Dark Neck cream – Under arms Whitening Home Remedy – Tamil Beauty Tips Tamil Beauty Angel

Dark Neck cream – Under arms Whitening Home Remedy – Tamil Beauty Tips Tamil Beauty Angel

Hello Friends, Welcome to G studios, Tamil Beauty Tips I am Your Jessie Evangelin Today we gonna see a tip on dark neck Most people are asking that even i am fair my neck is very black.. so you were asking a remedy for that.. Do follow this tips and watch clearly.. But, before getting into the show, you should subscribe my channel Subscription process is very easy.. just click on the below red colour subcribe button and click on the bell symbol as well So, that you can see my the videos for lifetime.. whenever i am uploading a new one, you will get a notification Not only that, if people want to watch my previous videos means you can click on my channel name that is tamil beauty tips.. so, you can see all my previous videos.. Friends, lets get into the show Just only 2 steps…very simple and easy.. First take a bowl Take a cutted tomato On that tomato.. you should add baking soda.. after adding do push like this.. i am done now, i gonna scrub this.. should scrub this all the juice will get finished.. Now, do massage by using your hands like this i am done.. so after completed do wipe it immediately… you can feel the difference in that scrub itself.. 2nd step is gram flour Take a bowl add 1 spoon of gram flour see i have taken… in that add a pinch of turmeric add 1 or two spoon of milk..daily usage milk I gonna mix this all together.. We should not apply this by using brush … do apply by your hand After applying do massage well do this massage for atleast 15 mins this pack will give colour.. you can use this for even under arms.. i am done i gonna remove this.. dont let it dry.. 3rd step.. take a potato..no need to peel off this..just do cut.. after cutting see do rub like this… do massage for 15 mins.. Dont let dry any step for this neck area…just do massage and remove it as you doing this time will get save.. So, i am done.. gonna remove this.. it will work for sure.. so just dont worry about this remedy do this steps.. regularly.. then you will get very good results.. you can use even you have very strong black or lite black.. finally take an alovera and do apply all over your neck.. I am done thank you so much for watching my show for so long time. friends, it is such easy tip dont waste your money and time to going parlour.. do share this video to everyone.. and do like and comment that what is your feeling about my tip… most people asking for remidies.. will do one by one for all of you guys… Not only that you can suggest me to upload my next video on any other issues. will meet you in next video until bye from jessie.. love you guys take care bye bye..


  1. Hello.. Really you gave as a great tip's first time watching your channel it's go nice… How to make our lips in pink colour and how to make our self to daily glow in this pollution environment.

  2. Hi madam enakku fecela hair athika valaruthu mesai mathirium thatimathirium valaruthu sev panpan athikamavalaruthu madam rempakavaliya erukku madam please sollunka madam please sollunka

  3. Akka enaku body full
    how to remove hair ..
    and,don't return hair ples
    pls response me pls Akka. and easy tips pls and Whit. pls pls response Sister quick

  4. Hi… sister… Nan ungaloda periya fan… unga video regulara paapen.. unga voice romba cuta irukku.. thank you so much sister for your tips

  5. Na ungalukku comment panuna enakku nenga reply pana matringa . Ithu la nenga 4 incrediyance senju kamichenga intha ellathaiumee pannanuma. Illa ethavathu one pothuma.appatinna intha 4 incrediyance la ethu best.pls enakku nenga reply pannunga sister.😐

  6. Useful tips 👏👏👏Sis. 🍅tomato and soda use panna aprom Antha Ella tips use pannanuma Illa yethavathu one tip use pannanuma plz sollunga

  7. Romba easy ya irruku sister, naa kandipa try pannara, &seekarama weight loss aagaradhu yeppadi nu solluinga sister

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