Dear Tumblr, Being Fat Is Not Healthy

Dear Tumblr, Being Fat Is Not Healthy

no she's not I understand unless you're in stage 4 cancer she is not healthier than I do 7:00 a.m. 4:00 or 5:00 doughnuts while she's cooking breakfast what does she have for breakfast 7:00 egg omelette with a cup and a half of cheese she put a full bell pepper a full onion and a full package of ham in it then she ate four or five potatoes that she made into hash browns with another four pepper and that held her for 45 minutes which has been documented to work and it's been documented to wear year after up look if you want to feel good about yourself it's it's impossible to feel good about yourself when you do is self-destructive also self-destructive behaviors that result in damage or debilitation or even disfigurement to the body but that's never going to be perceived as beautiful so we're gonna open up with this lovely lovely lady this wonderful icon someone who is groundbreaking and shatters beauty standards you may ask who is this gorgeous woman it's fuckin Amy Schumer I have a belly and I have cellulite and I still deserve love and I also steal people's jokes do not fucking put your own children on diets it's fucking abusive and fat phobic and no child deserves that kind of treatment forced on them one in six children are obese yet you should not die at your children but but obesity is unhealthy sideface lots of people die in car crashes every day yeah you don't see people shaming others for buying / driving a car on the pretenses of being concerned about their health if you really care about someone's health then leave them alone you're not their doctor you can't tell how healthy / unhealthy someone is just by looking at them so this comparison is completely awful because obesity is a state of your body and a car is an object a car is a part of your possession so you don't see people shaming others for buying / driving a car you don't buy obesity I mean you buy Big Macs but you don't buy the state of obesity so on the pretenses of being concerned about their health well no shit driving isn't about your health like driving the ability of like to drive is a skill and owning a car is a possession it does not align with health in any way and in fact you're not shamed for buying or driving a car but you are shamed for being a really shitty driver so I mean I don't know I just find this argument to be completely invalid you're not their doctor you can't tell how healthy / unhealthy someone is just by looking at them are you sure about that easy weight loss tips for the new year cut all the fat boobs and body shamers out of your life get rid of all the clothes in your closet that are too small for you and that make you feel like shit for not fitting into there you've lost hundreds of pounds just like that New Year's resolution complete I have to say something so recently I actually just started working out and going for runs and stuff and my clothes have been fitting a lot better so instead of losing a lot of money by throwing my clothes out I actually decided maybe instead of like not fitting into them perfectly I maybe should try to lose weight so I can fit into them see there's two um there's two approaches to life there's the one where it's just like I can't fit into it I fuck it throw it away or there's the ones where you want to fit into it and that's your motivation and then these people have the audacity to say you can't judge me by my lifestyle I'm not lazy I don't over eat it's just my hormones that empowering a woman gaining weight is one of the most empowering things she can do it shows that she does not care about fitting into society standard of beauty that she's not gonna subject herself to extreme dieting in the hopes of achieving some unrealistic body okay Elsa from fucking frozen is an unrealistic body because she's not real no shit Betty Boop unrealistic body could you imagine if someone had a head that fucking big Jessica Rabbit one curvy piece of driftwood but she is not a realistic body but these people who they're talking about are these fit models or these like fit athletes right like these just these fit woman or skinny people they see and they are a part of reality they are real people so what makes their bodies unrealistic shows us how strong she is for being fat in a world that doesn't accommodate fat people you know it's not strong her back after carrying 150 extra pounds each day my back has been hurt for three weeks and that has nothing to do with the food that's what I'm trying to get I know please don't put it on me right now you know in a world where fat shaming isn't only common but acceptable so acceptable at hospitals and medical experts still value those fat phobic views and hold them as true yeah there's the whole thing about how like the doctors don't want to operate on fat people but that's not because they're fat phobic I mean sure they're people they probably are judgmental like let's not it's not lie but basically your chances of dying in surgery actually increase the more over what you are well I mean I don't mean by slim margin I mean if you're overweight by a lot your chancing your chances of complications occurring during procedures is actually quite high well higher at least and doctors are trained to operate on thinner bodies and they know the anatomy properly and if there's a bunch of fat getting in the way of things it's kind of a bit more difficult to operate on but most importantly fat women are a role model kids are now seeing their body being represented in media culture and everyday life showing them that there is nothing wrong with them or their body you should not go up to a kid and call them fat or do anything like that it's just