Hello, dear viewers of my
YouTube channel Today we have a video “How do we live and continue” namely: it was an unknown day of quarantine Since a lot of food was bought, it is necessary to spend it somehow I decided to prepare the simplest recipe, a delicious dish from these products . So we will need for a delicious dinner: cat – one thing She will oversee the preparation.
Rollton noodles, stew. I have pork, you can have another.
And of course the sauce. This is not advertising And a lot of hot water, as well as a frying pan, a spoon, a can opener, and so on Proceed. Prepare ” homemade Noodles with beef Rollton” We don’t need a fork. This is normal noodles without additives. The scientist cat is watching I won’t add any broth or seasoning,
because you will have stew And here is this I perhaps add. Now pour boiling water and cover with a lid While the noodles are infused, we
reheat the stew Stew looks like this: a lot of fat, a piece of something. I hope the meat This is meat, real meat . Need it
reheat. This is a fine piece of meat A good stew. Let it warm up, let it dry out For the sauce, take ” Heinz for grills
kebab ” ketchup Stir. And we’ll put it out a little more. Now it’s noodle’s turn Previously, I water I there, leaked. We add the noodles to the meat and mix them Meat is scarce It turned out noodles with meat. What do you call this dish? Write in the comments Let it brew a little. Now , with your permission, I will try to taste what I have done.
Vasilisa here also wants to try Yes, Vasilisa? The cat scientist is always with us The dish is hot. It turned out delicious.
I didn’t think that Rollton noodles with stew could be so delicious. Try. It’s not really interesting If you have recipes for simple dishes that can be easily prepared, write Maybe we can all cook together something very tasty and healthy and cheap I’m having dinner right now.
And good day to you. Thank you for watching this video Share the video.
Click the “like” button” It will be my pleasure Come again. There are a lot of interesting things on my channel. And that’s it. Bye. Bye And I enjoy my meal


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    The simplest, cheapest and delicious recipe for simple food.

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  2. во первых приятного аппетита вам ПРЕКРАСНАЯ ЦАРИЦА ВЕРА!!!!!!!!! видео интересное очень получилось,выглядит так вкусно!!!!!!!!! так красиво своими ноготками царскими приготовили обед!!!!!! здорово!!!! восхищение вам и радость для сердца!!!!!

  3. я тоже подобную лапшу ем,только с супами от фирмы Кнорр.🙂
    тушенка хорошая,жил и кусков шкуры нет.🙂

  4. болоньез изумительный!!!! префекто,,,,,ваши ручки творят магию ЦАРИЦА ВЕРА

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