day in my life: earthquake caught on camera, fitness haul, reunited with morgan yates

day in my life: earthquake caught on camera, fitness haul, reunited with morgan yates

good morning everyone and welcome back to my channel today I'm very excited because it is the 5th I'm the fifth of July this and it is but it's July fed and my sister's been in town it was a holiday I'm finally like getting back into my routine I don't say good Fridays it's kind of weird but I've missed my routine also I had a really bad allergic reaction on my face you can't really tell because I had the doctor chart I'm like Tiger asked up on it but I like red bumps in weird texture all over my face and it's like I feel like two or three days it's not been a good look at all so I'm getting a facial later this afternoon but today I need to get some work done I'm going back to hot Pilates can't wait getting a facial and you get my car service I'm hanging off Mormon tonight there's a lot that's going on and it's gonna be super fun so the guys in here be sure to subscribe oh my gosh you were so cute hi hi girl there was an earthquake yesterday and Coco is not having it Oh anyways for hot Pilate is ooh I'm just writing this in Nike sports bra I love it Nike sports bras if you guys have like a larger chest they're like really great if you're doing cardio or something cuz it like actually like holds your boobs basically my favorite brand new jacket that I got it's literally like my best purchase of this entire year I have Lululemon which ones are these wonder under is got and then just my adidas slides and my hair is pulled back but I can't wait to get a facial because my skin is just like I had some I don't know I'm so used to my skin that being like the best it's ever been to like glowing from the reset but like something happened and it made it so dull and like it's like out of focus I'm so sorry it made it so dull and like it made it so dull and like red dots and texture and like stuff that I literally never had often before all over my face I'm not into it so anyways let's go make some breakfast I'm gonna make it different to many of making green glowy smoothie lately cuz it's really easy to have all this stuff for it and I'm trying to just like get rid of it so yeah for the green that glowy smoothie this is from the reset again guys I'm not trying to have everything be the same this is just a literally my life so I've logged my life and I don't let me just talk about this one fight okay so like I'm friends with Kenzie and Kenzie is like show me this whole thing and it's like Jenny made a big difference in my life but like this is like actually Hawaii and I'm showing yours I'm not trying to make everything be the same in the same as everyone else this was like Jenny what I do so if I do something else then I'm like trying to be different which is like an authentic does that make sense like some of these secret Facebook groups have turned and it's like I've removed myself from multiple of them have turned into like old like literally it's a new guru gossip and they're like mean like really not okay so anyway it's just my little talk like I don't normally bother me but like when like people you know are involved think it's just not cool dude but this is like what I do I like I'm like I know that a lot of the things are like very similar and they got no what else you guys let me do but like I don't make a video and I don't vlog anything that I don't do in real life so like I would much rather be similar to everyone else which by the way we're all similar like all of us not just like even they would think that like even people who are like oh my gosh get original you too it's like you're literally the exact same but like I would rather vlog what I'm doing and being honest even if the same as everyone else than being like authentic and fake and trying to fake something so because have a good solution let me know but like this is what I do so I know I might be annoying but I also might join it's not blah like I don't know you want to go so anyways that's a little chat called Molly out last week we had a little we had a little not freak out but not free guys on the word I was just like really frustrated and it's like really like annoying but like yeah dude like someone's like there's like new girl gossips basically and it's like and I think that there's also like it sound like getting really serious I'm making my smoothie but I think that it also it's like what are you gonna use your influence for and like I if my Facebook page I forgot but I'm it's just like what are you gonna use your influence for kind of thing and like that's not what I'm gonna be doing and that's also not what my group is anyways but yeah I'm just not gonna like sit around and I talk about people I just don't think that's like cool at all so anyways I'm making the green glowy smoothie so it's a different one but this is what I've been making lately it's just celery spinach coconut water in a banana it's really good actually okay so we are heading off to pop Pilates um oh my gosh I'm gonna listen the skinny confidential has a new podcast so I'm going to listen to that I have my breakfast and I sent over some footage and I did some emails and just random stuff like that and now I'm heading off to hot Pilates it's gonna be good I know that my vlogs are so kind of guys like I hate not but like my life is just like I'm into my routine so it's like that's what I do so but today we're gonna have a haul I can make a pollen of unjust stuff so it's gonna be fun but just let me know cuz like I'm like