it'll ruin their self-esteem it really will kids are impressionable you should not fat shame a child you should not fat shame anyone but especially a child but it is pretty disgusting to see child obesity being a thing not disgusting by the kids I'm sure they're excellent people and will grow to be excellent people but it's really awful to see parents who subject their kids to a life in which it's gonna be so much harder for them to lose weight as an adult and let's see why their bodies need to be represented in the media because it's not healthy you don't need smokers or alcoholics represented in media because they have serious issues and you don't want people to strive to be like them obesity is the leading cause of preventable death so why would you want to portray that I just lost 10 pounds I understand why people might not see this statement as fat shaming in our current culture thin is associated being healthy and beautiful off fat is linked to being unhealthy and ugly so when someone acts proud of losing weight they're not actually proud of losing weight they're proud of the fact that they're now one step closer into fitting into society's standard of beauty slash health a standard that is impossible for a majority of people talking about your weight loss is triggering to most larger people oh my god it prepared me it perpetuates the idea that something is wrong with their body and then it needs to be fixed but there is something wrong with their body and it kind of does need to be fixed and they fix it I'm not saying that you feel exultant and losing weight just as long as you showed the same emotion and gaining weight as well otherwise you're sending out a bad message that can be harmful this statement is not fat shaming it's just a statement that shows that a person is happy with reaching their own goals people set different goals just as you set a goal to stay at your same depressing weight you maintain that weight you're happy but some people want to lose weight and when they reach it they're gonna be happy so how can you tell someone to not express their own happiness for the sake of offending people who put themselves into horrible positions in the first place and no one made you fat but yourself so don't try to infringe on other people's successes and accomplishments just because it makes you a little bit uncomfortable this is by far the best post I've ever seen because of how easily I can debunk it you could even do it right now if you did a quick little search for something called setpoint so this person in this post basically explains that there's something called a setpoint the setpoint is a theory that our body's weight is predetermined at Birth by outside factors such as our genetics and environment when your body becomes accustomed to a certain weight it will do everything in its power to stay that way like changing your hormone levels you can increase appetite not everyone is meant to be a size 2 and that's ok so basically says well you're fucked your weight is your anus stuck it's a setpoint you cannot lose you cannot gain you're just stuck so what I did was I'm like that sounds really fascinating I mean I have been able to lose weight how how is that occurred a body has a set point I mean my weight has fluctuated a lot I used to be a competitive swimmer five years and then I took three years off and I cane a bit of weight and now I've been able to lose it I don't know how that how that's a set point because I used to be fit as hell and then I went to being a couch potato and now I'm kind of on my path to being more fit again I don't really exactly get how that's a set point so I google it and this is a theory of set point the theory not not a fact a theory though but let's just go into what the theory entails can you change your set point range here's the good news research shows you can in fact change your set point as most of us have experienced though it's not an easy thing to do and people always say that fat people aren't necessarily lazy they are hard workers it's true like they're not all lazy but it's hard work to get a set point if this person knows anything about a set point they know they have to put a bit more than just a little jog here and there and to change it now there's this great thing called this is thin privilege and I'm not sure if it's a joke because some of these are so bad but there's a lot of dedication to this and I tried making an other can account as a joke and I know that I would not have put in this much dedication thin privilege is not breaking into a panting sweat when walking fast for a short distance that's not thin privilege that's called thin benefits so I just want to get into something real quick here there's privileges based on your gender race or how much money you have your socio-economic class but you know we're not going to get into that privileges this video at all but those are all whether you agree with it or not the idea of those at least are all that you're born into those privileges right like that's the idea that they proclaim that you're born ascended Vantage over others but if in privilege even isn't that you're born thin but then you choose to make yourself fat so yes people are born thin but everyone's born thin so everyone has thin privilege when they start out it's just that some people let themselves get fat so I like to call thin privilege thin benefits thin privilege is playing us a video game character that looks like you bitch I play overwatch a lot okay let me go look at the heroes I think I found one that looks like you in privilege is paying for one seat on an airplane help we're being oppressed this video is unprofessional so for an outro I will leave you with this clip


