Dangerous Ideas Around Our Health, Medicine & Food That We MUST Question | Eric Edmeades

Dangerous Ideas Around Our Health, Medicine & Food That We MUST Question | Eric Edmeades

what happened in my life and it will touch a little bit on diet here is that at the age of 21 I woke up and realized that I'd been sick for 10 years and you know but the thing is when you're sick for 10 years you don't think you're sick you just think you're you right you know you just are that person you have those allergies you have those pains you have that weight it's just who you are and it's who I was and and then my doctor came along and he said you know the root of all your problems are your tonsils we've got to take those tonsils out you know because it because God or evolution depending on which and or both you believe clearly made a mistake these tonsils what's that all about right and and so you're going to cut them out which by the way is not a minor surgery when you're 21 years old it's not a minor surgery anyway but at 21 it's quite serious in fact I recently tried to talk a friend of mine out of having his tonsils removed he wouldn't listen to me and died on the operating table he came back he came back but he was dead for a minute and a half on the operating table from a minor tonsillectomy and and and so I didn't want to have my tonsils out but at that stage somebody with a clipboard and a stethoscope told me I should have my tonsils out so if they have a clipboard and a stethoscope and they got that document up on the wall in the nice frame you got to do what they say don't you and then another friend of mine said you know I'd like you to make some dietary changes so I made some changes 30 days later every symptom I had was gone at the lost 35 pounds and I became deeply curious deeply curious how it was that I could spend 10 years with medical professionals getting injections and needles and and creams and inhalants and all these different things that never helped how I could spend 10 years doing all that and then one friend without a degree in anything he had a degree in women if I remember correctly so but without a degree in anything says hey make these changes and then I could get everything I'd ever been looking for by going to see doctors and the problem was there was no way to satisfy that curiosity because you might remember that was B G before Google you know BG you you know you couldn't just go up to Google Google Google what's with my diet you know you couldn't do that and there was no way for me to answer this question there is no possible way and so what's really cool is sometimes a question gets so deep in your heart that everything you see in the world you start trying to connect it to that question and that question became so pervasive in my existence that when I then found out that my great-grandfather had discovered the oldest Homo sapiens skull in the history of Earth and I started studying middle Stone Age human history and evolution I started connecting some dots and the dots that I connected is that we humans use the word diet wrong we use it incorrectly it's grammatically wrong the way you use the word diet in fact I can prove it to you right now if I say to you what is an elephant's diet does anybody know 200 kilograms of grass and bark and and and and related things every day 70 kilograms of water that's their nutritional diet if you take them off that diet and put them in a zoo then they die within seven years that's what used to happen then they started learning that because they were deeply worried about their elephants or their profit loss statements I'm not sure which and then they got their elephants to live by seventy years but here's where this shows us something with every other species on earth the word diet means their way of life with humans diet means temporary alteration to your way of life to fit into that bikini for this event diets wrong if you look up the Greek and Latin origins the word diet it'll tell you right their way of life not temporary alteration to your existing life and so I started getting fascinated by the grammar of that I started getting fascinated by evolution and in it and I started getting fascinated by a one fundamental reality that there is that every species on earth has a diet every species on earth has a diet including Homo sapiens and and the problem is is we also have emotions and one of our key emotions one of the things we so want is to feel important and so when tump somebody comes along and tells you there is a special diet for you then we go oh I found the right coach that's what happens the four blood type diet it makes you feel special because you're in a given blood type are some subtle differences particularly between men and women but I will tell you that Homo sapiens has a diet and I figured this out and it was incredible to me and one of the ways that I figured it out was I went to go live with the hodza Bushmen in East Africa because that's like getting in a time machine can you imagine I'm off running I'd run this Leadership Program where I take people up Kilimanjaro and so I was there and my logistic partner my logistics team said I googled you and it looks like you're interested in anthropology would you like to go visit with some Bushmen what is the only answer to that question yeah yes and yes and so you know we spent two weeks trekking through the bush with machetes and four-by-fours trying to find these guys because if it don't have snapchat they don't even have Facebook nevermind snapchat they don't have cell phones they don't have money they don't have houses they live and breathe in the bush and they live from the bush and so we can learn a huge amount from them about our diet and our lifestyle we learned some fascinating