really my head and I read like a lot of hate and not a lot of hate but I read some hate about me one the other day in a Facebook group that I like didn't appreciate because it's just like like and I never let that stuff get to me but I just thought it was like really not cool for like where it was I don't know super weird guys but I am just like myself and I'm not a mean girl like I'm not at all like I was with like a close friend of mine he was just like that's literally like he's like you're probably the nicest and I was like I'm not mean anyways I just I'm like really in my head and I just don't know what to do and I feel like everything is repetitive but like I don't know what to do because I it's my life when I vlog my life you know what I'm saying I'm just down at myself right now and I'm just like really in my head which I never am so it's like not good but I always feel better and it's gonna be a good day maybe two hotties I'm about to walk in and take a class Wow everyone but if you haven't joined our secret Facebook group you guys need to down below feel like I'm just in a weird I need to do like an update a life update video that's what I need to do that'll be a good idea I'll probably film that soon but you guys can't see how bad my skin is reacted to this because the dr. dark cream is that good but I was shorter than before cuz it really would have shown you how great it does but like my skin like I don't know if you can you can see kind of slightly but it's way worse without this cream on and it's kind of painful like it's just not good I had a very bad reaction and then literally it looks like I'd like the chicken pox slash like I don't know there's like all this weird texture on my eye and it's just like painful and not good so hopefully my facial helps that we'll see I'm home for like two seconds I just heat up some lunch that I had already made this grain bowl is so freakin good it's rice broccoli kale carrots coconut aminos and soy sauce it's like literally my favorite thing to eat I'm shopping for books right now I'm figuring out what I want to read and then I'm like doing some cloud spa stuff and then I'm heading off to my facial okay so I'm going let's get a facial here I'm very very excited also this is cute I've never seen this but yeah very pumped so I just got a night your cold brew it does is the first it's completely black I don't get any like milk or anything in it but it's literally the best drink well taste wise it's like iffy for sure but I mean you it's a good acquired taste you enough like me also got my facial and my skin feels so much better I went to face house in Studio City they have a lot of locations though if you look at LA I really like them and they're like super helpful whatever so it's burning up and I'm wearing a freaking cronic I just wasn't really thinking I'm gonna go with my car service but I needed a nitro I hadn't had coffee yet today and this is at the post holiday slump like it's just a weird day like it's Friday but everyone took a forty weekend but you don't just like a weird day so I'm gonna car service really exciting things and then go home I don't know if I'm gonna leave my car there and on I don't know we'll see we'll see everyone okay well I lied the they're not there right now so I can't get my car serviced which I think it's I don't even really know if I need to sometimes the light just go on and I'm like you know so I'm about to go inside and midday slump is hitting guys this is what always happens okay so I have a package from a two-faced which I just took out everything this is the spray it's just setting spray or priming spray which is exciting and they also have a good embed ultra replenishing hydrating serum and then there is just a face primer and then an SPF moisturizer which is really cool so I'm very excited to try these out and then I just had this huge pocket from fabletics I got look 10 pieces from them a bunch of like matching sets and whatever you guys will seek so I'm like constantly posting my like Fitness wear but I love fabletics and there's stuffs amazing I work with them on my podcast so I'm like super excited to try out some more stuff hello everyone it is later Morgan's here you'll be so proud of me I just got a package from fabletics and they're all theirs yeah very good IDing big fabletics girls we also just realized that we're matching so that's great Camila says truth hurts in the car yeah perfect we're gonna go get like a snack and my grocer joggers but I'm now quite glad I did not yeah because here we are it's just really something so there we go guys we made a stop at creation for a snack Orion fighting on our smoothie I just like need something Oh back in the car listening to Liz oh let's Trader Joe's no I was gonna currently cooking some dinner just being a chef once again I'm just really amazing I chef Kenzi skills it's incredible look at that guy's I just need everyone to know that Morgan literally bought tana and Jake merch what's not to light no I'm a fan of them I really am it's not about that I think it's real the car may be skeptical although I think he did buy it or maybe she bought it it's just like joking thank you about it but hold like engagement I am just questioning everything and I'm really mad now this is all fake I'm really invested I'm deeply invested Joe's face I know everyone always asks where you are Joe and I talk every day yeah it's so okay here something I like them together it's not that I don't like them together you were just the last person that I would ever expect to me into it I know I'm you're so like