Deaths, displacement as heavy rain and floods hit northeast India

Deaths, displacement as heavy rain and floods hit northeast India

those living in northeastern India were prepared for the monsoon rains but not for this so much rain has fallen the Brahmaputra River has burst its banks swallowing up entire villages this family is safe for now there among nearly a million people have been displaced by the flooding in the state of Assam with thousands of homes under water some have been forced to take refuge on rooftops while others are doing all they can to protect their families from the ongoing rains the deluge has also triggered mudslides and several people have been killed others have turned to government-run camps for relief our farmers are worried about their crops so they'll go where as soon as farmers began sewing and irrigating the land that's when the rain began it's been extreme 72 hours of continuous rain the water level kept rising and then slowly submerged our farmland nearly all of our crops have been destroyed it's not just India affected by the heavy rains dozens have been killed in neighboring Nepal and Bangladesh while this couple didn't let the rain dampen their wedding there is not much to celebrate for thousands of others here in India more monsoon rains are forecast and the flood waters are expected to continue to rise in the coming days Sara Harrods and Jazeera


  1. Rather than spending billions on space programs. Is it not better to improve the lives of poor people who have to go through flood ever year. Stupid backward nation that is India.

  2. The people shown in the video are mostly Bangladeshi immigrants who illegally lives on the banks of rivers in Assam. The people of Northeast India are culturally Tibeto burman and Southeast asian.

  3. This Planet is Doom!… Everything will come to an end…mother nature! Mother earth will have enough of us!

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