things like take for example what if you took a species and evolved it over a multi million year period to have an unbelievable craving for a particular food and then introduce that species to it equally yummy tasting exactly the same tasting food that was lethal and toxic what do you think would happen to that species within a short period of time one in three of them would be dying of cancer one in three of them would be dying of heart disease and another one in three or there abouts the third or fourth largest cause of death in the United States is iatrogenic death do you know what that is do you know why they call it that so that you won't know what it is it's death by doctor it's the fourth larded america third or fourth largest cause of death on earth death by doctor iatrogenic death so that you'll stay confused and by the way just to take this to another set think about this do you think every accidental medical death is reported do you really I don't think so I'm going to go with a lot of them are covered up because we all see this like hey they stick together oh it was a little mistake yeah we don't know if it was a mistake look at the end of the day I'm thinking maybe half of medical error gets reported which means that at number four we're only seeing half of them which means that if all of those deaths were calculated it might actually be the single largest cause of death and why turn world but only amplified by the fact that we've messed up our bodies so badly to begin with that we need their help I do not believe in universal health care I'm sorry it's not a popular opinion I know many of you probably believe in it and I'll say this I will not buy car insurance from a company that sells car insurance to a 16 year old boy with four speeding tickets and charges me the same price and that's what universal health care is only it's even worse because them very often people at the higher economic levels that are paying even more for that health care are the ones taking care of their bodies because we make junk food cheap and health food expensive it would be so much cheaper to simply give people free organic vegetables and fruit than to treat them for cancer for the last 20 years of their life so we're talking about biohacking and I think the first thing you have to understand in my version of biohacking I'm not talking about actual computers in the buying hacking I'm talking about up here you see you have this app you have this app and it's called how to survive it's an app that can self propagate and grow and we all grow it differently it's like an app that learns it's AI you have it already inside you isn't that cool it's how to survive and it's been developing for a very long time help me out here I want to figure out how many great grandparents you had 20 generations ago can you help me with this so there's you one generation back to then come on for then then 32 64 128 512 one thousand two thousand four thousand eight thousand sixteen thousand 32,000 64,000 hundred twenty eight thousand 256 512 one million twenty generations ago you had 1 million great-grandparents that's 1 million 1 million people had to have sex to make you like you're you are the product in that generation you are the product of at least 1 million orgasms I'm I'm hoping there were more I'm hoping there were more I'm just saying that's you're the product of all that but here's the bigger thing is that all those people had to survive the most unli unlikely conditions on earth in order for you to survive because they had 80% infant mortality those people survived the hardest things ever they survived the number one cause of death of humans which is starvation it was before and it still is today we are not dying of cancer and heart disease we're dying of malnutrition we eat too much and we still starve to death and you are a computer and a hardware you have hardware and software that was designed to prevent you from dying therefore you do not have a crease of software that says no I won't eat that available food you have to learn that because your ancestors would never have walked past available food why would they they lived on the edge of starvation every day fruit you love fruit because it was rare in nature and you had to have it it was only going to be there for 2 days so you have a powerful craving for it it's not in you to walk pass sugar it's not in you to walk pass sugar oh and by the way sugar doesn't want you to walk past it either fruit stimulates your appetite because the fruit wants you to transport it so you eat one piece and then you'll eat another one and then you eat another one this is why in the United States today 60% of food has refined sugar or corn syrup in it to make you eat more not so much fun is it but there's so much more behind this because you see this app you have that's called learning how to survive I'm telling you right now the software that we have inside us the single biggest problem that we have as individuals and as a society is that the software that we developed developed in one version of society and we're now trying to live with it in another developed in a time when food was rare developed in a time when men and women didn't have to interact all so much every Bushman camp I've ever been to two fires one for the men one for the women they barely speak to each other during the day women are talking all day long men not so much it's just how it is and by the way I asked them what are the women talking about they're exchanging information this person's doing this with this person there's the fruits going to be over there they're exchanging information about the community then something interesting happens the Sun Goes Down soon as the Sun Goes Down the women stop talking and the