian Meal Plan With Curd/Yogurt -5 Kgs

Curd Rice For Weight Loss – Diet Plan To Lose Weight Fast – Indian Meal Plan With Curd/Yogurt -5 Kgs

hey guys I’m nisa homey and welcome back to my channel right now kerala is reeling under the summer heat so, to beat the heat I am sharing curd rice curd rice is a blessing during summers I mean they literally cool your body and also will make you feel fuller this curd rice with its added spices, does not need any side dish to go with it and that means no achar or pappad does curd rice helps in weight loss?? yes, it will definitely help in weight loss if you follow my tips and suggestions I have been getting a lot of comments regarding rice, whether you can eat rice and lose weight! and yes, you can lose weight with good carbs this is normal white rice which is completely polished and does not have any fiber left on it meaning it is completely refined and this is the the rice which i’m using in this recipe which is single polished white rice, that means it has some extra fiber. those brown specks you see on the rice are some bran left after polishing so, the rice I use in most of my recipes are single polished white are single polished white rice or basmati rice both rice has many health benefits and helps in weight loss now, if you cant find single polished white rice, opt for brown, red, or black rice right is completely gluten-free light on the stomach and easy to digest but, portion control is a must when consuming rice according to Ayurveda, rice is a symbol of health, wealth, and fertility rice is also the first grain that you got introduced too as a child rice is suitable for people of all kinds of constitutions: like vata, pitta, or kapha the glycemic index of a food basically tells you how quickly and how high your blood sugar will rise after eating carbs glycemic index foods are healthier for your body and you will feel fuller for a longer time the addition of ghee, coconut oil, dal, sabzi, or curd reduces the glycemic index of rice, and therefore rice is totally safe for diabetes and a perfect gluten free meal if you cant find, single polished rice try to find a variety of rice grown in the place you live in India has more than a thousand varieties of rice and you just have to find an unrefined rice locally available in your place so to make my version of curd rice for weight loss first I am cooking some single polished white rice in a claypot and I also make sure that the rice is slightly over cooked as over cooked rice are best for curd rice keep the cooked rice on a strainer and allow it to cool down completely now, while the rice is cooling down lets get the other ingredients ready for the curd rice into my cast iron pan i have added some raw peanuts and i am lightly roasting it on low-med flame and once the peanuts are roasted sprinkle salt and remove it from the pan and keep it aside now, heat the same cast iron pan with 1 tsp of sesame seed oil or gingelly oil which is also known as “nallenna” in Malayalam and once the oil is heated add in mustard seeds, fenugreek or methi seeds, urad dal, channa dal and allow it to roast lightly add in whole red chilies sliced shallots sliced ginger, green chilies and a sprig of curry leaves give it a mix and then add in hing or kayam and mix well and switch off the flame now, into a bowl add in the over cooked and cooled rice top it with freshly grated carrot and pink Himalayan salt and with a spoon mix it very well now, top it with homemade curd and again mix well homemade curd aids in digestion, cools the body it contains probiotics antioxidants and good fats. curd rice keeps you fuller for a longer time and may help in weight loss and weight management okay, once the curd is nicely mixed, add in the roasted peanuts and mix well then add in the roasted seasonings and again mix well sprinkle in pomegranate seeds chopped coriander leaves the pomegranate seeds will give a sweet crunch and my easy and filling curd rice is ready to serve this filling curd rice bowl is a perfect lunch on a hot summer day to beat the heat do try this recipe and let me know how this turned out and if you like to see more such videos please give a thumbs up and if you are new to my channel hit the subscribe button, so that you get updated when i post new videos thank you for watching and until next time take care bye, bye!


  1. superb. i watched one of your recipes of overnight fridge oats for weight loss. In one of those videos you talked about using sunflower seeds. Would u tell if they are used with their coatings ? and are they roasted? Regards.

  2. Hello ma'am I like to know which all type foods can be consumsed for a person who is suffering from gastric problem .I'm a huge fan of your recipes.plz help me with d above requirement.thank you.goodluck

  3. Hello mam Iam drinking ur fat cutter turmeric tea since 15 days but I not loose any. Weight so how many days I have to drink this tea to loose atleat 5 kilos of weisht

  4. Nice video mam. My request is Please make a video on growing kids health. My daughter is 10 years. She is very weak. There are many hereditary diseases from which I want to protect her. My husband is diabetic and has Psoriasis too. I have high BP and thyroid. Hope you understand mam. Thank you.

