deadboys fitness what's up its Joshi G here at CrossFit integrity in Charleston South Carolina for the very first deadboys workout of course I got my special guest my buddy big Swiss Tony and we're gonna do one of the very first workouts that I've ever written for my good friend Colby Lopes it is called the stomping you guys are gonna have a lot of fun get ready because the very first workout and it's about to go down as you know we're gonna start things off on the rower big Tony over here is warming up with the row now if you don't have a rower at home that's totally fine we're gonna substitute in jumping jacks this is meant for you guys to do all at home whether you have equipment or not so you could either do jumping jacks rower a run is also a good substitute alright and then we got the dumbbell front squats clutters gonna go ahead pick up these dumbbells he's gonna put them in the front rack position with the heads resting on his shoulder he's gonna go all the way down for a full squat and he's gonna come all the way up body's gonna start with his push-ups on a set of dumbbells that's how it's written in the workout if that's too hard for you you got bad wrist that's okay hop on out and do regular good old-fashioned chests at the deck push-ups or if you need to let's move on knees down to the ground and you're gonna do the knees push up to either way this workout is gonna be brutal and it should be you test your limits regardless of whatever they may be all right well we we crushed it the stop all don't said and done we got stung fighter storm so you speak we definitely got snot by the stop let's see you guys give it a try make sure that you guys enter your scores and water pie and we'll see who's on top of that leaderboard when the day is done I'm still going on happy to


  1. مرحبا سيث رولينز انا احبك واحب متابعتك واتمنى ان ترى هذا التعليق ❤❤

  2. You guys inspired me to workout and to not give up
    Your truly inspiration
    Thank you for helping me have a better lifestyle 💜

  3. I'm French and I'm trying to learn English like that I would finally understand but for the moment long google translation and kisses from France

  4. Since the Rows are measured by distance, if we're at home and replacing with jumping jacks, is there a number you should hit to complete that part of the workout?

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