women and the men start talking and then I asked well what are the men talking about oh they're talking about the biggest hunting trip and the most beautiful women and the huge lion and the big storm and the big war they're talking about action women exchanged information men talk about action they've been doing it for millions of years but why do the women talk in the day in the men at night huh because the women if we all were out in the woods right now and we are camping and then the men decided to go off hunting what would we tell the women to do to keep the animals away make a noise so the women are talking during the day to keep all the dine oral animals away they talk to keep the diner all animals away the issue is this does not work for them at night because the nocturnal animals ie lions and if you would like to figure this out a hyena can crush a giraffes thigh bone with its jaws and it takes 30 hyenas to take one male lion off a kill that's how strong a male lion is they're not afraid of female voices in fact female voices are much like a dinner bell to them and so women stopped talking but they are afraid of male voices and so men start talking now where I'm going with this is that at an instinct level we have a ton of instincts that got us here but here is so different than where we wrote the code to begin with does this make sense and so we have to start making some changes we have to start recognizing that some of the things that society imposes upon us today is not what we're built for a stress this is my big one for you today stress does stress kill okay how how heart attack hypertension cancer I mean it has a number of different methods of killing right but why does it kill that seems odd I mean we all have stress it shouldn't kill us stress is designed to take out the weakest link it is only supposed to be the weakest link of society that is underst on a regular basis and then they're supposed to get voted off the island so that they do not pass on their bad gene combination if you look at a troop of chimpanzees which they are more human than you could ever imagine I visited this troop of chimpanzees they had a good king and a bad king one king challenge and he kicked the good king out and this is real like this is a real the good king when he was in he's the top of the chimp pyramid here he's in charge of everything and when people hunted he would take the meat and share it around with the troop but the bad king came in and kicked him out and wouldn't share meat he would steal the meat from and he wouldn't give it to the children and the women it wouldn't share it with his generals and one day another king challenged him another would-be King challenged him and they got into a fight now in chimpanzee culture it's not like lions if you're the top lion and the other lion challenges you for leadership it's fight to the death or you leave nobody helps you but if you're the chimpanzee then the generals help you because you're the king and so this bad king he's defending himself and it gets bit on the face and he realizes he in trouble so he runs over to the generals calling for them to help and he runs super fast over the generals and he gets over to the generals and he's like you got to help me he's good and the generals grabbed him pinned him down bit through both of his biceps snipped his Achilles tendons and then killed him for an hour and a half that's called revenge we thought we were the only ones that could do it but chimpanzees can too because they're like us the software's been written for millions of years and now we live in this society and we need to start making some changes chimpanzees they groom each other you see this how they pick at each other it also releases chemicals in them that reduces their stress and they're only allowed to groom the chimpanzees that are higher in rank than they are so the lowest ranking chimpanzees don't get groomed they are under constant stress because they are not good hunters and they are not good mater's and they're not good defenders and so they die prematurely before they get to breed stress is meant to strengthen the species but we have reversed things now where the most successful of us in our material terms are under the most stress and that's why we have premature death the next time you feel stress happening in your body I want you to recognize that every minute of irrelevant stress is communicating a signal to your DNA that you don't want to be here more that's what it is it's you're it's not that's the code you want to I mean the number one tip in biohacking is stop stressed because it is it is an ejection system it's meant to end things for you and and what we and I'd like I'll give you an example of how powerful this is is anybody here still smoke anybody by chance smoke anybody used to smoke yeah so here's the thing is nicotine addictive no no it's not let me put it to this way you quit heroin you vomit you get sick you get fever you quit alcohol you vomit you get the shakes you quit caffeine you get headaches and you can even vomit and have huge withdrawal symptoms you quit caffeine and what happens or nicotine I'm sorry you fidget you're hungry you fidget it's an oral fixation there's no physical manifestation of the habit but the smartest thing in the world they did is they biohack the world first thing is we have to figure out how to get women to smoke because they wouldn't smoke women so they hired a Nazi propagandist they hired a Nazi propagandist he came over to American he said what's going on with women right now and they said women are looking they want to vote and all this weird stuff and they said well if we can tie cigarettes to their independence then they'll smoke well how can we do that you've come a long way