1. ▶︎Jackie's vlog from the day will be up HERE! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCisbeJ8fftWiWwH80ALlN_Q
    She also does all kinds of fun stuff on her main channel HERE ▶︎ https://www.youtube.com/user/NerdyCraftsies

  2. I loved visiting the Daibutsu, especially the quaint train station and the semi-long walk through a mix of modern and rural houses on the way up; it was quite a magical experience. Also of note was that the train from Tokyo to Kamakura travels along bridges and the seashore, so even the journey there was gorgeous to behold. Thanks for another wonderful vid, Sharles!

  3. Was here last week and went to the temple! Imagine living nearby like me! We saw the big Buddha two weekends before for my birthday!

  4. I've been to Kamakura! Saw the Buddha and went to the beach on a school trip when I lived in Japan years ago. It's awesome finally seeing a place that I've actually been to in one of your videos haha

  5. Sharla and Sho!!! My universes are colliding! When I was in Tokyo I went on a bar hopping tour with Sho. He took us to really cool hole in the wall type of places and after that to karaoke! He is the best. Highly recommend Magical Trip.

  6. ショーさんって何人かなぁ… なんかハーフっぽくみえるw

  7. He looks like Ryo of Crystal Lake.

  8. I photographed a wedding at tsuragoka hachimangu in the maiden a few years ago…
    So fun

  9. Kamakura is sich a nice place, I missed so much because I was just in the southers part of the sity, but it was noce to march around in the hills and forrests. The Buddah was noce, also the first thing I have done at the beach was junpung in the water XD. We also took a cute small train to the next city (fujusawa/enoshima) because from the bride you can see Mt.Fuji…well not good but yes. At the evening we took the monorail back to tokyo. Awsome place, I will definitrly come back next time to see spots I missed, also there is a real nice treckingroute I wonna try.
    ALSO there is a GERMAN Restaurant near the beach!

  10. I forgot to comment here too but my sum up goes as following: Sharla is amazing, the food looks great, Kamakura looks like a great place to visit, Jackies is damn funny and Sho is not only great as a guide but cute as hell.

  11. um,… I'm dating myself but I remember the ginko tree at Tsurugaoka Hachimangu,… eh?! the guide didn't show Kamakura traditional wood craft …

  12. Have you seen the movie “A Tale of Kamakura”? I was hoping for some magical creatures to show up lol 😆

  13. That is awesome. It's nice to have local show you things that are hidden or meanings behind certain things or places. I went one a local tour in Australia and had a blast. I will have to look them up when we visit. Thanks a lot. For the upcoming Olympics people are searching for great videos on things to do and see while they are visiting Japan.

  14. Admitting I only watched the video because of Sho 😍 And I'm SO sad I didn't know there was so much to do in Kamakura, like the cave!

  15. I have a request! I know there are A LOT more Catholics in South Korea than in Japan but if you see a nice Catholic church or Cathedral, can you please make a tour video? They usually have a day where they give tours and there's a lot of interesting and beautiful things to see.

  16. この動画 鎌倉市の観光案内で 公式 公認にして欲しいw

  17. I stayed at the nicest hostel in Kamakura when I went to Japan on a tour, it sucked that there was only one day we spent in Kamakura, so going back there and going to the beach is one of the top things I have to do when I get back to Japan

  18. Kamakura is one of my favourite places to visit! I am vegan, too, and thought the senbei sauce was made with かつおだし? I love that dango place, especially the marron one!

  19. wish i had seen this video a few days ago, my second time to kamakura and i have never seen those caves, maybe next time. kamakura and enoshima are such beautiful places.

  20. I'm not even done with the video but can I just say Jackie needs to be in more videos. She's hilarious!

    I was at Kamakura not too long ago and boy was it a different feeling than being in Tokyo. I love it!

  21. Such a great video! Thank you for showing us different, beautiful and unique places in Japan. Maybe Sho could star more often in your videos?

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