no i love i love love tonight for sure it's just like super interesting comment down below if you guys stand at Tana and Jake Paul thank you wait things are moving oh there's another quick wait it's moving oh my gosh guys we literally actually hook up oh my god wait what's falling out here Oh guys this is bad oh my god huh do we go outside gee this is so much worse I hate this so much okay guys oh my gosh I feels like you're like motion sickness that's how I felt when I sitting on the couch and it started I was it whoa wait the chandelier is really really shaking I thought and I was like ha ha and then I was like that's moving I feel like dizzy we heard things falling what was that outside okay so there was an earthquake a few days ago and now there's no Phyllis Oh big earthquake OMG earthquake that was almost crazy like when we were faced high when the thing happened the other day we're like 20 miles away I know that the hop into like the only thing it's not like drastic oh my gosh I'm like it was a 6.6 every day this is a and my point for today there's Oh miss Morris with a 5.4 as well this is technically an aftershock so yeah it's only fitting that we watch of Cinderella I am not watching Cinderella story that is inviting our death dr. Schaack shakes Los Angeles is it still that same place well this fellow while I was we were dying for your birth way so oh my gosh the earthquake great okay so I got this package from fabletics earlier and I posted a thank you to my Instagram story and a lot of you guys are saying you wanted to see it so I decided I'm gonna show it to you guys now okay so I wanted to just mainly get sets this is the fabletics mila medium impact sports bra I like like any sort of like medium impact sports bra I got it in red with these leggings so it's this cute little set I got the same thing in white which I thought was super cute I want to wear this like probably to Pilates in the morning like I love that amazing I also got this like neon yellow I should have gotten like spike your shorts with this this is again the minute the Mila medium impact sports bra I got a lot of those in the same color and then I also got the same color and a different sports bra and this is the worst Jonna seamless sports bra so that's super cute I got some gray a biker shorts these will be great for Pilates because he gets so hot obviously it's hot Pilate so it's like 95 degrees in there / like just from like day to day I'll let you guys know what I think I have a few pairs biker shorts I have some from a low that I really like I have some permits yeah that are great the red ones aren't to work out in the ala ones I can workout in and they're good talked about what are you doing and then I got these leggings which there's something they're very different the fold over power form legging I felt like these were like yoga maybe Pilates leggings I know that a low hats unlike it and I thought they were cute I don't really know I'll let you guys know cuz like for the foot so I don't know I'm still not like a hundred percent like aware of what I'm gonna do yet my phone is going off but that look at my nice guys I literally like cry oh my gosh no that's how I'm trying to do okay whatever I cry like I get photos sent of her every week and I like I teared up last week so that's that but that's what I got from fabletics and that's my little fitness Hall for it today I hope you guys enjoy it I work with in my podcast you guys how I would listen to it the I love you so much podcasts with me Kenzie Lisbeth check it out and follow our Instagram and stuff but I think Morgan and I are gonna watch a movie i legit like feel kind of sick like I feel seasick from the stupid earthquake so Morgan said we can't watch a Cinderella story anymore which is the plan because someone dies literally in the valley from an earthquake so like it wouldn't make sense it's a little bit too real yeah um Coco how are you doing girl it's just like it's it's so weird because I actually do feel like I feel like I am like seasick which is like not good she's literally like making a like Survival Guide and like because yeah we tell them three things that you think you need in an earthquake survival I thought you have like a million bottles of water my house for this exact reason it's like the problems are what's gonna happen after the fact like power water whatever you also 255 backup phone chargers or charge I filled my heart with gas today because I had a feeling like just in case I needed to like evacuate the region I miss one in Vegas I can just go to them but yes I felt my car cuz that's you know things were to go awry and I'm gonna get gas prepared but I feel very premier I'm just gonna hope for the best I'm gonna be like you know we're gonna be fine it's all good we're gonna watch the tan and Jake for fun videos start with that just something light you know so we're really excited alright guys so it's now like 10:40 9 p.m. on a Friday night and we're being crazy and wild and going to bed hope you guys enjoyed this video subscribe comment down below if you guys have any book recommendations for me currently looking for a new book and we're going to survive oh yeah we are watching earthquake survival guides and one of these guys how many gods did he have it is pulling it over it's actually a great concept if I had the resources I would be on par with this he has a 38 thousand gallon pool in his backyard and a filtration distilling and carbon filter systems so that you can drink it the more you know guys there you go yeah well here's my pajamas love you guys okay bye