baby and then it got to the point where more women were smoking than men here's why people smoke try this out just just for a minute think about something stressful in your life go ahead something you got something what's his name whatever so you got something right now it now now now take your imaginary cigarette are you with me come on give it out magic on your cigarette light it up and then take the first breath like any smoker does right that's the addiction right there the addiction is that it reduces stress in their body and in a weird twist of fate they kill themselves by making themselves feel good and has nothing to do with the chemicals we have all kinds of these tiny little things and if you don't figure them out the marketing world will figure them out for you won't they and let's talk like evolution is so damn specific my dad said to me once I told him I didn't want to have my tonsils out and he's like well why not I mean if they're so I had now figured this out I'd gotten into this whole evolutionary thing I'd figure this thing out and I'd said that there's a purpose behind them because when we are sick we should not be eating liquids water yes stay hydrated but your body has 200,000 calories of energy can last a month without food if you're sick let it heal and your tonsils are designed to make you do that they swell up and they make swallowing difficult now what do we do cut those suckers out and give you ice cream and jello does this make sense so here's here's a couple of other things the average human when I the one I went to go stay with the Bushmen in December and this time I did an extended stay I was with him for a week and I took no food with me I also did take water but I thought you know I'm going to go hunting with them on the first day and they're not carrying water so I'm not going to carry water I carried my pedometer with me that was you know I had no power there but I had a solar charger so I carried my pedometer with me and we did 27 miles that day it was 40 degrees and I want you to understand Oh 40 degrees for the other people that's really hot for Americans 40 very hot I don't know what it is like hundred and ten or something and and it's not like um 27 miles on a track it's 27 miles up like this down like this crawling on all fours my I'm shredded by thorns and I didn't take water it wasn't the smartest thing I've done but you know what's really fascinating is that that's how they live every day they minimally do ten to 15 miles a day and we do escalators in America there are escalators that lead up to the gym so what I want to suggest is a couple of things like you know III have my little you know pedometer thing here and I have it set up that if ever I'm sedentary for thirty minutes it vibrates if I don't move for 30 minutes at vibrates I get up and I do some stretches or some push-ups or something or I go for a walk because in nature it wouldn't work that way it just it wouldn't work that way and so I what I'm a big fan of all the time is taking a look and saying why is it this way for us now what was the origins of that and how do we let go and so one more I want to share with you is this that this app you have running in you it's called how do I survive what happens is is that if you conduct a behavior at some point in your life and then you don't die your body goes oh that's a good behavior I'll keep it but but that's not working so well because we all survive now you understand how difficult life was before eighty percent infant mortality and most people that even made it beyond that died very young so so survival was tough and so now we have this app inside us that says hey if I'm surviving what I'm doing must be right and so all those weird little quirky things that we picked up as kids like you some event happens to you when you're six years old and you make up a belief about the universe don't you you make up a belief about the universe at that point because you have no life experience when you're six how much life experience you have not six years because you're only cognitive memory starts at four or five right so you've you've been a really truly memory-wise alive for a year and then your mom walks out the door and leaves and you go why did she leave well there's only one reason for that I'm not worthy and that becomes your guiding principle of life and because you survive it it gets written into your how could I survive app and so for the rest of your life you might have a I might not be worthy is that interesting so my big message for you is to take a look and say hey is this really functional is this behavior really functional is this belief really functional and and not it's not nobody's broken here we're not broken because we have tonsils man we could get into cancer cancer is a cancer is intended to save your life it's not meant to it'll end it think about this how could it be hereditary how could it be hereditary but evolution passes things on that helped the breeding process evolution on sickle cell anemia because it provides a unity to a malaria so why would it pass on cancer that's another question for another day here's the key thing and key thing is to recognize that you have software in you that evolved that evolved over millions and millions of years and it evolved in very difficult times very different than we have today and so food marketing companies and and and toy manufacturers and movie companies and so on are speaking to that with full knowledge and what we need to do is have our own full awareness so we can have almost like in Harry Potter terms defense against the dark arts so if I can help you with that I will be here for the rest of this uncredible experience thank you for welcoming me into your tribe thank you thanks very much