  5. It's currently winter time in Hong Kong, and I can't wait for summer to come because I really want to try this recipe out! Thank you so much! 🙂

  6. Hi Mam .. I love ur videos.. can u just let me know.. can we have curd rice for dinner ? Thanks in advance

  7. Hi Nisa Homey. Greetings of the day. All your recipes are amazing. I specifically look for weight loss recipes. I have got high uric acid which is causing gout symptoms in my big toes. I am approaching menopause. may be this is hormonal imbalance. please suggest me diet plan to get rid of uric acid and lead a healthy life. I wish you good luck for your more posts. thanks

  8. hi maam I am following your thyroid diet just want to ask can we have brown bread or wheat bread sandwich just for change sometimes?

  9. mam I don't know about polish rice is it ok if I replace it with basmati rice??
    waiting for your reply.

  10. Terrific post Dearest Nisa 😀
    I love when you tell us the vedic knowledge about food, I love that I can rely on everything you post for us. You have such great knowledge and you are gifted and blessed and thanks for doing what you do. I love rice but have a hard time to find polished rice here so i'll try it with wild black rice (i'm tired of the brown rice…) and i will not wait for summer here to try it! love to all in your household xxxx

  11. Hi ! My son is over weight and he is studying in US. He is eating unhealthy pasta, pizza , maida and non veg food. (No facility to cook on his own.) Even though he relish Nadan food. Can u pls suggest me a Nadan veg. diet ,which I can follow for him when he comes to India during summer vacation. He want to reduce from 89 kg to 67 kg. He is 5 '7 height. Waiting for ur reply.

  12. hi mam…I am 23 years old and suffering from thyroid as well as PCOD… is it OK to have curd rice people suffering with PCOD….if yes can you show the simplest version of curd rice for people who stay in Pg's or hostel… it will be helpful for people like me… awaiting your reply and a video… thanks a lot for all that amazing videos… continue with the good work 👌👌👌👌👍👍👍👍

  13. I regularly follow u mam n I like all the simple n resulting recipes u upload. I would suggest u Pls plan a diet for those who can reduce weight by only protein diet n exercises. What n in what about should they take प्रोटीन. Waiting.

  14. Im chinese but I so love indian foods and I'm into healthy eating . I'm so happy that i saw your chanel. I can eat indian foods everyday 🙂

  15. hai mam wat food I eat for dinner to weight loss please suggest me .. and instead of curd rice what rice eat for lunch?

  16. Awesome tumeric tea mam I consume that for past two months it works for me now… am seeing lots of changes thank you mam…

  17. Hi Nisa,

    Love your recipes:) very innovative and different to mine.

    I love the clay pots you use, could you guide me where to buy them.

    Also, would love to see video on how you grow your own herbs.

  18. How does this curd rice help weight loss? I could not understand. Are you saying this is all one should eat all 3 meals? And for how many days?

  19. please make a video on curd and how to use it for weightloss
    some ayurveda articles say that we should not take it at night
    mixing sugar in curd make us fat is a known fact but what about salt
    are the nutrients of curd lost of we add curd in cooking
    greek yogurt is better or probiotic curd is better
    if we are making smoothie for weightloss can we add curd in it

  20. Um ma'am can I ask u where I can find basil and chia seeds in UAE??? Maybe in Ayurvedic shops?? Plz reply

  21. Thanks a lot..Becz of You Mam have Started having coconut oil n so many Herbs n spices in my diet..thanx😘

  22. A buddy of mine found the actual “sowo hope site” on Google. She lost 14 pounds in just a few days. I started, too; my progress has been impressive. I caint suggest this plan enough. Lookup Google for “sowo hope site. ”

  23. Mam I don't hve the habit of eating curd or butter milk …is there any other way.. of making without curd…?

  24. very nice mam thank you useful video i have stone problems n want to loss stomach n back set's reply plz

  25. Hello mam,can you make video on which pot you r using for cooking and can we used it on gas?how much time requred to cook the food?all.thank you

  26. Nisa, you can also add finely chopped cucumber, green grapes when in season…give it a try….also u need to soak the chana dal for 10-15 mins in water before u add it to the tempering…it will become too crispy otherwise 😜

  27. The title says 5 kgs. How can I use this recipe specifically to lose weight? How many days do I eat this meal and how many meals per day?

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