  1. i think people just want you to be more creative. i know that im not subscribed because i dont enjoy the repetitiveness, but every once in a while i do like a “day in the life” vlog. but since most people watch videos for entertainment, i think some people are expecting a change amongst the content

  2. Kenzie! I have seen one post on a secret fb page that was about you and honestly felt really upset by it. So much of that is mob mentality and people saying things just to agree with other girls and it is not valid. Them being willing to say stuff about your voice or Kenzie Bs authenticity just shows that they don't see you or her as real people. They are treating you like because you have a platform you dont have feelings and I am sorry that you ever had to even see that because I cannot imagine how that feels. But I know I am among thousands that love your videos and love the fact that your personality alone makes every day/week in my life video worth watching even if you feel like the routine is repetitive! You're doing great sweetie!

  3. Eugh, it annoys me that people are so silly and mean. 😩 I love your vlogs just the way they are Kenzie! 😊 Your routine is fab to watch and as you say, it's what you do most of the time and that's more than okay! Most of us have our own routine too, i know i do! .. and it's actually inspiring to watch someone continue to feel excited & motivated about what they're doing day to day. Love ya! 💕❤

  4. F the haters 😂 I watch the repetitive vlogs anyways.. It’s relaxing.. like if I am being honest they are a little predictable and stuff but like if ppl want something super entertaining why don’t they just turn on Netflix 😃

  5. I live for your everyday vlogs, and I love the consistency 💕💕 you’re original and you stay true to yourself and that is something everyone should admire

  6. I love your vlogs, don’t change at all! They are my favorite thing to watch, people watch your videos for the content you post, don’t feel like you need to change for somebody else’s viewers opinions. Hate on the internet is NOT cool. Sending love!

  7. I don’t care if your vlogs are repetitive! I love seeing your routine and daily life. I watch your videos while I workout to help me stay motivated. Thanks for making authentic content! ❤️❤️

  8. I don’t understand why they would hate on you because most vloggers I watch have a very similar routine too everyday and I don’t mind! I love your vlogs! 💕

  9. It doesnt matter if it ur vlog is repeatetive I Looove ur vlogs gurl it always starts my morning being productive💓 loveyah! 😚 btw I Looove long vlogs😘

  10. I just got my first order from fabletics and about have the order in about a week!! i literally cannot wait to try fabletics and HOPEFULLY i LOVE them!!!!!!

  11. it's often said: "great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people." i saw those comments you talked about in the facebook group and i really hope you don't let it get to you – you're one of the most authentic and kind youtubers out there! keeping doing you and being your best self – your true fans will always see the true you! luv you kenz!

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