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  2. I wouldn't be alive today if it wasn't for doctors, surgeons, nurses, neurologist, etc. That being said I decided decades ago to read ingredients and not eat things I don't understand. I have never felt it limited my diet in any way. The best food is simple.

  3. Eric is so inspiring. I love listening to him. He is knowledgeable, funny, motivating and has such a high vibration! I had my tonsils taken out when I was 7. I'm sure at 42 and struggling with chronic health has something to do with this unnecessary surgery. Great info. Thank you for sharing your message 💕✨

  4. Evolution!? What a beautiful theory! If it is a theory it is not a fact! Do not create premises based on a theory …

  5. Being from the UK having a universal health care is so much more than on the nutrition side. What happens if you were in a car accident universal health care is important.

  6. its all nutrition and also take the word diet out of it- the first 3 letters are die- if you do not make a lifestyle change you will not make a change – period-, lets be honest- every year we see 99% of the people who promote these programs will run this until its reach saturation, then reinvent another program- money is the root of the evil this is lets be more motivated to help our fellow humans to be healthy the monetary will follow but should not be the end all be all-——if its not sustainable then its a joke if you cannot do this without throwing money down the drain, its a joke-if you treat the symptom like doctors say- its a joke- treat to stay and be healthy- also if you have to get a motivation coach – you can not be motivated- motivation is a self promoted internal system that cannot be taught- that is why these programs fail- they fail to reach your individual system-our bodies fight over 10,000 times a day cancer cells in our body- if you do not fuel your body right, then good luck i have the right program that is a life sustaining – inexpensive and natural system but, only someone who spots crap like this is on YouTube

  7. Clearly Eric has never been a smoker and doesn't have a clue what he is talking about. This bothers me every time he starts this topic in his speeches.
    If the cigarettes weren't all about chemicals, it would be very easy to quit. Heck, you wouldn't even start. It is not a habit, and it is not a breathing exercise! In fact nicotine, combined with a bunch of other chemicals found in a cigarette, is one of the most addictive drugs there is. And there can be very strong withdrawal symptoms!

  8. What the phuck do u know about universal healthcare?…Have you ever experienced it?…While you are entitled to your opinions, I think you ought to stay away from criticizing it…unless you've lived in one…fucking POS!

  9. Interesting talk but I didn't hear a conclusion or resolution. Also, not sure we have the same app to hunter gatherers considering the generations of comfortable ancestors in between. If dad and granddad and great granddad didn't hunt, apps/genes/survival modes evolve

  10. Very clever talk, but not all true…The Creator of all good Things is God, it is in His Word, the Bible.. Evolution is an arrogant hypothesis created by the enemy of God. In God's Word you will find everything you need to know to have an abundant, lasting and fruitful life. He is the only one that is perfect and willing to give
    His all for us because He loves us all, just believe and trust Him, he died for you……Jesus

  11. Here in New Zealand, in our schools for our children, kids all get free fruit..also in our Community Centres, free/or cheap vegetable/fruit boxes are made available..this is why its so great that our communities are hearing the call to support our communities and their famillies. Great talk Erik, it is how our culture in Maori have eaten as well.

  12. Such a LIE! The one who encouraged women to smoke was Eduard Bernays – Jewish American (born in Austria but went to US at the age of 1). But why not blame the Nazis? Again he was American!

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