  1. You know there is also another reasons of being fat. Some of us using meds that making us gain weight even if we dont eat. Antiepileptics, antidepressants, those would gain you weight too. Just dont judge every obese people,, most of them already has anxiety, depression, social anxiety bla bla, almost every obese people trying to lose weight and unhappy about theyre body,, You guys doing an absurd pressure

  2. I'm 14 and I weigh 180 pounds. I'm 5'9 and it's hard losing weight due to my extremely slow metabolism. I run 2 miles each day and exercise the most I can but my weight keeps staying. I've been trying to eat more greens and protein at healthy portions and I notice it does work.

  3. While there is some truth to the adage of "you're the reason why you're overweight," it's also true that being only kinda fat can sometimes have some underlying biology that makes maintaining a healthier weight more individualised than simply "eat less and exercise." And sometimes, again because individual biology can vary, the overall health benefits of being an "ideal weight/BMI" versus being in an "overweight" BMI can be negligible (this includes those who aren't an athlete, of course — athletic BMI's kind of throw a monkey wrench into the notion of BMI being a definitive measure for a healthy weight, but I digress).

    On the other hand, once one is past Class II Obese, or even past Class I Obese (depending on factors, such as height, hormones, etc…), "the reason one is fat" is practically always untreated mental illness. A majority of those featured on My 600lb Life, for example, have disclosed a history of sexual abuse, often originating in childhood. I mean, it's just basic psychology: sexual trauma leads to depression and other mental health problems, poor mental health can lead to addiction, including food addiction — and unlike being addicted to heroin, your body doesn't need heroin to live (yes, detoxing outside of a controlled environment can be potentially very dangerous, because of developing a chemical dependency, but after breaking the dependence, your body can survive without heroin).

  4. There is a difference between a naturally bulky build and obesity, friendly reminder.
    Some people may have larger bodies naturally due to genetic predisposition. That's not obesity. I have a friend who has a thicker build but eats healthy and works out. She's just naturally bulky. She's average weight, she just looks a little bigger.

    That is FINE. people fat shamed her and she gained Anorexia. I had it too, and we met that way. We both survived.

    People who are bigger due to obesity (which can also be a genetic thing but body type is different) need to try and become healthy. Fat can block arteries, be a direct link to higher blood pressure, and you have a higher chance of fatality from a heart attack.

  5. Obese people were never taught discipline and now this untrue "body positivity" is hurting these people more. Like if you are a little chubby or too skinny to fit the social standard then that's chill. But like if you have to waddle then you arent OK

  6. The people who say they don’t work out of diet because that’s fat shaming or parents who don’t give their kids healthy food, which will effect them in the long run, are people who just don’t fucking care and just wants to be accepted without doing anything. Like that’s not how it works sweetie

  7. These people who accuse of other people fat shaming them when they want to help them really need to get a wake up call because it really is unhealthy for their hearts, bones and physical well-being

  8. I hate fat people. Is it really that hard to just eat less than you burn? Unless you have a medical disorder of some kind, its just vile.

  9. Being obese is unhealthy, but there is nothing. Fucking. Wrong. With having some fat. There’s nothing wrong with just being kind of chubby. Judging people for not being support skinny is how eating disorders start. Being slightly fat (NOT obese, just slightly fat) isn’t bad. You just don’t find it appealing.

  10. I think Amy Schumer is right, I shouldn't hate her for her weight. I should hate her for her joke stealing.

  11. i am a teenage girl, i am 5'8", and i weigh 141 pounds. no matter how much i diet, no matter how much i exercise, no matter how much i starve myself, i cannot lose enough weight to look skinny. and it makes me feel like absolute shit. but i agree that being fat is not healthy. i hate when obese people are like "I don't know why I'm fat, I eat so healthy!!" I used to weigh nearly 200 pounds. I became depressed, and I didn't do anything but sleep and overeat. but I ACTUALLY STARTED EATING HEALTHY, and i've lost 50 pounds so far. so yeah, if you ate healthy, YOU WOULDN'T BE OBESE. sorry, but no.

  12. My parents we born very skinny and I have genetics to be skinny. And I am. No matter how much I eat. But now after my parents graduated college they gained a lot and now they’re overweight. One day I’ll be like then maybe

  13. Being fat isn’t beautiful. Being stick thin isn’t beautiful. Being HEALTHY is beautiful. That can be a range of weights and sizes, and I think it’s important to accept your body, but only if you’re making an effort to be healthy and keep your body healthy. If your a little thinner, that’s perfect. If you’re a little thicker, that’s perfect. But I’m so tired of this bullshit that being overweight and being underweight is okay.

  14. I'm so glad that I'm finding a lot of people who have common sense towards this issue. Fat people trying to justify being fat and unhealthy is completely absurd and delusional (keep in mind that I believe being chubby or somewhat overweight is completely okay if it is healthy, and that I recognize that not all fat people are necessarily in control because of disorders or genetics). Instead of being lazy and hypocritical, these people should be trying their best to change their habits to become healthier instead of harassing those who value their health and body. It makes absolutely no sense for them to try and promote unhealthy obesity that will only succeed in harming people who become obese and refuse to change because of laziness and stubborn behavior found in their narcissistic viewpoints. Harassing others is never okay no matter who you are or who the person being harassed is. Trying to help people change for the better and looking out for the health of others should occur everywhere, and people shouldn't be attacking each other, but should be offering a helping hand to their fellow peers regardless of whether they are LGBTQ+ or not, same or different races, or are fat or skinny. An eye for an eye makes the world go blind, and kindness and respect can lead us closer to world peace. These "fat acceptance" people should listen to others instead of immediately defending themselves and their unhealthy habits, try to change for the better, should not immediately link everything about looks, and shouldn't attack others for trying to offer help or for being skinny.

  15. My mother was quite cuby she started losing weight 2 or 3 years ago now she is alot better. This is a example of what you should do if you are overweight she is still cuby but it's better then it was!

  16. Ill like to see fat people so I can proclaim myself a top specimen (that’s a joke don’t kill me cuz of me being a top specimen fatties)

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